Roofing Companies Louisville | What Needs To Be Done

Episode 19 briefing companies, lawful Alan home permit Murphy today here at Allen home premium Roofing Companies Louisville little wall. I’m just going to continue talking about just some of the jobs that um, we have had come in. Um, and some of the work that we have are, have already done. The first job I want to talk about is a garage roof that we had done for our customer. They only needed the garage roof done. They did not need the house roof done. Uh, they went with the Oak Ridge Estate Gray and we also did some gutters and gutter guards for this customer and they went with a white gutter sometimes here at Allen home permit Roofing Companies Louisville, a little bull. We have customers that want to do a little color so they go brown crane, I’m black, you know, just some, whatever they, whatever they want and if we can get it.

We, we tried to accommodate and not a job that we had done, uh, was an estimate. It was an insurance job, excuse me. And this customer, we did his roof on his house and he had a three tab shingle and he went with Aspen Gray. Um, the roof on this house was little over 19 squares and actually this job was pretty close to where our office is located. So, um, that’s actually real convenient for us. If our guys need anything, we can just run it straight over to wall, even if they need materials. If the job isn’t close to us, we do run out and get the materials for them just so our crew does not have to stop working on the house that they are on. And this customer is actually also a previous customer of ours here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies, local.

Another job we had done, this was just a repair that came in and this customer just had, um, to have some nail pops replaced are uh, resealed, which is where we lift the tab of the shingle, seal the nail, and then replace the shingle back so that they’re not having any more problems. Um, usually when there’s nail pops there it could cause a leak. Um, which would be why the customer would be calling us. Um, and a lot of times that you don’t know pop’s happened because of heat. It just depends on the weather. You know, the weather can have a big effect on that. So that is something that comes with doing a roof. But it’s not our fault, it’s just what the weather. Um, and another job that we’ve done was for a house and a garage. Now this particular job here at Allen home permit Roofing Companies Louisville global. Um, the house actually had two layers and of roof being and then the garage just had one layer. Uh, this customer went with the m three tab shingle. It was a little over 20 squares and that’s for both house and garage. Uh, this customer went with the color brown wood.

Another job I want to talk about is a roof that we had done. It was an insurance job and this couple was actually an older couple and they ended up going with the Oak Ridge Sierra Gray. And the number of squares on this house was um, a little over 15. Um, we only did the roof house. Um, they did have a flat roof and a shed that they did not want us to do. So we just did the roof house for them here at our home permit, Roofing Companies Louisville global. The next job I want to talk about that we had done here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies, local, um, is a repair job. Um, this customer needed as to remove a satellite dish and mounting brackets that was on his roof. So we had done that, re removed and replaced the shingles that were rounded. Um, the color he went with was Oak Ridge Estate Gray.

Um, and then he needed us to fix his gutters. So what we did, we removed the gutter hankers and an adjusted the gutter so that they had the right gravity flow and we sold them the end caps for him. That way he didn’t have any leaks and we just did this on a couple of sides of the house. Uh, one was on the right side, one was on the front of the house, and we also did some interior work for him. So, uh, we scraped away some loose paint and we repaired some dry wall fluorine. And uh, we did, we applied some a cock around his windows. Um, this is just a cup. Another example of some of the other work that we do here. Um, there for a while we were on kind of a stand still on drywall because, um, are the guy that we had to draw a wall, um, and unexpectedly, uh, left us.

So we were kind of on hold with that. We weren’t accepting those jobs. Now we got, so I’m going to do dry wall. So now we’re back into that. Um, so if you need us to look at your inside work, exterior work, um, you know, we will, we do focus more on exterior than interior. Uh, but if you had a leak and you need your ceiling, repaint it are, you need some drywall repair because of the leak. We will give you an estimate for that. Um, just because it’s part of what we’re doing right now. Um, and we like to be able to take care of our customers as much as we possibly can here at Allen home permit, Roofing Companies Louisville global. The next time I want to talk about is an insurance job that we just recently done. Um, this was for a roof on a house and garage.

There were two layers on this house and um, the customer went with Oak Ridge, onyx black, it was a little over 21 squares on this property. Uh, with this, this customer had a satellite dish, which some customers too. And what we need, what we do with that is we, we uninstalls are, we removed the satellite and then we re reset the satellite dish back. Um, and we try to get it exactly how it was. If we don’t, um, unfortunately the customer needs to call the a satellite dish company. So if you have a satellite dish, that’s not going to stop us from giving you a new roof if you are needing a new roof. So if you need us to come out and take a look at a job for you, you can give us a call here at Allen home permit, Roofing Companies Louisvilles, Thanks.