Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 117 Roofing Companies Louisville

One 17 for Alan home pregnant roofing, roofing companies. A little today here at Elon. Hope roommate ravine Roofing Companies Louisville go. We’re just going to continue discussing. Um, some of the jobs that we have done over the past few years here at Allen whole permit roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, the first job we are going to talk about is actually for a previous customer of ours. Um, we have actually done quite a bit of work for her. Um, and on this particular job, um, we removed 10, uh, Woodstown windows for her and then installed 10. I was highlighted Braun series windows back in place at this customer. Did go with the grids on the window and the half screens and then we wrapped all exterior casings and alone to complete the, uh, maintenance free window for this customer.

Um, we also did some other work for this customer. I’m on her house and garage though all the house we installed 76 feet of three soffits. Um, we wrapped 80 feet of one piece patient on the gable ends and then we wrapped, um, to tour openings on which was the front end. And the back. Uh, the room on this was white and then we removed and installed a four sets of shutters for this customer. On Depo Raj, we installed, um, s signing for this customer for a total of two squares. Um, and it was the default Dutch lap white siding that was installed. We also installed 52 feet of two way soffits and then a wrap to 72 feet of one piece of patient on the Gables for this customer.

We also wrapped one door opening, which was the entry door on the garage for this customer. And we were at the two car garage door opening as well. We also installed on aluminum trim and it’s off the panel on the garage for this customer here at autumn for me roofing working companies. Volvo. The next job you’re going to talk about is a gutter job. Um, this customer was a previous customer of ours and this actually some getters that we installed for her for some office buildings that she actually owns. Um, what we did was remove and it started hurting 91 feet, gutters and downspouts. Um, this goes from went with these six inch gutters and downspouts and the color was green. The next time you’re going to talk about, um, was just a repair job that we did here in Allen Hall, permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville.

Um, there’s customer got our number from the family savings, which was a magazine that we advertise in. This customer had called saying that the flashing was loose. Um, uh, what it actually was, was some, uh, facia that had come, um, that had blown off actually. So what we did was wrapped at 12 feet of one piece, facia and white for this customer. And then we did have some additional lab work where we did have a 12 feet or what piece of patient in start that was damaged. Allen, remember being worried companies over the next week, we’re going to talk about this for a week. This customer had, um, so they had a leak around their chimney. Uh, this customer got her name from the phone booth that we advertise in here at Alamo permanent roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, when we actually went to this customer’s house, we could not find but like, so what we did have to do, um, was water tested just so we could see exactly where this leak was coming from.

Um, what we did, what we did when we did water tests, we found that the leak, um, it was leaking at the step flashing around the sidewalls chimney. Um, so what we did was lifted some shingle and then still the step flashing and then uh, the steps plushing uh, that was actually on there was reused from a previous roofing company. Um, so we did not move this house originally. We had just done the repair for them. Um, sometimes customers will call us to do a repair, uh, when we did not install the roof. If they got it from the in stock from my different company, Roofing Companies Louisville maybe they can’t get a call back from the previous company more than for his company is no longer around. We have seen that happen before here at Alamo roofing, working, working, being an extra, we are going to top out here at Elton permanent roofing.

Roofing company’s logo is actually a roofing job and this job was for a church and they got our name from the better business bureau. Um, this was a one layer tear off of um, little over 95 squares of proofing. So this was a really big roofing job for us here at Allen hold permit where working companies global. Um, this church went with the twilight black shingle from the Oak Ridge series. Uh, we did install five, three inch pipeline sheets on this church, um, as well as install the ice and water shield and the valleys under the, she goes on this church. Um, we also installed 446 feet of drippage around the perimeter of the church and we did get to reuse all the power vents on the church because they were not damaged and nothing wrong with them. So we were able to reuse those for the church.

We did remove a cookie fit and um, frame that ridge line and extended the valleys. And we also installed a aluminum crown on the uh, gable as well. The next step we are going to talk about is a gutter job and this customer got our name from the Internet. Uh, we removed and installed 155 feet of gutters and downspouts where this customer and they went with the six inch gutter and the color was linen, um, that this customer had picked for their gutters here at Allen hope or new roofing working companies level. The next time we are going to talk about is um, a siding job. Um, this customer got our name from it, the phone book that we advertise in. Um, this customer had asked wrap a bay window and then we installed d f d for a siding back on this house. Um, this customer had 20 feet of two way soffits that we installed and 80 feet of one piece, facia that needed rat. We also installed to vinyl gable vents on this house, um, as well. So if you pour it, you need an estimate or rekeying got hers. Siding, windows, gutter guards, term work. Give us a call here and roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville at (502) 447-5672 or you can go over and visit us on our website and take a look at pictures of previous jobs that we have die. And then you can read about the materials that we use, the brains that we use. Um, and that website is Alan H. Dot com. We look forward to serving you.