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Episode 100 for Alan Premiere Roofing Louisville Roofing today here at Alamo pronate roofing over being, we are just going to talk about some of the stuff that we’ve done this week. Um, we did have a good part of the first half of the week. Uh, we did get, um, about four jobs done, um, to the jobs were actually eight to day job. Uh, so we were on, you know, those houses for two days. Um, if it wasn’t a top two full days, it was all one and a half days up. So we were on those jobs a little longer than expected, but that’s okay. We got them completed and the customers are happy. Um, we’ve had some great weather. It’s been in the seventies and the sun’s been out. Um, even if it’s in the 70s and cloudy like today, we’re okay with that. Uh, we are not actually working today because we do have rain in the forecast and we don’t want to chance it, um, with having someone’s roof off and then it start raining on us.

So today we are actually taking care of some roof repairs or customers have leaks and um, I know we are tarping over if today for customers since we, like I said, do have frame in the forecast and the next two days. So we want to make sure that these customers are taken care of so they don’t have as leaky issue. One of the roofing jobs that we had done, uh, earlier this week here at down home premier roofing when we’re, um, it was a one layer tear off and it was a little over 20 squares. Fis Customer, uh, originally had the three types shingle on the house and went with the upgrade to d Oak Ridge aged cedar shingle. We installed one three inch pipe flushing and one four inch pipe flashing and we were able to reuse the drip edge. I’m on this house for this customer. Um, we installed two turbine bits for this house as well and we did have some wood replacement where we did replace six sheets of plywood, um, on the shed for this customer.

Um, so this, um, roof installed was for house and a shed here at our home premier rugby Louisville Roofing. The another job that we had done this week here at Allen home permit roofing Louisville Roofing was a one layer tear off. Um, and this was a total of 40 squares on this house. Um, there was a chimney on this house so we did and stuff flashing around the chimney. We installed for three inch pipe flashings on this house and we did put the ice and water shield in the valleys under the shingles. We were able to reuse the drip edge on this house as well. And we installed 88 feet of Ridge vent on this house for this customer. And we also installed four squares of roofing on a new construction part of the house, um, for this customer here at Al Holbert Murphy Louisville Roofing. The next job I’m going to talk about that we had done earlier this week here down hoping me regain a Louisville Roofing was another roof replacement.

Um, this was a one layer tear off of a little over 23 squares. This customer went with the true def duration onyx black shingle. They originally had the three types shingle on this house. So they went with the upgrade to the true def duration series. We installed the two three inch pipe flashings and one four inch pipe flashing and this house had valleys on its own. We did install the ice and water shield in the valleys under the shingles as well as installed 23 pieces of white drip edge around the perimeter on this house for this customer. Um, we also installed ridge vent on this house for this customer and that was a total of 32 feet here at Allen permit ravine Louisville Roofing. The next job we are going to talk about is um, this house ahead of t two layer tear off. Um, it was uh, an 11 square job.

This customer, um, went with the Oak Ridge pepper milk gray shingle. This has, did have a chimney. So we did install a flashing around the chimney. We installed one, two, his pipe flashing and one four inch pipe flashing. We installed 200 feet of drip edge around the perimeter and this has had a flat roof as well. So we did install five squares of the modified bitumen Louisville Roofing and we also installed to refits on this house for this customer here at Alanon premier roofing. We’ll, we’ll review some other work that we had gotten, um, completed this week as well was um, some facial work that we had done. Um, so what we did here was installed some facia on the front gable. Um, it was uh, a total of 36 feet and then we did rehang the five inch gutters on dormer, um, for a total of 10 heat.

We also wrapped a two car garage door opening and then we did install the uh, voting weather strip on the garage as well. And the color of the trim was natural play that this customer went with here at town hall. Premiate roofing Vol Wifi. Um, another job we’re actually, uh, getting to today actually before the rain does come in is a gutter. Um, and on this gutter job it is actually um, a business and we are installing 156 feet of gutters and downspouts. We’re removing and replacing and these are the six inch gutters and downspouts and they are going with the color of black or the gutters and downspouts time here on this particular building here at Alamo. Permanent Ravine Lobel working. So like I said, uh, we do have rain in the forecast for today. So um, our working careers are not working. We are actually um, doing some work repairs.

Uh, so um, I know for for sure what we’re doing or what our refers are doing. Um, as we are Louisville Roofing one house, one house, I’m in one area on the roof for this uh, for customer, uh, on a nother repair. Um, we are actually getting, taking a shingle off for the insurance company because they needed to send it out to see if they can get it matched because they are just wanting to do a roof repair on this house. And by law, if you can see the roof from the street, there is a matching law that we have here. And um, so everything has to match. So they are a witness to take a single office customer’s house and send it off so they can see if they can find a match for it. So we will be putting, um, just a temporary shingle back in place for this customer here at Allen Ho permit Roubini global roping. And then we have, um, one where there’s some shingles have flipped up that we are going to go out and take a look at and see what’s going on with them and see why, um, the shingles are no longer sealed and see what we can do for these customers here at Allen home premiere roofing, Louisville Roofing.

So, you know, it’s good when we have the good days to do all the work, being in all the gutters and sodding and trim and everything else that we do outside. Um, but we also do kind of like when we have these um, showers coming into, um, the forecast because that does give us a chance to get our um, working correlator out to do some of the repairs for us. Um, which if we do have warmer weather for a while we do, we still get the repairs completed but we like having our, a roofing crew leader out there to, to help us fix these issues for customers here at Alhoa promote roofing mobile working. So if you are needing an estimate, whether it be for or for pair roof replacement gutters, got our guards, windows siding trim work, give us a call over here@allenwholepermitrufinamobileroofingatfiveohtwofourfoursevenfivesixseventwooryoucanvisitusonourwebsiteatalanahi.com and while you’re there you can take a look around and you can read about the staff here at Allen home permit roofing Louisville Roofing. You can see the types of jobs we do, materials and brains that we use. And you can see pictures of previous jobs that we have done and read comments from previous customers of ours. And if you like what you see, you can just click that request a free estimate button and one of our estimators will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.