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Episode 18 roofing companies will frown on permit ribbing. Today I want to talk about one of, there’s a repair that we did where the customer was needing us to remove a diverter that was on her roof. So we actually had to tear off this one square of working, um, and removed the diverter. We installed some drippage and then um, replaced the shingles and she went with the three 10, the state gray. Um, this customer also had some gutters died and she’s like a previous customer of ours from earlier on with some work that we had done for her. Um, with her gutters. Uh, she actually went with the six inch white, it was 25 feet for the gutters and downspouts and she in some gutter guard as well. One job we did earlier this year, I don’t Roofing Companies Louisville was actually for a siding job.

Um, and with this customer they did new gutters, they wrap their soffit and they’re solid returns. They were up there, facia windows window openings. So we actually did a lot of maintenance free vinyl work for this customer, um, with their gutters and downspouts. They had a total of 223 feet. Um, we had to remove a lot of software rap. We had to install, we installed fan vote insulation on the exterior walls. We did 12 squares of vinyl siding and we did, um, we installed vinyl iin a little numb to the threeway soppets and we’ve done recently software return. We wrapped some patient wrapped five windows, we did their gutters and we ended up having to do some additional work that we weren’t expecting to do. Sometimes this does come up and the customer doesn’t know about it because either they had asked us to do the additional work.

So we then give them an estimate and they okay whether if they want us to do on with the additional work or not. Um, in this case the customer had, so we had done that for them. Um, so I guess it’s sometimes you’re at Allen will permit Roofing Companies Louisville global. Um, the customer does want us to do some additional work and we are happy to do that for them. Um, we get them a praise. They, they, okay. Then we continue with the additional work. He nother job, excuse me, that we hadn’t done a wooden roof on a house and a garage. And this particular customer was actually a friend of the owners and this was an insurance job and it was for the hail storm that we had this customer and over 17 squares and went with aged she cedar. Um, we actually did have to install quite a bit of ply wood on this job, um, to um, laminate the roof deck because uh, the wood was pretty bad on the roof of this house. And we also did a window repair while we were at, um, this particular customer’s house. Uh, as well.

I got another job here that we had done, um, here at Allen on premiere Roofing Companies Louisville global for um, just got her guards. Um, the footage on this was actually quite a bit. It was for 215 feet of gutter guards and that was all the customer needed on this customer, a particular customer needed for us to do for him. The next insurance job I want to talk about, um, was a job where we had done the house in the shed, uh, for this particular customer. Um, the total squares on this job was, um, our 18 squares. Uh, this customer went with the Oak Ridge, a state gray and they had actually upgraded from the three tab that they originally had on their house. So they did the upgrade on both the house and the shed. And this customer was a previous customer of ours that we had done work on previously.

So, um, I know I’ve said this probably a number of times that here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies local. Oh, we do appreciate when customers come back to us. It lets us know that they appreciate the work that we had done before. They were satisfied and happy with the work that we had done for them before. And so they want to keep coming back to get that guaranteed work that we provide here at Allen home premiere Roofing Companies Louisville, locate here and eleanor roommate, Roofing Companies Louisville, global. Um, we get customers that get our number from any, from any number of ways. Um, we advertise in our local phone book, um, whether they were referred previous customers, seeing the mailer that we had, but this particular customer got us out of the phone book and they needed a roof on their house and they had the, when they went with the Oak Ridge aged Cedar Shingle, they had 23 squares on this house.

And they also had some, uh, a flat roof where they need it modified bitumen. We’re both roofing and that was two squares that we put on that house. We also put some Richmond on this house. I was 60 feet and the roof on this was for the house only, so it did not include a garage or a shed or anything else. It was just the roof at 23, the house roof at 23 squares. This next go through where we’re going to talk about. Um, she got our phone number, uh, from the phone book as well. Um, but with this job it was actually just for, I were payer. She was needing, um, just uh, a shingle replaced on her roof and we need to play replace ’em facia metal on the front of her garage. So, uh, of course we welcome small jobs as well.

So we did, um, and duke that this customer may need, just shows the variety of work that we get here at Allen home permit, Roofing Companies Louisville global. It’s not just big jumps that we get. We do get small jobs as well and we welcome both big and small jobs. Another thing we do here at Allen whole permit roofing roofing companies, Lobel is we work with um, a couple of the local real estate agents where they be that they call us on a house that they are trying to sell that needs work or if it is a house that they have a buyer or a customer wanting to purchase and they need us come take a look at it, do repairs or what have you, we will go take a look at that for them. Um, I do have one realtor that we had done actually a roof for. Um, and like I said, we do work with them, whether it be for some repairs that need to be done before us. Hell, or if it is just a complete job that needs to be finished before we do, they do esl. Um, we do help out with that. So if you have a job that you need us to do here at Allen home permit repeat, just give us a call at four, four, seven, perhaps six, seven two, or you get to eat a sleek look on our website at [inaudible] dot com.