Episode 325 for Alan home permit. Murphy local briefing. Today you’re at Allen home Louisville Roofing Volvo was being, I am just going to talk about uh, what I do, uh, when a customer calls and to get an estimate from us here at Allen home permit roofing local briefing. Um, the first thing I do is actually when I get a phone call that and somebody is needing an estimate, whether it be for roofing, siding, gutters, windows, um, I’ll always get obviously the customer’s name and their address. I will also get a ask them what the best number is to reach them. And I will ask them if their house is a one story or a two story house. Uh, sometimes it could be three, uh, depending on uh, the building or the house. Um, and, and then I ask them where they had gotten our information.

Um, sometimes they say the phone book, they say they were referred to us. Sometimes they are previous customers of ours. Um, they get our name from a couple of the mailers that we send out or they find us on Google. Um, but when I’m taking this information down, I actually have a worksheet that I fill out so I can hand it to my, uh, salesman here at Louisville Roofing liberal roping. So what I’ll do is I will put the date that the cuss that this customer had called in, um, check if it’s for a roof, if it’s an estimate for gutters, windows, um, satting, facia soffits, uh, whatever it is that the customer is needing an estimate for, I will let them know. Um, and actually if I don’t have the area to check what the customer is wanting, I will write it in, um, like the information for the salesman.

Uh, then I will put the customer’s name and the address, the best phone number to reach them, whether it fits their home phone or cell phone or work phone. Um, I put how many stories the house is, whether it be one, two, maybe even three. And then I let the, our sales grew know where they had gotten our information. Um, and that’s usually what I give to our sales team here at Allen, home permit, roofing, Louisville Roofing. And once they have this information, um, my sales team calls the customer, sets up the appointment and then they actually have information on the back of the paper that they can feel out that helps us here in office. Um, when we do get the job, um, for ordering the materials, um, for example it has four, if it’s a roof for them to put the pitch, that way we can let our crews know, um, whether it be a five, 12 to a 12, 12, um, obviously 12, 12 is a very steep roof, so our crews need to know that.

So they made sure they had the correct, uh, that they had everything that they need. Um, like supplies wise for, uh, being on a steep roof, like, so like can be tied off and all that. Um, we also ask what, how many lawyers? Um, we usually just see one layer tear offs, but sometimes we have to, sometimes we have three. We want to know if there is a gate, if it’s opened or if it’s locked. That way we know if we need to call, um, the customer when we’re coming out. That way they can, we make sure that they have the um, gate unlocked for us, um, which obviously we call the customer before we come out anyways. But this just gives us another heads up if we need to do, um, a call within a couple of days prior to us coming out. Uh, we want to know if there’s access, um, meaning if there is a driveway or not.

Um, if there is a driveway, we have access. If there’s no drug way, we have no access. So that kind of gives us an information, the information that we need about where we will be able to put the trailer for when we are doing a tear off. We also, like I said, um, make sure that we know if it’s a one, two or three story house. Uh, they also have, um, the information for the type of ladder. Do we need a 16 foot ladder or two, anywhere for two of 40 foot ladder. And if it has a chimney on it, is it small, medium or large? That way we know how much a facial wrap we have to put on the chimney. And um, the decking type on the house is the plywood or is it um, deck board, um, and then the drip bitch size.

Um, what, what is the color of the drip edge? Is it white? Is it black, is it clay, is it brown? How many events? Um, if there’s Richmond, how many pipes if the two inch, three inch, four inch or five inch, how many of those are there? And for the gutters, um, gutter color, how many downspouts? We need the materials to go with the um, downspouts such as like A’s, B’s in left in cabs, right in cabs, outside miters, inside miters software. We need this office as we need this up event size. Um, so there’s a lot of information that we get out of these, um, pieces of paper that the customer calls in on here at Allan home premier working global warming. And this actually us out in the office. Um, because this way we know exactly like for example, if we’re doing a roof, we know if we, if I need to ask the customer if they can have their driveway cleared, if they say there’s access, I know where’s your driveway?

I know that I need to ask the customer to make sure the driveway is clear, that way we can get the trailer in the driveway. We also like to let the customers know that we, um, have been in business for 40 years, over 40 years here at Allen home permit ravine. We’ll, we’ll reaping that way. That gives them a little bit of peace of mind to know that we aren’t one of these companies that are just now started it and you know, we’re here for so long and then we’re gone. Um, we have been around for awhile and uh, that gives them a peace of mind and they do actually, um, I like that, that we’ve been in business for is all along and that we are family owned and operated. So we do like to give them, um, that bit of information when they call in as well.

Um, so as, as I’m getting information from them, they’re getting information from me about s here at Allen Hall permit roofing. We’ll, we’ll repeat another thing I like to do, um, when we have a customer call in full to get an request, an estimate, um, I’ve talked to him for a little bit just to kind of get, um, a feel of what they need from us, um, and, and see how we can help them, um, as much as possible here at Elon home, pregnant roofing, Louisville Roofing. Um, I just, I don’t want them to feel like they’re just another, another job for, to us. I want them to feel like, you know, we, we’re really here to help you as much as you need us. Um, and if you have questions, we are here to answer them. Um, that these jobs are important to us here at our own home, prevent, repeat over roofing.

And once I get all this information, um, from the customer, I will let my sales team know that I do have leads in the office and um, usually they will even come in the office and get them or I will fax them to them that way, um, that they can get to the customer as quickly as possible to hear it on home permit. We’re being told for briefing and once, um, our sales team has the information and they bring the estimate, they will bring the information back into the office and then they will do follow ups with the customer. Um, if the customer has questions, they will answer any questions for the customer as well here at on home permit ripping over Wifi. So if you run even an estimate where there’d be for roof repair, a roof replacement, gutters, gutter guards, windows siding, trim work, give us a call over here@allenhomepermitravinelocalroofingatfiveohtwofourfoursevenfivesixseventwooryoucanvisitusonourwebsiteatalanhi.com.

And while you’re there, you can take a look around. You can read about the staff here at Allen home, prevent roofing, Louisville Roofing as well as see the types of jobs that we do, the brains materials that we use. And you can read comments from previous customers of ours and see pictures of jobs that we’ve done. And if you’d like what you see, just click that request to free estimate button and one of our estimators will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.