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Episode seven Roofing Companies Louisville for Alan home prevent and roofing today here at Allen home permit Murphy. We are briefing it couple houses. So I’m gonna just talk about um, a little bit what we’re doing there. Um, one of the houses we’re doing today is actually a pretty big job. It is 50 squares and this customer went with the true depth duration shingle. Um, the color is colonial slight. The colonial slight shingle has um, blacks in it, some gray and some red specks in it. It’s very nice looking shingle. The other job, um, is actually for the owner of the company and he has gone with the true depth duration brown, which shingle this shingle is. Um, more more brown, Dark Brown, light brown, medium Brown Tan, little spit, the specks of black. The shingle is also a very nice looking shingle. Another job we have on the schedule here at Allen home premium roofing Roofing Companies Louisville, is for a house and for Raj and this customer is going with true def duration and the color is tea and the tea teak shingle. Um, is browns some gray 10 a little bit more? Um, I’ve just, the darker browns instead of light and medium brown was in the brown wood shingle. This one is more just dark brown.

It’s been a while here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville since we had um, I know at least three jobs in one week go with the true definition duration shingle. Most customers like the Oak Ridge singles, a couple of other jobs we are doing this week or actually a couple of big gutter jobs. Um, the first one, the gutter footage for it was 296 feet and this customer went with the six inch gutter and the color, the gutter is white. The other gutter job that we have on schedule is 453 feet of gutter. Um, this gutter is a five inch and this customer went with the white gutters as well. Um, sometimes we have customers go with or a cream or um, a recent customer of ours had asked for black. Um, the black is a little more expensive than the white or the cream just with it being a darker color.

Um, but there actually are a variety of colors that you can get your guttering. Most people go with white or cream or brown in here recently, like I said, a customer had asked for black. So it’s whatever the customer feels is right for their house. It’s been a busy, busy week here and Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, because last week we actually had um, some ice come through Louisville, Kentucky and we had a lot of limbs fall on roofs. Um, there’s been a couple repairs that we had gone on where the lambs have gone through the roof. Um, I know one that we, we’re repairing today or we’re actually putting it to harp on it this way. Their insurance company can come out and take a look at it. But this customer had two branches, are two limbs come through her, um, roofs. So we got the um, limbs out and now we have the roof tarped so now she will not be leaking.

We’ve had a lot of customers ask us if we could come check their reserves to make sure there wasn’t any damage done. Uh, one customer called and her roof was actually done earlier this year, but she wanted us to come out to make sure that no damage was done from limbs cause she had a lot of limbs on her roof. Ain’t another job that we have sketch on. The schedule is actually for a flat roof. And so what we are going to put on this roof is a modified bitumen rubber roofing system. Um, it’s not a big job. It’s only four squares. So really this is something we can do on the weekend where we can get in and out or if we have a small roofing job we can also add an another small roofing job. That way we can kind of get the smaller ones knocked out pretty fast here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville.

We also have um, just eight garage roof on the schedule. Um, this customer is going with the three tab, onyx black and then for their house they are going to be in contact with their insurance company, um, to see if they could get it covered because of the damage that was done, the house roof. But they want to go ahead and get the garage were completed. So we’re gonna go ahead and do that for them here at Allen home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville. One thing we’re doing here today at Alan home provement roofing Roofing Companies Louisville. Little will is we are trying to figure out if the weather is going to be nice the rest of the week. Um, since it is Thanksgiving week. That way we know what we can root fill, what we can do as far as roofing because we obviously don’t roof on thanksgiving.

Um, our guys are willing to roof, um, the day after if the customer is okay with that, um, when they will come out on Saturday if the customer is okay with that. So, uh, since our supplier is closed on that Thursday and Friday, we need to get our materials into our supplier so they can actually deliver them the Wednesday before thanksgiving. Uh, that way we have them now if they are small jobs, we can actually just go pick the materials up and bring them back here to the shop so we can take them to the jobs ourselves. If it is a full roof and it’s a pretty big roof, we prefer to have them delivered because there’s a lot of material and we do not have the trucks or the equipment to deliver and unload that kind of material. Let us know here at Allen home improvement and roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, if you have any questions or if you would like to set up an appointment, you can visit our or just give us a call at area code 502-FOUR-47567TY thanks.