Episode one 48 for Allen on permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville today here at Allen home permit ravine or think companies global. I just want to continue talking about some of the jobs that we do here at Allen. Home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, that way customers get an ad deal, exactly what we do here. I know we advertise that we do roofing and gutters, siding, windows, gutter guards, um, trim. Uh, but with me talking about it a little more, um, it gives the customer more of an ideal of what we do, what we can do, what the job entails and um, stuff like that. Here at animal premier roofing, roofing company syllable.

And the first step we’re going to talk about here at Allen Ho permit ravine were Roofing Companies Louisville. Global is actually a gutter job. Um, what we did here was removed 56 feet of gutters and downspouts for this customer and then installed the six inch cutter back in place. Uh, this customer went with the gutter, call it color of royal boreal and we installed 41 feet of gutter guards for this customer as well. Uh, this customer did get our number from the Internet. Um, so we do like to see where people are hearing about us. We like to keep track of it. Uh, just so we can see what advertising is working in our favor here at Alamo permanent roofing Roofing Companies Louisville. A little bit. The next up we’re going to talk about is a roofing job. And this customer actually got our name from one of the phone books that we advertise in here at Allen Hall agreement.

Roofing wasn’t companies local at this was a one layer tear off of 24 squares. This customer went with the Oak Ridge twilight black shingle. Uh, they originally had the three types you can go on their house, but went with the upgrade to the Oak Ridge series shingle. We installed one three inch pipe flashing on this house, um, as well as one for each pipe flashing on this house. We installed 190 feet of drip edge around the perimeter and we installed seven roof fence. This hasn’t did have, um, a skylight that we did install whether lock around the skylight for this customer so that they don’t have any leaking issues. We also did gutters for this customer. Um, we removed 270 feet of gutters and downspouts and then installed these six inch gutter, um, back in place. Um, we get a color of the customer went with was white.

Uh, we also install gutter guards for this customer of total of 190 feet of gutter guards. Uh, we did have some rotten gutter board that we did have to remove and replace and we did paint the new gutter board to match the existing got award that was already on this customer’s house here in Alamo premier roofing Roofing Companies Louisville. The next up we are going to talk about is actually an insulation job. Um, this customer was actually referred to us here at Allen Ho premiate roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, this customer originally had, um, just six inches of insulation already in their attic. Uh, so we did install and it are, we did, yeah, we did install an additional 12 feet of insulation. Uh, we did the blown in insulation for this customer. This customer had 14 soffit advance on their house and they did have a left 11 recessed lights.

Um, we do, um, give this information to our installers. That way they do know exactly what they’re getting into. Um, if they do have attic space to walk in. Um, and if there is, like I said, recess lighting solve advance, we let them know exactly how many that way, like I said, they know what they’re going into when they go into a job. Um, the next time we are going to talk about is a roof repair. Uh, what we did for this customer was just a sealed some shingles up of a bathroom vent. Um, cause they were, this customer had called in saying that they were having water come in by their fan in their bathroom. So we went, took a look at the roof and then did, we did still some shingles for this customer here in Allen hold wouldn’t moving and working companies global.

The next up we’re going to talk about is a very, uh, this roof install was for April Abraj. Um, this customer actually got our name from the phone book that we advertise in here at Alamo premiere roofing or Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, this was a one layer tear off. Um, it was a total of eight squares. The customer went with the three tab chest, the white shingle we installed bite drippage around the gutter lie and we installed two roof fence on this garage. Uh, we did also wrap the sides of the two guard two car garage opening for this customer. The next job are gonna talk about this customer actually called in because they were having a worth problem. Um, they got our name from the Internet and what we did end up doing here for this customer was removed and replaced the shingles and the valley’s only, um, the color of the shingles with the state.

Craig. Um, when we did this estimate, we actually did count in for the ice and water shield it to be put in the valleys. But actually we did not need the ice and water shield in the valleys. So we did a discount the customer, um, for that here at Allen Ho premier roofing Roofing Companies Louisville. The next I’ll we are going to talk about is it got her job. This customer got our inflammation from the magazine mailer that we advertise in here at Alamo permit were being worked and company’s global. Uh, what we did here was installed 20 feet of fat inch gutters and downspouts for this customer. Um, the color they had was sandstone. We did add a large diverter on the back of the house for this customer to develop the water. Um, that way it went up into the gutter a little better and down to the downspout.

And we did a check the roof for leaks on the front of the garage as well. Uh, this customer had stated that they were having some issues, thought there might be a league, wanted us to check it. Um, so we did, uh, we did check that for the customer here at Alamo permit, Ruthie working companies level. The next one we are going to talk about is a roofing job. This job was a one layer tear off. Um, a little over 32 squares. This customer went with the true def duration est gray shingle. There was a chimney on this house. So we did install the flashing around the chimney. We installed one, two inch pipe flashing and one a three inch pipe flashing. We also installed ice and water shield in the valleys. Um, I know that she goes on this house. Um, there was actually nothing wrong with the drip edge on this house, so we were able to reuse the drip edge around the porn on his house.

Um, and we installed at eight or fits on this house. The next one we are going to talk about was actually a gutter, um, some siding soffits, uh, and patient job that we had done here. Um, and this was actually for a detached garage only. Um, we removed 82 feet of gutters and downspouts. We installed the uh, seven squares of woodsmen select a brand of satting. At [inaudible]. The color of the siding was cream. We installed 52 feet of two way soffits. Uh, we wrapped 28 feet of one piece, facia and we wrapped a three window openings and one a door opening. We installed the five inch gutters back in place and the color of the gutters was classic crane to match the trim. So if you are moving an estimate, um, whether it’d be for roofing, siding, gutters, windows, gutter guards, trim work, give us a call over here at Allen home premium roofing Roofing Companies Louisville will at five oh two four four seven, five, six, seven two or you can go over and visit us on our website and see some comments from our customers. See the type of work that we do, see some pictures that we have done of jobs with. We have done, uh, worried about materials that we use here at [inaudible], home premier roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, and you can visit us@alanahi.com. We look forward to serving you.