Episode 308 for Allen Home Premier Rufina bull roofing. Today you’re at [inaudible] home permit. We’re being global working. We are just going to talk about some of the information that we give customers here at out home permit roofing logo work being when we are giving them an estimate. So the first thing we um, are gonna talk about is actually a folder that we give the customer. Um, and in this folder, um, it has a lot of information. We give down the information about as being, uh, a preferred contractor with, um, all what’s corny. Uh, it’s a certificate that we give each customer to let them know. Um, you know, that we are a preferred contractor with Owens Corning. We also show them a copy of our, um, liability insurance. Uh, just so that they know that we are insured here at Allan home permit roofing local briefing. And we also give them some brochures, um, showing, um, about the weather log.

And this is actually for briefing actually, um, that if they’re getting ever installed. We have a, uh, weather lock system that we install. This shows them exactly what that is. Uh, where we put it on the roof, what it does. Um, and we also put in a brochure for some regiment. Uh, some customers have the regular roof fence on their house and they want to do, um, a Richmond instead of having the regular Vince. So we, and we have the, uh, rich friends brochure, um, in the customer’s file as well photo as well. That way they can take a look at it, see if that’s what they wanna do. And if it is, then we add, put that in on their up estimate. Now, on this, uh, photo that we hand out, it has all of our information on the front. It has our company name that we have a, uh, a plus rating with the better business bureau.

You know, here’s our address, our office number, our email, our website. Um, it lets customers know that we have been in business over 40 years. And then when they open it, they get all this information. It has their estimate in it. It has, like I said, that information that we had just talked about. And it also has a brochure about the um, limited, uh, roofy warranty as well. And it gives them the information about it in case they have questions they can read on it. Um, cause sometimes when you are explaining something to somebody, sometimes it doesn’t click with them and so they’ll Braeden it personally. And having the information in hand, um, helps them out a little bit. Also. Um, our estimators also attach their business cards in these folders as well. Um, when they do handle my health, there’s a, there’s a place for them to be, um, attached in Santa’s folder just in case the customer has any information or needs more information or needs to talk to the estimator.

They have their contact information. Uh, and with these folders, actually what, um, I do here personally here at Allen home permit ravine local reaping is asset them up for these, for my sales team. Um, I make sure they have the contracts in home. Um, they get all the contracts in, in these files are folders and then they take out what they don’t need. Um, I make sure they have the uh, liability insurance certificate in there. I make sure they had the uh, preferred contractor certificate so they can so customers can see, I make sure they have um, the weather log information and Richmond information. I make sure they had the warranty information in there as well. That way, uh, when my sales team comes into the office, they don’t have to try to put these uh, folders together themselves. They can just grab and go.

Um, cause we’re trying to get them out the doors selling jobs, you know, meeting with customers, doing um, as much as they can. So um, are personally trying to take this amount off of them. That way they don’t have to worry about it. Uh, we also hand if it is roofing we hand because the mergers, roofing samples, um, if the customer already has a duration shingle, we don’t hand them a three tabs sample. So we handled either the Oak Ridge or the true def duration, um, samples. That way they can see the colors, they can see what they want. If a customer does have a three type shingle and is thinking about doing an upgrade, we will give the customer the three types of singles, uh, sample as well as the Oakridge and the true def, just whichever one the customer would prefer to go with here at downhill premier roofing, local working, um, and with uh, setting samples.

We also have, um, a book that we hand out, um, it has like a little piece of satting in it with the different profiles, um, whether it be d four d five, uh, d four Dutch lab, d five Dutch lab. So just so customers can see the profiles, the different profiles, see what they want. We also hand out a brochure about the gutter guards that we install. That way if customers want more information on them, they can read up on them as well. Uh, with the gutter guard system here at Allen Hood, premier roofing, global working and sometimes when a customer, um, for if they’re getting a roof installed, sometimes they want to see a certain color roof on a house because they can’t really make a decision on the sample that we give them. Um, I can look up, give them addresses that way they can see, uh, what the color looks like.

If I don’t have the color in my system, I will actually call our supplier and usually they do, um, send me some addresses that can help me out. That way I can help the customer out. That way we can help the customer, um, see if they like that particular single cured Allen home permit, roofing, overworking. Now if we are running, um, a window estimate, we actually have a full size window. We have a couple of them punched one that we can take and show our customers. Uh, that way they can see the window. They’re not just looking at a picture on a book. Um, this way they can see it, see if they like it and we go from there. Um, if they need to see other types of windows that we don’t have samples of personally, we will go to our supplier and see if we can get a sample.

Um, just so we can just take it to the customer and let the customer seat. Uh, we do not leave the windows ankles with the customer. Um, we do leave the woofing samples with the customers. Uh, in the, uh, gutter guards samples. We are pamphlet we leave with the customer. Uh, we don’t believe the siding or the window, uh, samples with the customers. Um, if the customer needs to look a little bit more into deciding we will leave it. But then we do get that one back. Um, with the roofing samples we have tons of those. So usually the customer just keeps those, does whatever they do with them. Uh, but with the satting we, we can leave the samples but we get, don’t make sure we get them back. And with the windows we do not leave them cause it’s an actual window that we do show customers here at Allen Home, premier roofing, global roofing.

So if you would like for us to come out and take a look at any project that you are needing done, um, whether it be roof repair, roof replacement, gutters, gutter guards, windows siding, Trim work, give us a call over here at Allen Home Premiere Roofing Lowville roofing at Babel two four four seven five six, seven two or you can visit us on our website@allenhf.com. And while you’re there, you can take a look around. You can read about the staff here at Allen home permit roofing. We’ll, we’ll roofing as well as see the types of jobs that we do. Uh, you can see the brands of materials we use. You can also see comments from previous customers of ours and you can see pictures of jobs that we’ve done. And if you like what you see, you can just click that request, the free estimate button and one of our estimators will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.