Episode 547 for Allan home permit roofing Lovo roofing today here at Allan home premier roofing mobile roofing. We are just going to talk about, uh, some of the things we do here at Allen. Home permit, roofing, willful roofing. And first I’m going to talk about what the office manager does. Um, what the office manager does here at Allen home permanent ravine [inaudible] is um, answers the phone. That’s, that’s pretty much what I do. I answer the phone, I take, um, the, the information for customers, uh, when they are calling in to get an estimate. Um, what I get is I get their name, I get their address, uh, what they need the estimate for. Um, I get a good number for us to contact them. So my estimator is, can call them to schedule the appointment since my estimator is do make their own appointments here at Allen home, permanent roofing, well for roofing.

And then I’ll also ask them if the house is a one story or two story. That way my guys know exactly what kind of ladder that they are gonna need. Um, and then I asked them where they had heard from us if they had gotten our number from the phone book, the better business Bureau if they found us on Google, uh, or a couple of the mailers that we, um, mail out that way. Uh, we like to keep track of how customers hear about us here at Allen home permit, roofing, Louisville roofing. That way we know exactly what is working for us in advertising. Um, that way for the next year, the year coming up, we know, um, where maybe our advertising money should be a little more if we need to advertise, um, advertisement a little more somewhere else because that particular area is working a lot better than something else.

Or if an area isn’t working for us at all, we know not to renew. Um, so that’s just helping us here at Allen home premium ravine. We’ll, we’ll reaping that way. We’re not just throwing away money on advertising that’s not working for the business. Um, something else that I do here is I um, take care of all of the information from our guys, which means, um, my sales team, they pass out folders that has our logo. It has our name on the front, it has our contact information and when you open the file or when you open the folder, it has our liability insurance. It shows that we are a preferred contractor for Owens Corning. Um, and it lets them the customer know a little bit, um, about the warranties with Allen home art with uh, Owens Corning with the shingles and also, um, I try to give my guys as much help as I can, uh, getting all these folders put together that way the only thing they have to do is just come in the office and grab them.

They don’t have to grab every piece of information to put in there because it’s already there. That’s just helping them out that way they’re not wasting time trying to find everything that they need. I know where everything is and I just have it altogether. It just makes it easier for them here. Now in home permit roofing over roofing. I also make sure that my team has the samples that they need. If they run low, I need a call in an order for um, more samples to come in. That way my team is not running out of the samples. That way we can sell our products. Um, we can show the customers the type of all what’s going in the roofing, the, if they want a three tab or if they want to go with our Oakridge series. Shingles are trued up duration shingles. Um, that way my guys had that information to show the customer.

That way they can see the samples and that way they can make their decision on what exactly color work they want. If they want to go with a three tab or dimensional shingle, that way they can, they can help them out as well. Um, I’ll also order the gutter guard system for um, as here at Allen home permit roofing Lova working. So, um, usually we’ll take stock of what we have here on site. Uh, cause we do keep that here. Uh, and then if we are running low, we will order what we need. Uh, we keep track of, you know, who is getting, how much gutter guard, the footage. And that kind of helps us so we don’t have so much here at the shop. But also it helps us to know exactly what we need to order. Um, I also take payments from customers.

Um, if a customer comes in needing to pay a bill, I will take care of that for the customer as well. I’ll send the invoices. Um, and if it’s for brief, I will send the warranty cards with the inch invoice so that the customer has all the information, uh, that they need from us here at Allen home permit, working Volvo working and ask for my sales team. Uh, what they do here is once I get, um, a lead, I will contact my estimators and let them know that I have some leads in the office. They come, they get them, they call the customer, set up an appointment with the customer that works for the customer and themselves. Uh, they will meet with the customer, uh, give the customer an estimate and then if the customer, they sometimes they say they want to get a couple more estimates, which is fine.

We’re, that’s usually what customers do. Um, and then they call us if we don’t hear from them within a couple of days, then, uh, my, my, uh, estimator is, we’ll call them, find out if they have any questions or if they need us to come back out to discuss anything. Um, and then if the customer does sign the contract, if my estimator does not, um, is not able to pick up the side contract for us here at Allen home permit, roofing, Louisville roofing, the customer will either email it to us or fax it to us over here at Allen home for a minute. We’re being moved forward. Um, and then my guys will, my sales team will also, um, if our crews are on their job and they need some material, um, because they were short something or something that can get delivered. Um, our suit, our sales team also we’ll pick up some materials as well and take them to the crews.

Um, and then once the job is completed, our sales team, they will meet with the customer, make sure the customer is satisfied and if the customer has any questions, any concerns. Um, and then once we know that the customer is completely satisfied, we, that comes back to me, then I will, um, send out the invoice to the customer here at Allen home permit morphine both over thing. And now for the owner, um, he is pretty much a little bit everywhere. He does the office work, he pays the bills. Obviously he makes sure, um, the jobs are being scheduled cause he does all the scheduling. Um, if the guys, if my roofing crews or some of the other crews need anything, sometimes he’ll just go get the materials instead of ms messing with the, um, sales team. So that way the telesales came can just keep selling and then he can, he’ll go drop off materials if needed.

Um, so he’s pretty much in everything. Um, he’s helping with, uh, um, sailing jobs. Um, he’s helping, um, the crews he’s helping in the office so he’s a little bit everywhere in the business here at Allen home permit roofing oval roofing. So he knows exactly what’s going on in every aspect. Um, which is good just because he’s so hands on the company here at Allen home permit roofing, what we’ll roofing. So if you are getting an estimate, whether it’d be for roof repair, roof replacement, doubters, gutter guards, windows siding, trim work, give us a call here@alanhomepermitworkinglovorufinafiveohtwofourfoursevenfivesixseventwooryoucanvisitusonourwebsiteatallenhr.com. And while you’re there you can take a look around. You can read about the staff here at Allen home permanent roofing Loval roofie you can also read about the types of jobs that we do. You can see the brand, the materials we use. You can also read comments from previous customers of ours and see pictures of jobs that we’ve done. And if you like what you see, just click that request, the free estimate button, and one of our estimators will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.