Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 118 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode one 18 for Alan Ho roofing, roofing companies local. Today here at Allen hold permit Roofing Companies Louisville. We are just going to continue talking about some of the jobs that we had done over the past few years here at Allen hold premier roofing roofing companies, Volvo. Uh, the first job we are going to talk about is a roofing job. Um, this customer actually knows the owner, so that was how they got the information to come see us here at Allen home pregnant roofing, roofing companies global. Um, on this house we had um, a one and two layer tear off on this house. It was a total, a little over 21 squares. This customer originally had the three tab shingle on their house, but went with the upgrade to the Oak Ridge Estate Gray shingle. Um, there was a chimney on this house that we did install some flashing around as well.

Uh, we installed one a three inch pipe flashing and one four inch pipe flashing on this house and we did save the drip edge on the house. Um, but we did install a two itch, a drip on the back edition of the House for a total of 70 feet. We did remove two turbine bits on this house and we did remove and reset a satellite dish that was on the house. We also did paint the furnace stack and seal the storm color on this house or this customer. We installed Richmond on this house as well and there was some wood replacement for Hodel left 30 feet of one nine, eight. We also did a one layer tear off on this customer as a carport for tall up six squares. We ended out 92 feet of white drip edge as well. Um, this, there’s my also went with the Oak Ridge, a stake gray color on the harp, which match the house.

Um, this was an insurance job so we did work directly off the insurance paperwork for this customer. Um, like I’ve mentioned, whenever we do have insurance jobs, we do work directly off the insurance paperwork. Um, we do look at the insurance paperwork before we do the job just to make sure that the insurance company did not leave anything out or miss anything. And if they did, we will do a supplement here and alcohol permit Ruthie, Ruthie companies level for the customer. Um, and we will send it to the insurance company for that customer. The next job we’re going to talk about is a repair.

And with this one, uh, what we did was there was some openings on a cap on the exhaust pant for this customer. They were having some leaking in the kitchen. So what we did was we filled in some holes with GSL and then we coded the top cap with the Keiko silicone coding and we also installed a three inch umbrella cab on the plumbing pipe. Hint. That way the customer wasn’t having any more leaking issues. The next one we are going through talking about was for me a chimney cap. What we did was fabricate and install and aluminum chimney cap. What does customer, um, they were actually having some leak around their chimney and it was actually coming in through the chimney capsule. He did, um, fix that where we did just fabricate a new one and then installed the new chimney cap for this customer here at Alpha permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville.

Local. Next up we’re going to talk about is a siding repair. Um, this particular customer actually can earn a name from the Internet. Uh, what we did here was repair. Um, some soffit that was um, on a gay bar on the right side of the house. Um, it was actually just four inches of white, a soffit that had to be repaired on this house for this customer here at alcohol permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, the next job we are going to talk about, um, is a, uh, roof that we had done here at our home premium roofing, roofing companies global. Um, this work was actually just for the back of the roof only. Uh, we removed one layer of shingles for a total of a little over 11 squares. It was, uh, the three tab. Driftwood is the shingle that the customer, uh, went with on this particular, uh, roof.

I, like I said, it was the back only, so there wasn’t a lot involved on this particular job. We do it tubs in here at Allen, all permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville where they are having, I’m thinking issues, um, because if we do have a large amount of rain like we have in heaven, um, here recently, um, water will find its way in whether it is through a nail, uh, grew. Um, if it’s some bad, uh, she can goes in your, she goes where old when they get old, they do get cracks in. They’ll, uh, so even if we did not install the originally, we will come out and take a look to see what is going on with, um, any customer’s worth. Um, even if you think it’s the roof and it’s mine, we will diagnose it, see where the leak is coming from.

Um, a lot of times it’s actually, um, some signing. Uh, we’ve had some repairs where people thought they were leaks on the roof and they actually weren’t, they were actually coming from, they’re citing where they sat. He needed to be replaced where it had maybe cracks in it where the siding was loose. But um, like I said, we will take a look at that for the customer, let them know exactly what it is and if they need an estimate to replace it, we will give them the estimate for that here in alto permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. The next job we are going to talk about here at [inaudible] working companies global, uh, was a Sadie repair. Uh, this customer got the information from the Internet. What we did end up doing is wrapping once soffit return and then we did wrap 20 feet of one piece, facia and white for this customer.

The next door we are going to talk about, uh, was uh, is a window job. Uh, we removed seven windows and we installed the seven, uh, Simonton platinum, a series windows back in place, this customer did and what grids on the windows and they did the full screens as well. So if you are needing an estimate, um, really whether it’d be for roofing, siding, gutters, windows, gutter guards, trim work, just give us a call here at Allen Ho permit roofing, roofing companies Lobel at five oh two four four seven five, six, seven two. Or if you were like, you can visit our website, take a look to see what type of work that we do a read about, what we do. Take a look at some pictures of jobs that we’ve done. Um, and if you like what you see, click that free estimate bank. And our website is Alan home improve or Alan with a forward to serving you.