Episode 64, four. Alcohol permit, roofing novel with me today. I don’t know, permit Rufina local roofing. I am just going to talk about the weather that we’ve been having here at Al home pregnant roofing, no morphine. Um, this week has actually been really um, nice temperatures. Um, we were actually able to knock out a few roofs, um, and we will actually be knocking out a couple more, um, within the next day. Um, we do have rain in the forecast, um, on Friday this week, but um, today and tomorrow is looking good. We got two birds going today. Uh, we did a roof on Tuesday and we did one on it. No did, I’m sorry. It was not do one on Monday. It did around Monday. Uh, so we are getting jobs done here at Allen permit roofing mobile briefing. The temperatures have been perfect. Um, they range from anywhere to the high sixties, um, to the mid seventies.

Um, today the temperature is going to be 76 and tomorrow it’s going to be in the low eighties. So actually perfect weather for working here at Elon. Permanent recruitment, what we think and I know Mike Cruz, um, when they aren’t able to stay busy. So they do enjoy when the weather does cooperate and they can get jobs done. We still have a lot of calls coming into the office here at Allen home permit roofing global working and we have uh, people, uh, approving their estimate. Oh, we are putting people on the schedule to get work done and we like to have the nice weather. That way we are able to get the work done for these customers here at Alamo permit. Rufina Lovo over feet. Um, we are hoping that it stays on the trend where there’s not so much rain in the forecast. Uh, but I know next week it does look like rain but that can change within 10 minutes around here.

Um, so we do know that here at Alamo Premiere roofing local. Perfect. So we just keep our eye on the weather channel just so we can let our guys know what’s going on. Um, here with the weather here in animal brilliant working local Wifi. We have also, um, actually knocked out a gutter job this week here at Allen Ho premier roofing and we have been knocking out some, the other uh, little uh, repairs here as well. Um, so we are getting jobs done here at alto pregnant roofing, local roofing, um, with this, uh, warmer weather that we had. So we are able to get to customers to get their jobs done here at Allen Ho permit roofing, Belleville reefing in other day that we have a, this week is actually gonna be, um, Saturday. It is going to be cloudy but it’s going to be in the upper sixties. Um, I’m not sure if anybody is really going to want to roof are get any work done on Saturday.

Um, I don’t know, um, because because that is actually a thunder over Louisville here and uh, some people do go to it. Um, a lot of people go down to the waterfront to watch the air show and then the fireworks at night. Um, and sometimes people surprise you and they want to get the job done, their work done because maybe they’re not going. Um, so I’m not sure if we are going to try to schedule anything for Saturday. Um, I’m sure if are a roofing crew leaders see that it is going to be nice. They are going to ask if they can roof. So, um, we may try to squeeze another one in on Saturday because I’m, like I said, it is raining, um, on Friday, but hopefully next week we’ll be a little nicer. That way we can get a lot of, um, jobs knocked out of here at Allen Ho permit roofing Lovo reefing sometimes hear it out home permit roofing, we’ll roofing, uh, when we call a customer to let them know that they’re coming up on the schedule.

And uh, when we let them know that like when we will be there to do the work, if they seen that there was rain in the forecast, um, they will start questioning about it. And, um, I got to tell the customers we keep the weather channel on here at Allen home permit roofing, we’ll, we’ll roofing. So we always had an eye on the forecast and the radar just so we know exactly what’s going on. Um, we are not going to open someone’s roof. If there is a 30% or higher chance of rain, I’m that’s just too risky. Uh, if there is sometimes there is that change where, you know, there is that 30% chance and then when we watched the radar, it looks like it’s fading off that we do start that we will roof. Um, but most of the time we tell our roofers and our roofing crew leader to do a section at a time.

That way we don’t have a complete tear off and then it starts pouring down raining. Um, in the spring and summer we keep an eye out for popups, showers. Um, we’ve had that happen once before where we had a pop shower come into play. Uh, we did have a roof completely tore off. Um, we’re not really sure where this pop up shallower came from, but, uh, we did have enough tarps, um, with our guys to, uh, cover the roof. So, um, those things do happen. Uh, the home owner did understand that that was not something, you know, we did intentionally, uh, and like this home owner said, you know, it just came out of nowhere. Uh, so the weather is very unpredictable, but we try our best to keep an eye out. I’m like I said on the radar watching the weather channel just so we know exactly what is going on so we can let our crews know and um, they can do the job accordingly.

Um, if there is rain come in our way and they are on a job, we will call and let them know. Um, and if they need tarps or anything we will pick them up and take them to the job site so they can have them on hand just in case they need to. Tarp the customers work here at Allen Ho permit roofie Volvo roofing. So if you are in need of an estimate, um, whether it be for roof repair, roof replacement, gutters, gutter guards, windows, siding, Trim work, give us a call over here at Allen home permit roofing global roofing at (502) 447-5672 or you can visit us on our website at Allen [inaudible] dot com and while you’re there, you can take a look around and you can read about the staff here at Allen Hope premiate roofing, local roofing. You can read about the types of jobs that we do, the brands and materials we use. And you can see comments from customers and pictures of previous jobs that we’ve done here at mount hope permit, roofing, Boval ravine. And if you like what you see, you can click that request a free estimate button in one of our estimators will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.