Episode 341 for Allen home prevent roofing Louisville Roofing. Today here at [inaudible] we aren’t just going to talk about, um, basically how the day has gone today. Here at out home permit roofing. We’ll pull riffing. Um, it has pretty much been a very busy, crazy day here at Al home permit roofing bull booger feet. Um, I have been emailing invoices out to customers per the customer’s request. Uh, we have been podcasting as well here at downhill permit roofing, local roofing. Um, we have uh, typed up a couple inspection letters for some customers of ours here at Allen Home Employment. We’re being global working. Um, so it’s pretty much been a very busy day here today. Um, I have actually been emailing um, some information over to a customer of ours who we just ran an estimate for as this customer was wanting some information on, uh, the financing that we provide here at Allen home permit roofing, Louisville Roofing.

So I had emailed her over the information so she could take a look at it. And then if she has any questions she could give me a call back and let me and just ask me the questions that she has. And uh, we will go from there with, uh, with that, uh, the phones have been ringing, um, today though it’s been a lot of sales calls. Um, so there’s, everybody is out enjoying this crazy weather that we’ve had here here at [inaudible] mobile working. Um, today we have had um, some scattered showers so we’ve had a lot of pop up shoppers come in. So, um, we haven’t had, we didn’t have a crew, um, on Louisville Roofing. Uh, cause we didn’t want to have obviously a roof open. Uh, we are doing some, uh, daughterboard repaired today. Uh, we had a job though where it had some, uh, rotten to get our board.

So we have a career actually working on that today. Um, so hopefully that didn’t get to it when we got hit with some showers. But uh, hopefully we can get that finished and completed today for this customer. Your down home for Nate Murphy global briefing. I have also actually gotten a couple of calls today from customers who have, um, approved, uh, their work. So I have put them on the schedule to get them in line, um, to get their work completed. Uh, when the customer does call into us here at Allen home permit roofing Louisville Roofing, we let them know, um, that we will put them on the schedule and once we are getting close to their job, we will give them a call and let them know. Whereabout they are, uh, just so they do know that they are coming up on the schedule with us here at Allen home permit roofing.

We’ll, we’ll reaping. I have also sent a couple of jobs over to our, a gutter crew leader so that he can get those jobs on his schedule for us here at Allen home premier roofing. We’ll, we’ll repeat. So I’m, like I said, we’ve just been really busy today doing a little bit of everything. Uh, got a couple payments in from customer, uh, mid processing nos. So I’ve pretty much been everywhere today. Um, it’s been kinda crazy. Uh, usually the day day isn’t like that. It’s every once in awhile where we have crazy day like this. But today’s, today’s definitely been one of them crazy days for me here at elephant premium roofing Louisville Roofing. Now with it being, um, closer to the end of the day, everything’s pretty much dying down. Thankfully. That way I can do a few more podcasts before it is time for me to get out of here.

You had home, uh, but also with it being in or it has slowed down a bit where it’s not so crazy in the office right now. Um, I can also, uh, clean up if anything needs to be cleaned up. If anything needs put away filing. That gives me the chance to do all that as well without, uh, having to stop so many times because something else is, um, basically calling for my attention here at Allen home permit roofing. We’ll, we’ll review. And like I had said that, um, we had done some inspection letters, uh, today in, it was actually, um, the owner of the company, Greg Allen. He was, he was telling me what to put on these letters. And so we were both kind of, his cell phone was ringing in the office, phone was ringing. And so this is telling you how crazy has been here.

So when we finally got the phones to stop ringing and I told him, you better talk fast because who knew when it was going to start ringing again? So, uh, we were just joking around about that, uh, finding it very funny cause it seemed like one phone would ring and then the other phone would ring. So like I told him we were needing to talk fast and tight fast so we could get these letters, um, done and sent out to where they needed to go. Um, today, here at on hold premier roofie Louisville Roofing. Now I hope people don’t think that I am complaining about BM busy today here because that is not the case. Um, I personally love staying busy. It makes my day go by faster. Um, but I kind of get kinda crazy feeling when I feel like I’m being pulled in several different directions at one time.

Um, but that’s okay. Everything gets done still. I just feel like I’m kind of crazy with it for a little bit, but that’s okay. We get through it, hear it down home for me. Roofing, a Louisville Roofing. So for tomorrow, um, it’s actually not supposed to rain any tomorrow. Um, I’m not sure if we got any, uh, roofing jobs in for material drop off or not. Um, I don’t think we have, cause I actually hadn’t seen anything because they do, um, email me to let me know that they had gotten the material sheet. Um, so I haven’t seen one of those yet, so I don’t think we have a job set for, um, like tomorrow. Uh, so we’ll probably have one for the next day. Um, I believe they, we thought that we were gonna have some more rain tomorrow, so maybe that’s why we hadn’t done it yet.

Uh, but that’s okay. Um, our crews will still stay busy. We do have repairs that they can go do and, and all that. So we’re not just not giving them work. Uh, we do, we will have something for them to do tomorrow. Um, here at Halon whole permit roofing, Louisville Roofing. I know, um, that it is going to be, like I said, it’s not raining tomorrow but it is going to be um, super hot here. Um, I know it’s going to be in the upper nineties with the heat index to about 115 and so we are informing our crews of the heat index and letting them know that they need to be very careful when they are out on a job. Um, stay dehydrated or stay hydrated, not detach, not to get dehydrated, to stay hydrated. There we go. Um, and just take plenty of breaks. Um, we don’t like for crews to keep working if they are hot, they need to stop and take breaks.

You know, we don’t um, want them to get sick from the heat and all that. We want them to take as many breaks as possible cause they are the ones out here working in this heat here at Allan home. Premier roofing, Louisville Roofing. So if you’re needing an estimate for roof repair, we’re for replacement gutters, gutter guards, windows siding, trim work. Give us a call over here@allenhomepremiumroofingglobalroofingatfiveohtwofourfoursevenfivesixseventytwooryoucanvisitusonourwebsiteatalanh.com and while you’re there, you can take a look around. You can read about the staff here at Allen home permit, ravine global working, as well as see the types of jobs that we do. You can also see the brains of materials we use. You can see comments from previous customers of ours and pictures of jobs that we’ve done. And if you like what you see, just click that request of free estimate button and one of our estimates will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.