Episode 343 for Allen home permit ravine Volvo roofing today here at Allen home permit roofing Louisville Roofing. We are actually just going to talk about the information that we need here at Allan home permit ravine local ravine when we are, uh, giving a customer an estimate. Um, so first I’m going to talk about the roofing estimate and contracted that we uh, fill out here at Allen home premiere roofing, global warping. And when we are feeling out are these con these estimates and contracts, uh, we put the customer’s information up at the top, um, the date that the estimate was ran, the customer’s name, the best phone number to reach them, the address, the zip code in this. If this is an insurance claim, we get their claim number, the adjuster’s name and number and the insurance company name.

When a customer is looking at this estimate, the first thing that they will see is um, the tear off. Uh, this means that we need the number of layers that are on the roof. Um, um, most of the time it is just one layer that needs to be, uh, removed. Uh, then we put in the type of shingle that the one they want, um, installed. If that is a three tab or a dimensional. And then we put the color the customer wants and how many squares is on this word. Um, we also uh, check the box if there is a chimney on this house. That way our crews know that there is a chimney that needs to be flashed and we also have a box for if there is um, dormers on the house. That way, uh, they know the domer walls are getting flashed as well.

Uh, for the pipe flashing they let us know if there is a two inch by three inch or 400 or five inch and how many and um, if there are valleys, they also check and let us know that there are valleys that need to have the ice and water shield installed in them. We also have a box for if there is a drippage and we need to know, um, how many feet need to be installed of the drip edge and if it’s a flat roof, um, how many squares of the modified are going to be installed? How many refunds do we need to install? If there’s turbine vans, how many turbine bands? And then if there’s power bins, how many power vids do we need to install? Or if the customer just wants to go with the ridge vent system, we, they put down how many feet of Ridge vent needs to be installed.

And if we are installing a skylight on this house, they um, put the number of skylights that need to be installed as well. Um, we also have a box for um, it satellite dish. Uh, if it’s being removed and reset, they will check that box. If it’s just being removed, they will mark out that it’s not to be reset, just removed. And then our a cruise note that the satellite dish is not to be re installed. Uh, also on the roofing contracts we do have on there that there is no charge, um, for the, for wood replacement in the initial estimate that if there is uh, some Edward that is found during the installation and additional charges will be made and uh, they put the amount of the plywood proceed and um, the, the amount of the one by eight per foot and one by 10 and one by 12 as well.

Uh, that way this customer will know exactly what the extra charge is. Um, when we give them the total amount of, um, either sheets or, or feet. Um, also at the bottom of our contracts we will have our, we have an area where, um, if the customer has eight, three tab shingle, we give them the option of doing an upgrade and we give them the total for the additional charge for the upgrade. Um, usually it’s not that much more. So most of the time, um, customers do go for the upgrade here at Allen Hall permit roofing Louisville Roofing. The next contract I’m going to talk about is the, um, gutters, which has the siding and the soffits. All, basically the maintenance free part of the company here. Uh, we fill out the top just like we do, uh, for Louisville Roofing. It has the same as the same inflammation, uh, requested.

Um, the customer will see the first box is um, to removing the existing gutters and the salesman will put the total of feet to be removed as well as the, and for the next box it’s um, for the siding, how many squares are being removed and what type of existing siding are we? We’re moving, um, we have a box for the removal of the soften rep as well. That lets us know how many feet. And then we have a box for the fan fold installation, how many squares are being installed, and then how many squares are being installed of the end of the vinyl siding. And what brand is the customer going with and is the siding a d four, d four Dutchlap d five d five, that’s slap and all. And also we have a, uh, a box for the color of the siding, your townhome, Ruby Mobile, Wifi.

And then we also have a box for the two way soffits because our, the estimated just needs to give us the footage or if it’s a threeway soffit, the footage of it read as well. And how many soffit returns we are going to have to wrap here at Allen home premiere roofing, Louisville Roofing. And then also if they, if the customer wants vinyl on the porch, Salem, we need to know how many squares and what type of vinyl they want and how many, uh, the footage of porch beams that they want wrapped. And we got how many feet for one piece, patient to fish page patient that needs to be wrapped and how many windows need to be wrapped, how many porch columns need to be wrapped, uh, door openings need to be wrapped. And if it is a, uh, garage door opening, if it’s a two car garage or a one car garage, the trim color, if we are moving shutters, a total of how many, um, and then how many battle centers are we putting back if, um, we’re installing some vinyl on the gable vent, you know, how much is that?

And then if we’re installing gutter guards as well for this customer here at down home from your fee level briefing. Um, so this is pretty much the information that we need, um, from the customer’s house to let our crews know exactly what they will be doing on these jobs. Here at Allen home permit, we’re being global working on the window contracts, we ask for the same information at the top of the first box for the a estimator to check is the removal of the windows. Uh, we wanna know what style windows are being removed and the total of windows. And then we, and they checked the box for the install of the battle replacement windows. They put what brand the customer wants and obviously the number are, yeah, Louisville Roofing the number of windows that are being re installed. Um, the customer can go with a white or Tan. So really we’ll check to see which one they want as well as if they want full view and no grades or they went grades on the windows.

We also asked the customer if they want half screens or full screens. And then of course we checked the, we are coin to wrap all the exterior casings in a little long to complete the maintenance proof window for the customer. That way the customer does know that they do get the complete packet. Once the windows are installed, they will get the maintenance free, um, around the windows on the exterior here at Allen home for newer thing, global Wifi. One thing that [inaudible] got her estimate does not have on it that we actually have on their Collins sheet, um, is when the customer or when ourselves query is out and they are looking at business, Louisville Roofing I got a job, they will look to see what the color of the gutter is. They can put this on the back sheet that the customer has a customer’s information is from where they called him.

Um, this way we know the number of downspouts. Um, if we need esbs um, left in cabs, right in cabs, outside lighters in San Miters and that helps me out here at elephant permit. We’re thankful for working for when I am and then the job out, um, are good or career exactly what they need to take with them to that particular job here at townhome, home permit, roofing loan working. So if you ever need an estimate, whether it’d be for Louisville Roofing, windows siding, give us a call here at Aliquot for repaint global, working at pebble two four four seven five six, seven two or you can visit us on our website@alanahi.com and while you’re there, you can take a look around. You can read about the staff here at Helen home premier will be working as well as see the types of jobs that we do, the brains of materials we use. You can also see comments from previous customers of ours and pictures of jobs that we’ve done. And if you like what you see, just click that request. A free estimate button in one of our estimators will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We will pull it to serve the need.