Episode one 59 for Alan home permit, roofing, roofing companies, local. So date here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies global. Um, I would just want to talk about, um, just some of the things that we are doing here in the office. Um, I know I may have touched on before about um, when a customer calls in to request an estimate from us. Um, we get the customer’s information. Um, we get their name, their address, their phone number. Um, and we also ask, um, where they had gotten our number from here at Allen Ho permit roofing working companies local. We like to see where our advertising, um, is actually working for us best here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, that’s one reason why we ask customers where they had gotten her number from. Um, in something else that we are actually working on.

Um, here at Allen Remodeling and Roofing Companies Louisville local is actually called a lead tracking sheet. Um, and what this is helping us do here, uh, it’s letting us see the leads that are coming in to us here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies global and what’s being done with them. Um, when a customer calls in for an estimate APP, put them in the computer and this chart is actually color coordinated. Um, so each color represents something different. Um, I have a color for when I handle leads out to a customer or to a salesman, excuse me. And I have a color for when an estimate is actually given to the customer. Um, and I have a color for when the job is on the schedule and the job is completed. So this is actually helping us out a lot here at Allen Ho permit, roofing, working companies global just to see what’s going on.

Uh, what we’ve done, uh, and to see if, uh, we need to make any followup calls, find out what’s going on, have you know, ourselves, uh, call the customers, see what’s going on. Um, and sometimes, uh, there’s one, you know, that just is it going to work for us. Um, for example, there was a customer who had called in, um, who actually wanted a metal roof. And that is something that we do not do here at Allen, home permit, roofing, roofing companies, local. So that was not a good fit for us here. So we did, uh, try to refer him to somebody else who we do a roughing up that does do metal roofs. Um, so cause like I said, we do not do them personally. Um, but I know with this particular customer he was actually kind of back and forth about it. He would say you wouldn’t want a metal roof.

And then he didn’t and then he did. So, uh, he ended up wanting the metal roof instead of a, a shingled roof. So, um, we were unable to get this particular Roofing Companies Louisville customer, which is fine. It happens. Um, this is a very competitive field that we’re in. Um, like I said, unfortunately we do not, um, do metal roofs here. Um, so we were able to refer him to a company that we know does metal roofing here. Another thing with this, um, the tracking sheet. It also lets me see whether the customer actually got our information, uh, whether it be from the better business bureau. Um, their insurance company, one of the phone books that we advertise in, whether they were referred, um, they saw us on the Internet, uh, or one of the mailers that we are in. We like to see, like I said, where are advertising is paying off just so we know what’s working for us here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies global.

Another thing about the lead tracking sheet dead, I know personally that I like is that it is actually showing me, um, what we have done. Um, and like how many people have called in to our office here at Allen, hold premiate roofing, roofing companies will, will. Um, before we started this, uh, lead tracking sheet, I knew that we would get a lot of calls and, um, I guess I’d just really didn’t under seat are see how many we really had until I seen it on this because it is outrageous how many calls that we have, um, gotten and the customers that we are helping here in our community and surrounding areas. Um, it’s amazing that out of all of the roofing companies out there, they chose us. So that’s given me the perspective of what we’re doing out here is, is right. Um, you know, we are an honest company.

We want to help the customer as much as possible, um, and we want to make sure that they are getting the best deal for, for their dollar. Um, I know sometimes I will get a call in where a customer doesn’t know if they need just a repair done or um, either a completely new roof, a new gutter system. Um, and we will go out and take a look at it and let them know, uh, what would be best for them. Um, so we do like to help, uh, the people in our community, uh, that way just by letting them know that we are an honest group of people here and we, we want to help them any way that we possibly can here at Allen, home premiere roofing, roofing companies, local, like I said previously, uh, with this, uh, lead tracking sheet, it helps me to see where customers are getting, um, our number from.

Uh, before I started doing this tracking sheet, I would actually just keep a notebook of it just so I could keep track of where customers were getting our information from. Um, now with this system, I really, I don’t have to do that because as soon as the customer calls and gives me their information, I put it directly into the computer. So instead of having to keep it with the notebook, I can, I have it on my computer where I can get to it. It’s an email where I can get to it. Um, so that’s actually helping me out a lot. Um, that way I’m not keeping track in the notebook and as well as on the computer. I can just do it on the computer and then just be done with it. That way I’m not missing anything. Um, if I don’t put it in the notebook, I got it in the computer.

So like I said, once the information comes in, I do put it in the computer. That way we know what’s coming in to our office here at Alamo permit, roofing, roofing companies, local. So if you are needing an estimate, um, whether it’d be for roofing, gutters, windows siding, gutter guards, trim work, give us a call over here at Allen home premier roofing, working companies global@battletwofourfoursevenfivesixseventwooryoucanvisitusonourwebsiteatallenhif.com and you can pictures of jobs that we have down here in our home. Pregnant feet were thin companies oval. You can read testimonials from customers that we have done work for and you can just read about the services that we offer here at Alamo premier roofing, roofing companies, local. And if you like what you see, you just click that button to get a free estimate from us here. And we will call and schedule an appointment with you. We look forward to serving you with your Roofing Companies Louisville needs.