Roofing Companies Louisville | How Do You Handle Storm Damage?

Episode 16 Roofing Companies Louisville for Ellen home permit and working today. We’re just going to talk about um, some of the jobs that we’ve done throughout the year here at Allen home free roofing, roofing companies, local aim, one job that we’ve done. Um, it’s actually a previous customer and which with the hell storm that we had, we’ve gotten a lot of previous customers coming back, which we do enjoy here at Allen permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville global. Uh, this particular customer, it, the storm damage was from the hail storm that we had and we did his roof. He had um, 29 squares on his roof and he went with the true def duration h cedar on his roof this time. I’m, like I said, he was a previous customer of ours and we do love having customers come back to us. We do so enjoy that here at Allen. One permit roofing working companies. [inaudible]

ain’t another job we did earlier this year. Ellen, no permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, um, was another roofing job. This job was seven, a little over 17 squares. And um, this customer went with the Oak Ridge, a state isight gray shingle and um, this customer also had gutters installed on her house and she went with the color color of white and we also had to do some water seal on her chimney. So we, and we applaud Thompson water seal on her, timmy for her. And we’ve actually had to do this a couple of times where we install, that’s the thompson water seal on Jimmy’s for customers.

If they’re having just a little bit of a problem with the a leak around the chimney and the Thompson water seal is going to work for them and we install that for them. Another job we had earlier this year here at Allen home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville was another insurance job from the hillstone that we had in this job. It was only for a roof. This roof wasn’t as large as some of them that we’ve seen. It was a little over 11 squares and this customer went with the Oak Ridge onyx black. And again her insurance work was for the hell storm that we had. And she also had, we had to do some additional materials, uh, where we had add some, a couple of events to her roof and so she had proper ventilation. So, um, with us here at, at home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, if we see that you don’t have proper ventilation on your roof, we do bring it to the customer’s attention and we do make a suggestion for the customer.

Um, whether it’d be to add a couple of events or if it would be better for them to go with a rich bit. We just make that suggestion to the customer just so, um, they had the option for the correct ventilation on their roof and they know the price difference and we do try to help them out across the customer out with, with that regarding ventilation. A nother job we’ve done here at Allen home permit rubinger fingerprint companies global. Um, it was actually just for I garage roof I and this job, it wasn’t an insurance job. Roofing Companies Louisville, I know they were, had contacted their insurance company to see maybe about their housework, but they went ahead and did the garage roof. So with this customer did, was with go ahead and do the garage worth and they did the three tab shingle and the color that this customer had gone with was onyx black. And on this job there was um, some wood replacement that we had to do. And like I have said before, um, we don’t, uh, put the wood in automatically because we never know if there is, would or not. So the customer does know that that could be like a back end, um, uh, addition on the invoice, um, we do bring that to their attention. But when there is wood replacement, we also do let the customer know.

Um, another term that we had done earlier this year, it wasn’t a river, it was actually a repair job and this customer, we had to install a three inch pipe flashing on the house, Boring. It was only one and we had to replace the shingles that were around the pipe flashing obviously. So that color of Shango was drift wood. Another repair job that we have done here. And Ellen Hall roommate roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville hall, um, was that this customer need it to have some shingles replaced. Um, we replaced approximately 20 to 30 shingles on this house. Um, the color that shingle was onyx black and we also went around and had to nail down the furnace stack, um, for this customer as well. Another insurance job that we had earlier this year was from the hell storm. And on this house we did the roof on the house in the garage.

Um, this customer went with the Oak Ridge est gray and with this particular customer, um, they called in to our office because they said they wanted to make sure that we knew what a great job our crew had done, um, with the install and with the cleanup. Uh, they were very happy with the way our crew worked. And I said, like I said, how they had cleaned up, made sure they got it, had gotten all the nails. Um, so we were very appreciative of that. Um, a lot of times we do get either, um, a customer, we’ll write a little note and Melanin into us or they will give us a call and let us know about their experience. Um, and we appreciate the, that here in Allen home premium Marfino Roofing Companies Louisville because we, that way we can go back to our crews and let them know what the customer had said and how much the customer had just had price their work.

So, um, we try, we, we want to do that far crews. That way they know how appreciative the customer was at the work that they had done for them. A nother type of repair that we had, um, this year, um, was the customer was having some problems with his shingles. Roofing Companies Louisville, and so what we had to do is renewal the shingles full. He just had a couple of them that um, the nails just one, um, keeping the shingles down. So we just went and renowned, like I said, a couple of shingles for him with us here at Allen home permitting routine, we don’t just do roofing repairs, we also do sign repairs. Go repairs. Um, we also do full installing of roof and siding, windows, gutters. So if you need an estimate, just give us a call at five oh two four four seven five six, seven two, or you can visit our Thanks.