Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 102 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode 102 for Elton premier roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville today here at Allen Hall permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. We are just going to keep talking a bout some of the previous jobs that we have done here. Al Holbert roofing orphaned companies globally. Uh, just to give our customers an ideal of the type of work that we do. Um, the first job we are going to talk about, uh, was a gutter siding and window style. Um, we removed 175 feet of gutters and downspouts on this house and we also, uh, removed 25 squares of aluminum siding on this house. We removed 87 feet up soffit rap as well.

We installed 25 squares of the painful insulation on the exterior walls. It just house, um, as well as in the stalled, um, 25 squares at the woodsmen select brand battle, Sadie, uh, with the profile of the d four Dutch Dutchlap. The color of the signing that this customer went with was a seaport. We also installed and 87 feet of two ways of it’s, we installed 190 feet of one piece. Facia. Um, and we did wrap a two door openings as well. Um, this house did have a crutch so we did, um, rep the garage door openings and the openings were for a two car garage and all the trim work on this house was done in white. We did also removed some existing shutters that this customer had on their house. We installed 175 feet of five inch downspouts gutters back on this house. And this cause my also with, with the uh, install of gutter guards for a total of 87 feet.

The window part of this House that we did, um, we did remove 16, uh, would stout we lows. Uh, we did install the Simonton, uh, bonds series, vinyl replacement windows. Um, this customer went with the full view with no grids. Uh, I have screen as well. Uh, we did wrap all exterior casing in a little while to complete the maintenance free window. We did have to for out a window casing. So the j channel, uh, would not protrude past the casings. Uh, we do have to do that sometimes just so they window does fit in correctly and uh, it does look right instead of just like, instead of it being completely wrong and was like there’s something wrong with the window. Uh, we did also a rep in the inside of the basement windows on this house and install a dryer event on the left side, the left side wall on this house as well. This customer x also decided to go up to the six inch gutters and get her garden instead of doing the five inch as I originally had said. So as you can see, um, there was a lot of different work that we had done on that house here in Allen Hall, permit roofing, roofing companies. Little will, um, if you would like to make your home maintenance free, um,

we will help you with that. Here at Allen. I’m from roofing or I think of things will for the next time we are going to talk about, um, this customer had us removed some existing lapboard on the right side of the house. Um, did we installed some moisture barrier and then installed Everlast siding back in place. This customer was actually having a leak issue, so with the siding. So, um, that was actually what we found. So it was just a fatty repair that we had to do here. A down home permit, roofing companies, Google instead, they complete installed off siding for this customer. The next time you’re going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville was actually for a flat roof. So what we did was we did a tear off of one layer for vi. We installed 38 feet of white drip edge around the perimeter and then installed two squares at the modified bitumen rubber roofing.

We also installed a 16 feet of flashing on this flat roof for this customer. Phoenix, don’t we’re going to talk about here to Alanon permit roofing, roofing companies. Oval was actually for a roof leak. What we did was, um, let’s see, one of our, a roofing crew leaders out to take a look at this roof. They inspected the roof for, um, the link, but actually what they found was the, uh, furnace base flashing was a problem and it wasn’t the roof. So we did a sale, the base flashing, um, in the, she goes around the perimeter just to make sure no water would get in. Um, even, uh, around the shingles that was around the furnace out base splashing I for this customer and this was a previous customer of ours here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville evolve. Um, and they actually did have a leak issue before and when he caught this time he said he was still leaking.

So it actually wasn’t what he had originally told us before. Here in Allen home, permanent roofing, roofing companies, global sometimes on these roof repairs, um, where there is a leak, um, sometimes, uh, we can see them, um, our roofing per others can see them and fix them and sometimes it is kinda hard to see where the leak is coming from. Uh, so we will sometimes have to get into the house just so we can see the actual spot of where the customer had saw the league. Uh, that way he can give us a better idea about where the leak is on the roof. Uh, but when a customer does call in with the ric flake, uh, we do try to get as much information as possible, uh, whether it’s a leak beyond, um, the front, the back or the middle part of the house. Um, you know, if his, is it bad dormer or is it by valley, is it by a pipe?

Um, this way I can let my roofing crew know where exactly they are seeing the league, uh, that can help them out. Um, if they cannot see, like we will, uh, sometimes kick into the house where we can look in the attic area or look the, uh, the customer had saw the leak. That way we can actually get a bit of an ideal, um, about where it may be leaking. Um, like I said, sometimes the are very easy to find, and if it is a new rubber roof, um, that’s kind of hard. Um, newer meaning, uh, really like anywhere from five to 10 years old. It can be a very difficult to spot the, um, leaking area. So if you have a project that you were wanting us to help you work out here at Allen Ho permit roofing, working companies level, um, you can give us a call at five oh two four four, seven, five, six, seven two, or you can go over to our And you request a free estimate there. We look forward to serving you.