Episode 791 here at Allen home permit roofing. We’re working today here at El home permit roofing Louisville Roofing. Um, I’m actually just going to talk about how the day is going so far here at Allen. Home permit ravine Volvo working. Um, the boat actually has not been ringing, um, so much this morning and when it does, it’s usually a sales call. Uh, we are on, um, a couple jobs this morning and it is kind of cool that that’s a, we’d hold the guys, you know, that uh, we needed to get a later start up than usual. Uh, that way it’s not too cold out there for our guys, but, uh, we can still get ’em out there to do some work. Uh, so I know that we are, um, doing a couple of repair jobs today, uh, to try to get some of those taken care of before the holiday, um, in a couple of weeks so that way the customer doesn’t have to worry, um, about their repairs not being completed.

So we’re just trying to get a lot of the repairs done to that. He here at Allen home, permanent ravine, local roofing. Uh, we have a customer that, uh, is needing a window installed and we’re going to try to get that knocked out as well. That way she knows she’s taken care of and she doesn’t have to worry about where she is on the schedule and all that. So, uh, we’re also trying to take care of that customer is well here at Allen help prevent roofing Louisville Roofing. Um, we are also, uh, doing a repair on some gutters today where the, the customer’s gutters were out, had come loose. So we are actually just gonna go out and install some, uh, gutter hangers onto the gutters. That way the gutter is more secure to the house for the customer here at home permit roofing, Lowville roofing.

And I haven’t been that, that’s pretty much what we got. Uh, we do have a couple roofs in here on the schedule, but it’s not going to be warm enough today for my refers to get on the roof to install roof. Um, if it is not honestly 35 or above, we can’t do it. Right. Yeah. Because another [inaudible] um, just because one with us being a preferred contractor of Owens Corning, that’s basically one of their roles. If it’s below 35 Canaan stall plus the shingles don’t lay right, they don’t seal correctly. So I’m usually not doing a lot of roofs in the winter and that’s why, so, um, if it gets any warmer, which we’re kind of hoping that it does because it is really cold here at Allen home for me roofing while working. Um, and then hopefully we can get some Maverick and guys out there as well to do some work.

But if we do have a roof repairs that come here, my roofing crew leader, uh, does take those. So he does take, he does, um, stay busy of when we do have, we don’t have a roof for him, but we do have repairs for him. So he does get to stay a little busy during, uh, the colder weather here at our home permit, roofing, local roofing. Um, another thing, uh, that hoping to complete today is, um, actually want to start getting things ready in the office for the holidays coming up. Uh, that way the hot, the office looks nice. It is picked up, it’s cleaned, it’s ready to go. If we have, uh, customers come in, um, here at Alhoa permit, roofing Louisville Roofing, uh, because we are actually in a business where not a lot of people come into the office. The only time we really have anybody come in is if they are paying their bill, which is totally fat.

That does not matter to us. Uh, usually the customer will ask, you know, if they could come in and pay cause they don’t want to mail it cause if it’s a big check, which we totally get. Um, so it, I let them know that they can either come in or that I can send someone from our sales team out to pick up the check for them. So, um, I’m trying to get all that ready. It’s on the schedule for today. Also going to be, um, invoicing. Any job, the jobs that we get done today, I will be voice in film out for, uh, by the end of the day as well. I’ll also be checking on, um, any estimates that have been given out that we hadn’t heard back from the customer. Um, I will be checking in with those customers as well. Um, and contacting customers on jobs that we had completed to see if they are satisfied with the work that was done and if they are, see if they would mind giving us a review.

Louisville Roofing | More Than Proud Of The Business?

Uh, Nope. Actually yesterday I believe it was, we had gotten two phone calls about, um, some work that had been done that the customer has spoken very highly of our workers here at Allen home plumbing, roofing, Lowville roofing. So, um, they actually, um, did not talk to me. They actually talked to the owner. Um, and so I will be actually reaching out to them to see if they would mind writing a review for us. Um, I try to get in touch with as many people as I possibly can. Um, I know sometimes people are busy when I call them and I get that. And so it never hurts to try again. Right. So that’s what I’m, I’m gonna keep trying here at home permit roofing Louisville Roofing. So since I’m talking about, Oh, what is on the schedule for today? Uh, today, this, the weather is actually going to be a 43 and sunny.

That’s supposed to be the habit. You don’t get into the high till like four o’clock. So, um, that would be one reason why we are obviously not working a job any jobs today as well cause it is still cold. Um, so like right now outside it is 31 degrees, give or take a degree, but it feels like 23. Yeah, no, not roofing. So, um, and honestly I can’t believe that some of my guys actually still wanted to go out and roof or not roof, um, work today. Um, I know they love to stay busy. We love that about our crews here at Allen. Home permit, roofing. Louisville Roofing. They don’t want to just sit around. They want to, they want to be doing stuff. So I love that about our crews. Um, honestly I couldn’t be working out there in this weather. I do not do well on coat, so that’s why I’m in the office here at Allen.

Home permit. Refute. Boval refill. But that’s pretty much the plan for the day. I’m gonna try, uh, try to get some podcasting in. Um, get in touch with some customers, make sure that the guys on out on the jobs are getting everything that they need, that they have everything they need, if not that way I can get ahold of one and my other guy, my sales team to see if they can maybe take them any materials that they may need. So it’s going to be a busy day, but that is okay. I like to stay busy. Um, don’t like it if I’m just sitting here twiddling my thumbs. I don’t like that. So I’m busy day here at Allen home permit, roofing, local working, trying to get things done, jobs lined up for uh, the next day, moving next couple of days hopefully. Nope, just next day. Um, cause I know there is some rain in the forecast at the end of the week, so trying to get as much done as we possibly can for my guys here at Allen Hill.

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