Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 110 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode One 10 for Alan home permit roofing, roofing companies, Louisville today here at alto permit roofing roofing companies. Overall we are just going to talk about just some of the jobs that we’ve done over the past few years, uh, just to let people know what kind of work we do. Um, and what the work, um, sometimes that does entail. Um, the first job we are going to talk about here at Allen home premier roofing roofing companies level, uh, was actually just a small um, siding job that we had done. This siding job was actually just on a dormer on the back of the house. We installed, uh, the moisture barrier and then we installed uh, the white vinyl siding on the back to warmer. Uh, we did wrap at the left and right side of the back door as well and installed um, to a soffit on this domer as well for this customer here at Allen Hall permit roofing, roofing companies local.

The next up we’re going to talk about here at Allen Ho permit roofing. Roofing Companies Louisville is actually a gutter and downspout job that we had done at. This was a total of 251 feet of gutters and downspouts that we did remove and reinstall this customer went with the six inch uh, white gutters and this customer actually got us from one of our mailers that we are in. Um, this mailer is actually the magazine mailer that we advertise and here at Allen home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville. The next one we are going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville was actually for a roof repair where some shingles had blown off um, off the roof in the valley area on this house. Um, this particular customer actually got our name from one of Our signs that we put in, uh, the yards of jobs that we are working on.

Um, so what we did for this customer was just installed um, shingles in the valleys that had a blown off at the color of the shingles, uh, where the three tab aspen gray shingles that this customer had on his house originally. The next job we are going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies level is actually for a previous customer of ours. Uh, this uh, customer actually had us do their satting. Um, and what we did was installed a two squares of the Woodman woods bins brand. Um, it was the [inaudible] that’s lipid profile that um, she had gone with the color of the side. He was crane. We also installed 52 feet of two way soffits. Uh, we wrapped 56 feet of one piece, facia that was on the gable ends and we wrapped one entry door as well as wrapped a two car garage door. The color of the trim work that was done on this house was white.

The next job we are going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville well is actually um, a gutter job. Um, this customer actually knows the owner here at Allen Ho premier roofing, roofing companies local. Uh, what we did for this customer, it was installed, um, are fat gutter guards on the back of the house for this customer for a total of 70 feet. Um, we also had to adjust the gutters, um, for this customer and he was having a gravity flow issue, uh, where the gutters were holding water. So what we did was remove the hidden hangers in the uh,

gutters and then adjusted, uh, the gravity flow and insecure the hangers and the gutter guards back in place. The next job we are going to talk about was a small roofing job. This was actually for a flat roof and this particular customer was actually referred to us here hearing Alan will cremate roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, what we did was tear off one layer of the ravine that was already on this roof. This customer went with the EST gray. We installed 45 feet of drippage around the perimeter and we installed four squares of the modified bitumen rubber roofing. Um, and then we did have to remove and reset the gutter covers on this house for this customer. The next job we are going to talk about, um, is a refuge. And on this job, this customer actually just had us do a layover, um, on his roof.

So there was no removing of she goes or anything. Um, this customer went with the upgrade to the Oak Ridge desert tin shingle. So of course that means he originally had the three tab shingle on his house. So we covered it with the Oak Ridge series shingle and this particular customer got our name from the better business bureau. The next job we are going to talk about what is a ghetto job that we had done here. Um, this was actually a small gutter Tom. So we removed 44 feet of gutters and downspouts on the back of that, um, this customer’s house. And then we installed a 44 feet up d six itch gutters and downspouts back in place. This customer went with the, um, Brown gutters and then we did install flashing above the gutters across the backside of the house. This customer was actually, um, a previous customer of ours here at Allen Ho.

Permanent roofing, roofing companies, local feet. Next up we are going to talk about is actually a bird, but it is the earth of the sunburn on this house. This customer actually got our name from one of the mailers that we send out, which is actual the postcard that mailer that we send out a, what we did here was remove the shingles on the roof. Uh, where did the sun room actually ties into the main house roof. We did install half inch insulation board on the sunroom with a three inch plates and screws. We installed roof insulation board, um, over the skylights because they did what their skylights to be removed. We installed drippage edge flashing as needed and then we installed a self adhered based sheet to the Sun Room and then we installed the self adhered modified Bitumen base sheet. Uh, the shape, the color of this roof was the Oak Ridge driftwood.


Xing. The next roof we are going to talk about, um, what, for a previous customer of ours, this was a one layer tear off. Um, it was a little over 16 squares and this customer went with the true duration Corey gray shingle. We installed two, three inch by flashings and one foreign to pipe flashing. There were, uh, valleys on this house. So we did install the ice and water shield and the valleys under the shingles. We installed 170 feet of tripit around the perimeter on this house, as well as 40 feet of Ridge vent on this house. Uh, this customer originally had the, um, three tab shingle and upgraded to d true def duration shingle. So if you are needing an estimate, whether it be for roofing, siding, gutters, windows, gutter guards were trim work, give us a call at five oh two four four seven, five, six, seven, two, or you can visit our website at [inaudible] dot com we look forward to hearing from you.