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Episode nine, Roofing Companies Louisville for Alan home pregnant Murphy. Today I’m going to talk about the financing that we do here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies. Lowville. Um, it is actually a fanny to company that we use that is partnered with owens corning. Now with this financing company, um, they give you different plans, um, from and you could do a deferred interest with scheduled payments or the customer could do at zero interest with no monthly payments and it’s same as cash or they can do a zero interest with equal monthly payments. Um, most customers when they are looking to finance, I have them pick a couple plans just in case one doesn’t go through that I have a backup that I could try again for them.

Now sometimes they don’t want to do the financing. Customers ask if they can, if they can do a payment plan here on home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville that’s something we usually try to stay away from. Uh, but sometimes, um, depending on the amount of the estimate, uh, the owner, we’ll work with the customer to make a payment plan for them just to help them out. Uh, but like I said, we try to stay away from doing that. Um, just because most of the time it’s just caused us problems. Now with the financing company, once the job is completed, I send them the information, letting them know that the job is completed. They call the customer, the customer will let them know that the job is completed. They released the funds and then that they release the funds to us. Um, and then that’s all that we have to do.

We don’t have to deal anymore with the financing company. Now the financing company and the customer, they deal with each other. So we are out of the picture once the job is completed here in Allen, home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Well, when a testimer wants to, um, try to get the financing, well with us, I usually send down the form, the application form to fill out and then they can send it back to me. Um, there there’s their information for the customer and if they need a co signer, they can co borrower they have the information for them as well. Um, I put on the amount that they want to um, requests from the financing company. Most sometimes it’s not even the full amount, they just are short a little so that the you just do financing for the, the amount that they don’t have.

Um, once I get the information from the customer, um, I put it in with the financing company and then they let us know if it was approved or not. It roughly takes maybe five minutes. Um, so it is pretty fast and you get a response very fast and that’s nice because that way the customer doesn’t have to wait, um, of all time, like weeks or days to get a response to see if they’ve been approved for this loan. With Alan home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. One thing we encourage the customer to do here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies global, is that if they are trying to get financing with us and for some reason they are not approved, we encourage them to go to their bank to see, um, maybe they could get along with their bank since they are banking there and they have an account there.

Sometimes it’s easier to get a loan through your bank instead of going with the financing company or lending company. So we do try to help our customers out as best as we can, especially if they need a new roof. Like the roof is falling in Hong Kong and they’re stealing to fall in from [inaudible]. It has a leak and it’s in bad shape. We try to help them out as best as we can and getting the new roof on. Um, but like I said, offering financing and depending on the job, we could do, um, monthly payments. But like I said earlier, we do try to stay away from that and we do, um, suggest just going with your bank to see about getting along with them. Now with the fanning thing company that we use here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville um, I know I mentioned the different types of plans that they have. Uh, but the plants actually range from, you can go three months up to 60 months on some of these. Um, and they do offer a longer loans. Um, like a reduced interest loans.

Those loans can go up four or up to 180 months. So that’s, we try not to get there. I with the loans where they are that long. But if it’s better for the customer and that’s what they want, we will certainly apply for that loan for them. Um, it’s really what works best for the customer and their family. Now I know I said, you know, that how we get paid after the financing you have any after I send them all the information and letting them know, uh, that the work is completed and everything, um, that’s actually on any job that uh, we don’t take money up front. We wait until the job is completed. Um, sometimes the customer wants to put a little bit down just to make them more comfortable. Um, that is fine. But usually here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville so will we do not take money up front, we wait until the job is completed, make sure the customer’s happy before we collect any money.

And then once the job is completed, the customer receives an invoice from us and then then they pay. And rather that be with a check with a credit card because we do accept visa and mastercard or you know, sometimes they want to pay cash. Well if that’s the case, you know, they can either come into the office or sometimes, or even when they do checks, sometimes they feel better if somebody comes to pick them up because if it’s a large amount, totally understandable. Roofing Companies Louisville, cause I know I wouldn’t want a check in the mail for a large amount because sometimes people smell gets lost in, that’s not something you really want lost in the mail. So, um, sometimes they ask if the, um, estimators can come out and collect, which they are happy to do. Um, the estimators will call the customer, let the customer know when they’re available, and if the customer is available. Then they scheduled the appointment just to go out and just pick up the check and our estimators. We’ll do a walk around, make sure everything’s picked up, make sure when I would look to behind and make sure the customer is happy with the finished product. Now, if you have a project that you want us to look at, you can go to our website at Allen h [inaudible] dot com or just give us a phone call at area code 502-FOUR-47567TEEN.