Episode three 13 for Allen home. Kermit roofing, Louisville Roofing. Today here on home permit ravine mobile. We’re faint. We are just going to talk about, um, actually some insurance jobs. Um, and what I mean by that is, uh, the process that we go through when working with insurance companies here at home permit roofing, Volvo working. So what we do, um, is when we meet with a customer and if they say this is an insurance job, uh, we do request to see their insurance paperwork. Um, sometimes they do show it to us, sometimes they don’t. Um, which is totally fine. That is totally up to the customer. Um, but when we do look at the paperwork, we’d go over the paperwork, we review it to see if the insurance company missed up anything. Um, more times than not. Um, they leave off a couple things. And then what we do here at on home permit roofing, we’ll, we’ll review is sent in a supplement for the missed items to the insurance company.

Um, we actually have the same program here at Allen home permit. Ruthie Lobel were being that the insurance companies, um, use. So we have this, we’re on the same uh, program as the insurance companies. So we have the same pricing and also, um, what we, um, what we do when we review and make sure that they have gotten everything, um, is then let the customer know if they did miss any items. We do let the customer know that we will do the supplement for them of the missed items. And sometimes we have to have pictures attached with the supplement, which is fine. We, we take pictures as well. Um, sometimes we see you where they cover a one layer tear off and when we are doing the job, when we tear off the shingles, we see that there are actually two layers of shingles. When this happens, um, my roofing career leader will take pictures, send them to us, we will let the customer know that there was an additional layer.

Um, and then we supplement the insurance company for that. Um, and when we do a supplement for additional layers, we do have to have pictures just so they can see that there was an additional layer. Um, because sometimes shingles get cut back where you can’t see at first that there are two layers. And then once you get the tear off, um, going, then we can see that there’s additional layers here down home permit, roofing, Louisville Roofing. A, another thing we do with the insurance company, um, once your job is completed, um, and if it says an insurance job, we send the insurance company, um, a job completion certificate. Uh, that way they know that the job is completed and that way they can release the rest of the funds to the customer. Um, most insurance companies hold a recoverable depreciation, uh, for when the work is completed.

Then they get the customer would get the rest of their money. So once we have completed the job, we will send them, there’s dropping complacent certificate just so the customer can get the rest of their funds that the insurance company is holding for them. Um, sometimes if this is an insurance job and we don’t have the customer’s paperwork, um, what I do here at Allen home premier theme local roofing is called the [inaudible] call the customer. And really just get the, um, in the claim number, the insurance company. Uh, and really that’s all I need just so I can put it on the infirm, the job completion certificate and send it over to the insurance company so that, um, they know that the work has been completed for the customer here at Allen Ho permit or theme while working. Another thing we do here at on home premier routine local roofing when it comes to, um, insurance shops.

Um, if we go to a customer’s house and we say that the customer has, um, any type of storm damage, whether it be hill, when we will, um, inform them that they may need to call, they should call their insurance company to have them come out, send an adjuster out to look at the roof. Um, and if the adjuster comes out and says that there is no damage, um, the customer can actually request a second inspection by the adjuster and we will go out and meet with them. Or we can identify the areas for the adjuster by like circling areas that have damaged. Um, just to kind of point them out a little, a little better to the adjuster. Um, and sometimes the customers actually want us there when their insurance adjuster comes out. Uh, so if we are able to be there, we will be there for the customer.

We try to accommodate the customer as much as we possibly can here and Alan home, permanent roofing, global roofing. So if they feel more comfortable with having, uh, one of us there, we will show up and talk with the insurance adjuster, let them know what we see and then, uh, get the process rolling, uh, from there and see what the adjuster says. Uh, cause it’s really not up to us if it is an insurance job or not, it’s up to the insurance company and the insurance. Um, so we are just there to point out what we see to and then just to, um, answer any questions that the adjuster may have for us here at Allen home permit, roofing Lovo Ravine. Another thing, um, with working with insurance companies, uh, here at Allen home from at roofing mobile, we’re being, um, that I have seen personally is um, if there is only damage to one set part of the group, um, whether it be the front or the back, uh, sometimes the insurance company will only pay for that particular area.

Um, I have seen some where the insurance company only pays for a part of the roof. Um, but you could actually see both, both sides of the roof, um, from the road. Um, and in that case, uh, they have a matched law here in Kentucky that, uh, if you can see the both sections are both areas from the road than they had to cover the whole thing. So we have had a couple times where we did have to, um, let the insurance company know that we, that we do have a match law here in that since you can see the complete roof from the road that they have to, they’re going to have to cover the whole roof. Um, some insurance companies, they know this, um, some don’t. So we do inform them of it. Um, here at Allen home, Braman ravine lowboy working and there’s also, you know, it is just a portion of a roof.

It needs to be replaced. Um, just because you can’t see it from the, you can’t do the complete roof from the road. We will, um, do cover, do that for the customer. Um, a lot of times, I mean sometimes we’ve seen where, you know, they cover a portion of the roof and then they also have some gutters and downspouts and stuff like that that need to be replaced as well. Um, so usually when, when that occurs, we do the complete uh, job for the customer here at Allan home permit roofing, Louisville Roofing. So, uh, this is just to give customers an ideal of what it’s like dealing with the insurance company. Um, cause I know, um, some people, if when the storm comes in, this would be their first time dealing with their insurance company and I don’t know what to do. Um, so sometimes they do call us and ask us, you know, what needs to be done.

And then we informed them of just to call their insurance company and tell them that they just need an adjuster to come out, like look at their roof because you think you have damage. Um, so then, uh, they call their insurance company and then the insurance company does come out for that customer. Uh, so if you are needing an estimate, whether it be for roof repair, a roof replacement, gutters, gutter guards, windows siding, trim work, give us a call over here at Alan home permanent ravine global working at (502) 447-5672 or you can visit us on our website at Alan h [inaudible] dot com and while you’re there you can take a look around. You can read about the staff here at Allen Home, permanent roofing, Louisville Roofing as well as see the types of jobs that we do. You can see the brands of materials that we use. You can also see comments from previous customers of ours and see pictures of jobs that we’ve done. And if you like what you see, you can just click that request a free estimate button. And one of our estimators will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.