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Episode 20 for Roofing Companies Louisville for Alan home permit morphine. What I’m going to do here today at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies global. He’s just continued to talk about some jobs that we’ve done. Um, and actually this is mostly work that we have done this year. Um, so with the first job we’re going to talk about, it’s actually just for a roof and this customer had gone with an Oak Ridge estate crashing or, and this customer had little or 19 squares on this shingle. This customer originally had a three tab shingle on his house and upgraded to the Oak Ridge. Um, shingle. When, uh, he had picked his color, he had decided to go with the upgrade. Um, another drug that we had done this year was a gutter job. Um, this gutter guards off, I’m sorry, excuse me. This customer had gotten gutter guards. Um, he was an older gentleman. Um, and sometimes we have customers here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville that just want to do gutter guards, don’t need the gutters. The gutters are in good shape. They just want to do the gutter guards because they got leaves all the rails and they either get tired of cleaning their gutters or are not able to clean their gutters anymore. As was the case with this customer.

Um, another drop we’re going to talk about was actually in Indiana. Um, I’ve said before that we do service southern Indiana. Um, this customer just needed some, um, gutters and downspouts. Um, it was a small gutter job that um, this customer needed. Uh, and they also needed us to add a deflector for the gutters. So we were able to do that for them here in Allen home permit Rufina for Roofing Companies Louisville. A nother job we did this year was actually earlier in the year and this customer was actually a previous customer of ours. Uh, and what this customer needed was a roof. They went with d, The true def duration desert and shingle. Uh, this house had a little over 18 squares and they also had a flat roof. So we installed, um, modified bitumen rubber roofing and they actually went with the color of white on that. And that was only two squares for them.

Sometimes here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, we will get a call a bout, um, as skylight leaking. So what we do is we go look at the skylight. Um, one particular case, we seal the areas around the skylight, um, the flashing and the shingles, uh, because uh, this was actually from a pre yes roofing company that installed the roof, not something that we had done. So we had actually been out to this particular customer a couple times to seal around his uh, skylights, um, from the, like I said, a previous roofing company that he had install his roof. And this same customer had also had some trouble with some nails and flashing a round hood vent. So what we ended up doing was sealing the nails and the baby’s fashion around the, uh, van just because he had a leak in that area as well. So we sealed around it and a sealed around the nails just to make sure we got the leak.

Another other job we did this year at Allen home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville was a roofing job. And this customer went with the Oak Ridge Brown wood shingle and she had actually 20 squares of roofing. This customer had also, um, sent us a thank you know, uh, which we do love receiving here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville will go, um, because we just like to hear from our customers to know that, uh, they were satisfied with the work that we had provided that all parties involved or professional. So we do love getting little notes, phone calls, even Google reviews. We love getting them. We love seeing how pleased our customers are with the work that we provided for them here in Allen. Home permit, roofing, roofing companies global.

The next job I want to talk about, um, this particular job, uh, had two layers of roofing on this house. It was 22 squares and they went with the Oak Ridge, onyx black. Um, this also had a flat roof. So we did end up installing some modified bitumen road or rubber roofing. Um, and they had a satellite dish on this roof that we ended up just removing. Um, there was also some wood replacement on this roof that we did have to inform the customer about. Uh, because the wood was rotten. Roofing Companies Louisville, we don’t just replace Wood just because, um, if it is good, sturdy [inaudible] has available surface, um, we do not replace it. If it is rotten, cannot be, there’s no way that there an a level surface. We will inform the customer, uh, that we there is some would replacements most of the town we can tell them what we, what the roofers had told us about how many uh, sheets of plywood or um, how many feet of wood would be replaced.

Sometimes we can’t. So we just tried to give them a rough idea on that because a lot of times you don’t know until you get the roof completely off to know how much would you need to be replaced. Roofing Companies Louisville if you’re doing a section of the work at a time, it’s really hard to say at the point where we call the customer and let them know about the wood replacement. Another job I want to talk about is another roofing job than we had done. This customer had a three tab shingle on his house. He ended up upgrading to an oak ridge pepper mill, gray shingle. And he had, um, I’ve been square 17th squares on his roof. Uh, he did have a chimney cat that we had to reinstall for him, which was no problem if our rivers are up there and they can do the re-installed, the roofing or the chimney cap, we take care of that just so we don’t have to have another repair curve go out. Roofing Companies Louisville that way the customer is completely finished. Um, if that’s all he’s getting done is just his roof and then the cap, that way his job is completed. So if you have a job that you need us to take a look at, either roofing, siding, gutters, get her guards or windows, um, just give us a and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

And we will look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.