Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 120 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode one 20, Allen on permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville to take here, an alcohol permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Oh well we are just going to continue talking about just some of the jobs that we have done over the last few years here at Allen on permanent roofing, roofing companies mobile. The first dot we’re going to talk about is a roofing job and this was an insurance job. Um, with this customer. Uh, we did a one layer tear off a little overnight or 18 squares of this customer went with the three tab, onyx block shingle. We installed one three inch pipe flashing and we installed drippage around the perimeter. Uh, we also installed three were fence on this house as well. Like I said, this was an insurance job and we did have to do a supplement on this um, job because the insurance company was actually a square short, uh, when measuring this roof with this customer.

So, um, like I said, we did have to do a supplement of what additional square he makes. A, we’re going to talk about here at Alamo pregnant Roofing Companies Louisville will was just a small repair on this customer was actually having a leak issue. So what we did, whether we win, took a look at the roof and um, what this customer had actually told us when they had called in that it only fleet during the snow. We had snow. So, uh, what we did was went and took a look at it and we did ended up seeling a wall area where this snow in ice with causing a leaking issues. So, um, sometimes you know that snow and ice can cause issues just like Oh, the rank and caused the issues. So we took care of the customer, um, by a ceiling, just some areas all the wall so that he was no longer the new stuff we want to talk about here at Allen who her Roofing Companies Louisville, um, was a, uh, small, uh, siding job.

Um, we need some rep work for this customer as well. Uh, what we did was installed, um, actually just one square of the witness men select, um, d Fort Dodge that we also installed 260 feet of three ways, sophos on this house and we wrapped to solve at returns on this house. We did install a one square, uh, for vinyl porch ceiling and then we were up to 20 feet of one piece of Asia as well. We also wrapped a two car garage door with this customer and installed term metal behind the gutters as well. He needs me a little drop right here and a little bit working. Working companies overall is actually everything job in this particular customer was actually, um, like for to us here at Alan Alda roofing,Roofing Companies Louisville, uh, what we did here was a one layer to your off. This customer went with the Oak Ridge on black shingle.

Uh, there was a chimney on this house, so we did flash the chimney and we installed a three inch pipe flashing and we also want to start rice, a watershed in the valleys, um, under the shingles on this house and around the chimney as well. We wanted to make sure that there was no issues with, um, like the, so we did flashing and then we did the ice and water shield as well. It also, um, and starts with your badge around the gable on this house. We did remove some more fence so we did have to fill in the holes and we also installed a power of it as well. There was some rot wood, so we did have some water replacement on this house. Uh, we replaced 20 feet of one to him on this house for this customer and going to talk about here living been companies, um, was able to hear this customer call and say that they needed a two windows repaired because water was coming in.

Um, what we did end up seeing was that we just needed to install some flashing a with a gravity flow away from the window. And then we sailed the GSL. This particular customer actually got our name from one of the pillars that we sent out that we advertise in here at Alamo permit working where she companies we’re gonna talk about here in a little permit roofing work. He got things a little bit was a roof repair. Um, and with this customer called in, um, he had actually told us that his wife was about one half to two years old and he was having some problems with the eaves holding water and then it had caused the leak. Um, we had not done this roof. This customer actually got our name from his girlfriend. So what we did was we repair the leak on the front of the house.

Um, 83 also edit up some aluminum, uh, to help. Okay. The first one where it did not just sit in the eaves and, and leak, uh, like it had previously done for him. It, the next one we are going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing morphing companies global is actually it refried job and this customer actually, um, kind of our name from the owner’s son. Um, they were friends with the owner’s son, so that is why they had come to us here at Alamo permit roofing work and companies global. This one layer tear off and they went with the Color Oak Ridge onyx plaque on this house. There were two chimneys that we did um, install new flash it round.

We installed 24 feet up edge around the corner there was a flat roof on the upper level of this house. So we did install one square of the modified Baymon both grouping. We also installed for refence on the lower level of the house and we did clean out the box gutters on the front of the house for this customer in. We did put a coat of Gaco coding in the gutters are so that they were no longer, we came and they didn’t start leaking so and we did remove some counter in base machine on the wall and then replaced it with new flashing as needed. Next question were weird one to talk about is a roofing job and we had done a, this was a one and two layer tear off on some layers on layers, on layers, attitude to this customer went with the three tab, chest or wine. We installed one three inch by flashing me one four inch and we installed ice and water shield and the valleys under the shingles. Uh, we did install a drip edge around the perimeter and we did install 32 feet of Ridge vent on this house for this customer. They did have a satellite dish that they were still using. So we removed and reset the satellite dish for this customer.

And we did add some bass metal on the front of the dorm. And then we did the box gutters, uh, with the pill and seal for this customer so that we’re not having leaking issues. There was, um, wood replacement on the towels for 80 to 80 feet. I would work replaced. So if you need an estimate, give us a call. Couple, two, four, four, seven, five, six 70.