Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 100 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode 100 for Allen who permit roofing, roofing companies, local stay here in Allen Hall, permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, we are just going to talk about some of the calls that we have actually gotten in the office here at Allen home permit Ruffino Roofing Companies Louisville. The first one. Um, we are going to talk about this customer. Um, I had called in um, with actually a problem with her roof. She thought that um, uh, she go head blown off. Really wasn’t sure. Uh, wanted to know if we could come out and take a look at it and see if that was the problem. Um, if it was just a missing shingle or if um, she did actually need to have her roof replaced. Um, so what we do here at our home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, is that I give the information to one of my salesmen and they will set up an appointment with this customer.

And then once they had a chance to look at it, uh, then we’ll know if this needs to be a roof replacement or if it’s something where we can just do a repair for this customer. I another call that we had actually gotten in this week was actually just for some gutters on a carport. Um, this customer, uh, said that that was all the actually they needed done. They didn’t need gutters on their house. They just need all installed on their car port. Uh, so, um, once again, what I’ll do is we’ll give the information to one of our salesman here at Alamo permit. Refeed we’re working companies, a little book, but they’ll get in contact with the customer and set up the appointment and then they will let the office know what is going on with this particular job. A nother job that, um, we had a call in four was actually for a roof replacement.

Um, this person was actually referred to us. Um, and they are just needing a complete, uh, with wood roof replacement on their house. Uh, we do like when people are referred back to us here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies global. Um, they were referred actually by a previous customer of ours here at Allen whole permit if we within companies the level. Uh, so like I said, we do like when customers do refer us out. So what we did with this inflammation was give it to one of our salesman and then they will go out and measure the roof and look and see what it’s all in the roof such as fence. Um, the check the drip edge. Um, let us know if there are valleys that need ice and water shield and them. And then they will also, uh, leave samples with the customer just so that they can look at the shingle colors and see what color she goal.

Uh, they would like to put on their house. Now, sometimes a customer will sign a contract right on site, which is fine as well as sometimes the customer would like to talk to their spouse or third getting other estimates which we have dealt with before here at Allen Burnett roofing Roofing Companies Louisville little bit. Uh, especially if they are dealing with an insurance claim. Most of the time insurance companies will tell you to get about three different estimates. So, um, if sometimes you know, we’re just put on hold with that. Um, and then if a customer would rather go with s here in Alhambra roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville instead of one of the other companies that they had met with at, then what we’ll do is have one of our salesmen go back out and get a signed contract from the customer or the customer will sign the contract and email or fax it into our office here at [inaudible] home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville.

Once we have a signed contract here and alcohol permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, what we do is we will put them on the schedule and then we will let them know that we would call them a day before we come out to do the work. Sometimes if a customer needs, uh, more than a day’s notice, uh, because they want to take off work, we will do that as well. Um, but most of the time we called them the day before we come out to do the work. Um, sometimes if it’s with our guttering, we call them, um, the date of, uh, because we have to see what the schedule is for our, get her career leader, uh, to see, uh, whereabout customers are on his schedule. So, um, a lot of times he will call and say, Hey, I can put this one in when you call them and then I will call the customer and see if it’s okay with them.

Uh, more times than not, they are perfectly fine with that. Um, and in, sometimes customers say that that’s not gonna work cause they’re not going to be home and they would like to be home, which is fine with us as well. Even though, um, the weather has been really bad here. Um, I can’t say that we honestly had a steady flow of calls come in for either or prepare for placement. We’ve had some siding gutter, so I can’t say that we have had, um, a steady flow of leads to run here in Allen home permit, roofing working companies, mobile APP. So we are staying busy even though the weather hasn’t been all that great. The office part is staying very busy here. Uh, so when the weather does finally decide to turn around for us, my crews we’ll be set even though the weather hasn’t been, um, perfect.

We do get a couple of days where we can squeeze in, um, I job or to, uh, whether it be I roof and some gutters or if there’s just some trim work it needs to be done on a house. Um, we have been able to, like I said, sneak a couple jobs in. Uh, but not very many. Uh, just because of the weather here. It has been extremely cold and wet this year. Uh, so like I said, once the weather does her around for us, um, microbes will be set and ready to go and they will have the work, uh, to do so that they will be busy. So if you are starting to think about some home improvements that you would like to make to your home, um, rather it be a roof repair or replacement, um, gutters, gutter guards, windows siding or some trim. Uh, just give us a call over here, Alan Holmes roofing, roofing company’s logo.

We’ll come out and give you an estimate on whatever project that you would like for us to take on for you or if you want to you can go over to our website and take a look at some of the jobs that we have done. We do have pictures on our website of a couple jobs that we had done and that will give you just a little bit more information about us here at Allen permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville in the world. Um, and net website is Allen H. Dot com. We are hoping to hear from you. They would do some business.