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Episode five Roofing Companies Louisville for Alan home permit roofing. Hey guys, today I’m just going to do a little talking about some of the stuff that we do here at Allen. Home permit ravine Roofing Companies Louisville. We mostly deal with um, exterior work such as roofing, siding, gutters, windows as well. And we’re now actually getting into where we are doing some interior work. Um, I’m doing some dry wall and painting another service we are actually offering here at Allen Home Premiere Ravine. And his new actually this year is our energy audit where we will come out and um, what you know, what she needs to do to make your house more energy efficient.

So, um, regarding the roofing we can do shingled roofs. We do um, rubber roofing and we also have a rubberized roof coating. Um, it’s mostly for commercial buildings that, uh, that we use. We also, um, we don’t just install roots here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. We also repair. So if you have a leak in your roof, you can give us a call. We’ll come take a look at it, see what it is. The shingles we use on roofs. Um, it’s actually owens corning is the brand that we use. They have a variety of colors. Um, they have different styles. They have a three tab shingle in a dimensional shingle to choose from. Most people do like the dimensional because it does give the roof a bit more character than the three tab shingle does. We have done, um, roofs on homes, on churches, on garages. Uh, right now we actually are in the process of working with some apartment buildings, trying to get them estimates for what it would cost cost for them to get a new roof. I’m actually for the next year actually another service we offer here at Allen home permit and roofing Roofing Companies Louisville. A little bubble is siding and with siding a lot of people like it because you won’t have to pay your, um, their home anymore. It’s maintenance free. So it helps with them trying to keep their house, the outside painted looking brand new

and with signing it does come in a variety of colors. Um, so the customer will have somewhere id to look at, um, the style, whether it’s a d four d five, a Dutch lap. So with a sadie you do get different colors and styles to choose from.


And we also to another way to make cure, um, outside of your home maintenance free is with your soffits and your window wraps, wrap them in aluminum will help make it maintenance free. Um, soffit panels are vinyl, um, that would make it a, those maintenance free.

Another thing we um, installed also here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville is gutters and gutter guards. Um, if you have a lot of trees around your home and the customer is wanting gutters, we also like to mention that we install gutter guard. This will help them from having to clean out their gutters and them having an overflow with the gutter because if you get, uh, leaves and debris in your gutters and they fill up, the water will run over the gutters because it has to get out some way. So if it can’t go down the downspout, it’s going to run over. If you had the debris in your gutters. So we like to just mention that we do also install a gutter guard system and more times than not the customer does go with the gutter guards as well. We also install windows here in Allen home permit roofing, roofing company’s logo and a couple of the brands that we use are Simonton and viewpoint. Um, with doing new, installing a new window, you are helping to reduce your energy bills because the windows that we install, our energy saving windows

we can do, we have done bay windows before. We do double hung windows. Roofing Companies Louisville, and with the windows, when our estimators come out to a customer, we actually have a sample of a window that the customer can look at. That way they know what type of window they’re getting and you can, because we’re can go with um, if they weren’t grids in their windows or no grids if they want a full screen or half screen. So the customer does have some options that to go with, um, when picking out their windows for their homes. And our most recent term history, um, provide, as I said earlier, is the energy audit. Um, I know I touched on this a little bit the other day, Roofing Companies Louisville, but I just kind of want to get into what, you know, what is, what an energy audit really is. Um, we will um, come in, we will assess the residents and then one of our, our professional than a member of our team, we’ll show you where you’re losing your energy just so the customer can see what


they’re going to have to do just to repair their house to make it more energy efficient. Something we’re doing here today at Allen home permit Ruffian um, even though it is cold outside, we are briefing to houses and we’re trying to get some roofs put on before this cold cold weather gets here and we can’t, um, brief that. So we’re on hold for a bit. So we’re trying to get as many roof Stein as possible so the customer doesn’t have to wait really long to get them on, cause you never know how the weather is here in Louisville, Kentucky. So, hey guys, that’s it for me today. Um, if you have any questions, you wanna ask us, or you just want us to come out and take a look at a roof for you siding, windows, gutters, or you need an energy audit. Um, you can visit our or you can just give us a call at area code 502-FOUR-47567TY. Thanks guys.