Episode Nine for Alan Home Permit roofing local briefing today here at Allen home pregnant roofing Louisville Roofing. Um, I am just going to talk about actually some of the jobs that we have going on here in the office this week. Um, it’s actually been a pretty busy week for us here at Allen home for roofing loval roofing because, um, I know I’ve mentioned earlier that we actually had a wind storm here and uh, we have been getting all kinds of phone calls so my guys have been busy going out check in um, houses and roofs for the customers that are calling in here to Alan Ho Permit Roofing Louisville roofing. Um, it’s a lot of the jobs that are actually coming into us are actually um, just repairs. We have had a couple that are um, actual uh, wind damage where the insurance company did come out and um, did pay for it.

So we are had some customers on our schedule here at animal brilliant. We’re global warming. We have had a couple of days of where there is a pretty high chance of rain. So we did not schedule any roofing to be done. Um, so what we have done is actually give our roofing career later, some of the repairs that we had come in, uh, for this, uh, windstorm that our estimators did run here at Allen home, pregnant roofing, Louisville Roofing. Um, I know on the first day we gave heal, um, about 10 repairs to do and he actually got all of them done but one, so I was actually really impressed by that. Um, so what I’m going to do is just, we’re going to talk about the, some of the repairs that we did do, um, here, uh, this week for the customer that they call in with the, uh, wind damage.

Um, most of them I know was from um, like a briefing cap coming off or had some, a couple of shingles blow off where the word was completely fine. They just needed to be repaired. Um, so the first one is actually for the, uh, apartment complex that we do a lot of work for here at Alamo premiate roofing, global warming. Um, and that we are still gonna be doing a lot of work for them as well. Uh, what we did here was just sealed, um, I roofing cap and we seal some hardy board Sadie for them as well. Um, the next job, what we did was um, removed and reinstalled, um, some gutters on the right side of his house. Um, and then we replaced, removed and replaced the gutter board on the left and right side of his house, his house as well. Um, and then we covered the gutter board in the aluminum so that the wood was not exposed.

Um, here in Allen [inaudible] roofing Lowville briefing. The next job that we had done was um, an emergency tarp for this customer. Um, this was actually a family member of one of our estimators here at Allen Home, premier roofing Louisville Roofing. So we did go out and a tarp. This, uh, refer her. Uh, we actually found a three large holes from where a tree had fallen through the roof on this house here at Alamo premier working working companies logo. And another job I want to talk about, um, is actually a complete roof replacement that we were actually able to get to this week. Um, this was a one layer tear off. This customer went with the Oak Ridge, uh, Brown wood shingle. Um, it was a total of 26 squares. We installed one three inch pipe flashing and we installed ice and water shield in the valleys under the shingles.

We also installed 250 feet of drip, drip edge around the perimeter and we installed seven were fence on this house as well here in Allen Hall. Permit roofing loval roofing. Another repair that we had done this week, um, was uh, repaired some wind damage singles. Uh, what we did was lifted the tabs and a forefoot area, um, nail down a really nailed down the shingles and in seal back in place. Um, and then we also sealed around the satellite TV bracket as well for this customer here at Alamo premium roofing. Louisville Roofing the next year I want to talk about is actually a complete a roof replacement as well. Um, this was a one layer tear off. Um, total of 26 squares. This customer went with the true def duration brown wood shingle and they did have a chimney. So we did install flashing around the chimney. Uh, we installed one three inch pipe flashing and we installed 220 feet of your bitch around the perimeter. Uh, we also installed three turbine Vince on this house for this customer here at Allen who permit roofing Lovo roofing.

I know I had said that we were having a couple of days of rain here, but with two a roofing crews going, we can actually knock out two jobs a day, um, as long as the weather is in our favor. Um, the next job I want to talk about here is a nother repair. And on this repair we actually replaced a couple of shingles that were missing from this customer had blown off. And uh, she, this goes through is actually a previous customer of ours, so, um, she’s a really good customer of ours. We were ready and willing to go out and help her as much as possible. Um, like I said, she just had a few shingles missing. So we just replaced those shingles for this customer here at Allen Permit Ravine Lowville roofing. The next time I want to talk about is actually for an emergency tarp that we had done for a customer.

Um, this customer is actually, I’m waiting on their insurance company to come and take a look at their worth and uh, see what can be done about it. Um, this customer did have some issues, um, that if we did not target, they were going to have leaking issues. So that is why we did the emergency to harp for this customer here at Allen Ho Premier Roofing Louisville roofing. So even though we did have, um, a couple of days where it did, uh, Brian here at Allen home permit roofing global roofing, we still did get a lot done. Um, I know we did only get, um, two big roofing job done. Um, but we were able to knock out a lot of repairs that have come in from people calling from the wind storm, wanting to know if they did have damage. Um, some people, uh, could see that they had damage that they had a shingles missing.

Um, some could see that, you know, shingles were sticking up. Others weren’t sure if they had damage, wanted us to come out, take a look at their roof. So, um, a lot of people actually did not have, um, the damage. Um, wind doesn’t do as much damage as hill, so we kind of liked the hailstorms a little better, a little easier to get damage out of hill than wind. So, um, we were able to get a couple of, uh, like I said, we did get quite a few repairs done. Um, this week, uh, for these customers that did call in that did have some wind damage. Um, most of the wind damage, like I said, I seen was um, um, either to the ridge cap or to just some Shing, a couple of shingles that have blown off. So it wasn’t a whole lot of damage, but it was a little bit, and we were able to actually repair these very quickly for these customers here at Allen home permit, roofing loval roofing.

So if you are needing an estimate, a rather AP for roofing, a roof replacement, roof repair, gutters, gutter guards, windows, siding, Trim works off it. Uh, just give us a call over here and Ellen home, pregnant roofing, local roofing@fiveohtwofourfoursevenfivesixseventwooryoucanvisitusonourwebsiteatallenhad.com. There you can see comments from customer, previous customers, uh, pictures of work that we’ve previously done. Um, you can read about us here at Allen home, premiate ravine, loval roofing, and you can see the types of jobs that we do and the materials and brains that we use. So if you like what you see and what you read, just click that free estimate button and one of our estimators here. We’ll give you a call to schedule the appointment with you. And that way we can come out and take a look and see what we can do for you here. We look forward to serving you.