Episode 546 for Allen home permanent roofing mobile reefing today here. Allen home permit roofing Louisville Roofing. We are actually going to talk about a little bit how the weather’s been. Uh, for us here at Allen home permit roofing low-vol briefing. Um, the pretty much the whole month of September has been really good to have us. Um, we are in the third week of September and we haven’t had any rain. Um, it has been extremely hot, uh, but no rain. So, um, that’s obviously good for us. Uh, with it not raining because we are able to get quite a few jobs, um, done here at Allen home permit roofing, Louisville Roofing. Um, but actually we do have um, uh, a slight chance of rain, um, towards the beginning part of next week, which actually would be kinda nice just because everything’s so dry around here right now.

Um, but we are and have been able to get quite a few jobs done. We’ve got quite a few roofs put on. Um, we’ve done some siding work, we’ve done some windows, we’ve done gutters, we’ve done soffits, we done trim. We’ve done pretty much everything. Um, and it’s nice when we have the, uh, draw temperatures here, Allen home permit, roofing local roofing because we actually, um, that way we can keep our guys busy, we can get jobs taken care of so the customers aren’t waiting because it’s been raining or the weather’s been terrible. So, uh, we do like to get our jobs out as and completed as quickly and efficiently as possible here at Allen home permit, roofing Boval working. Um, sometimes that’s not always the case. Uh, sometimes it can be raining forever. Um, I know at the beginning of the year it seemed like it rained every day of the week.

Um, so it was kind of hard to get jobs done because obviously we can’t work in the rain. Uh, some of our guys, they don’t mind to, obviously our refers do not work in the rain, but sometimes, um, if our guys were doing a little bit of siding, sometimes they didn’t care if they, as long as it wasn’t pouring down raining, they didn’t care. As long as the customer’s fine with it. Um, usually we do not work in the rain just because we don’t want to cause any damage to the customer’s house. Um, on the exterior portion of it. Uh, so we, we don’t really, um, like working in the rain. So, uh, this dry spell that we’ve had has been very good for us, um, to get, like I said, jobs completed, um, and customers taken care of as quickly as we possibly can here at Allen home permit, roofing Louisville Roofing.

Now, uh, we are actually hopefully going to be coming down out of the 90s, uh, cause that’s really what our temperatures where we’ve been. Um, hopefully by the end of the week will be really in the upper eighties. And then hopefully as next week comes in and a week, other weeks to come, come in, we’ll be getting down. We’re actually, we should be, um, hopefully just staying in the 80s and no more nineties. So we’re hoping for that cause it does get really hot out there for the guys. Um, and when it is this hard, they do have to take quite a few more breaks, which is fine. We want our guys to stay hydrated and safe. Um, so you know, if they don’t get a job completed in one day where it should have been taken just one day, that’s fun because the customer understands that, you know, it is extremely hot and they had to take great breaks to keep ’em hydrated. That way they don’t dehydrate and then they can take breaks to cool themselves down because they got so hot. So, um, customers do understand that. Um, here down home premier roofing local Ruffino, which we do, um, love of our customers, um, that they do kit that even if it’s not finished in one day it will be completed the next day.

So like I said with the weather colon down, um, it is going to be a lot nicer. Um, just because actually we do have a pretty big roofing job, um, in here and we’re actually, we were just trying to wait until it got a little bit cooler for our guys. Um, because this roof is actually a steep roof. Um, so we wanted it not really to be in the 94 guys, so we’re kind of, we’re waiting until, um, hopefully the beginning part of the week. Um, it doesn’t ring like it’s um, forecast to right now. Hopefully it, it weights a little bit or the percentage of participation, the percentage of rain chances goes down. There we go. Or we can get to it before the end of the week. Um, just because it’s going to be in the lower eighties at the beginning part of the week. So it would be a lot nicer for our roofing crew to do this particular roof.

Like I said, it’s, it’s steep. Um, and it’s a lot of squares and we, we just don’t really want them out there when it’s 90, in the 90s. Uh, just because we don’t want them to get dehydrated, which I know they take breaks, but still that’s, that’s still kind of somewhere where we don’t really want artwork is right now. So, um, luckily we’re not just holding off on that cause we do have other roofing jobs in here that our guys are getting out. So, um, we are able to keep my riffing crew busy here at Allen home permit roofing, Louisville Roofing. Um, so that is the good thing. Uh, right now, uh, a couple of the other jobs I have, we have our guys on. Um, we actually completed a window job yesterday. Um, and then we are also working on some soffits. Uh, we did a little bit of a gutter repair on a building.

Um, and we actually are finishing that up today as well. Uh, so my guys are staying busy thankfully. Um, and like I said, we’re getting customers taken care of. We’re, we’re able to do this, um, really without worrying about the weather right now. Usually we are keeping an eye on the forecast and honestly for the past month it’s not been like that there. He thought for awhile we were going to get maybe some rain from the hurricanes coming in but hadn’t seen anything. Um, so we like to keep our eye on the forecast for the, for our team here. Uh, just so that we can let them know if there is anything in the forecast. Um, so here in the office at Allan home permit roofing, Louisville Roofing, we keep our television on the weather channel just so we can look at the radar, we can see what they’re saying and that way we can keep our, our crews, um, informed of what’s going on because if we’re looking at the radar, we can see if there is a pop up shower that comes in that was unexpected cause.

So, uh, this way this keeps us informed here at the office as well as my guys out in the field here at Allen home permit roofing, we’ll have over fee. And this weather is also nice because, um, my sales team is, can go ahead and get estimates knocked out as they get on. Um, and meet with customers as needed without having to worry about if it’s going to rain or you know, are they going to have to cancel because of weather. So right now this weather is pretty much good for everybody. It is a little hot, but I know my guys will take the heat over the rain any day just so they can work. So if you are needing an estimate, um, whether it be for roof repair, roof replacement, gutters, gutter guards, window siding, trim work, give us a call over here@allenallenhomepermitroofielocalbriefingatfiveohtwofourfoursevenfivesixseventwooryoucanvisitusonourwebsiteatallanhi.com and while you’re there you can take a look around. You can read about the staff here at Allan home permit roofing. We’ll, we’ll roofing. You can also read about the types of jobs that we do. You can see the brains and materials we use. You can also read comments from previous customers of ours and see pictures of jobs that we’ve done. And if you like what you see, just click that request a free estimate button and one of our estimates will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.