Episode 309 for Allen home permit. Morphine local briefing. Today you’re at Allan Home Premier Ravine Lowville roofing. We are actually just going to talk about the weather here at Allen Home Premiere. We’re being willful reaping today. We actually have a good day and we are roofing today and we actually had a good day yesterday. It looks like we’re going to have it actually a good week this week. We have had a lot of rain here at Allen home permit, Ruthie local roofing. So it is really hard to get jobs done, uh, when it is raining. Um, I believe they have said this has been the wettest year. Um, and we’re not even through the year yet. So, um, what believe that they’ve said that we’ve had more rain this year than we did last year. And like I said, the year’s not even over with yet. We’re just little over halfway through. So it has been a wet year for us here at Allan home permit roofing, a loval briefing.

Um, but this week it looks like we are going to be able to get quite a few jobs done because we have a lot of sunny days and maybe just one day that is predicting rain and it’s like 60%. And so hopefully that can actually just die down a little bit for us and we can have a complete week where all of our guys are out working and, and we are getting jobs completed, uh, because it looks like actually next week we have some rain in the forecast and it don’t look good. Um, so like I said, we’ve had a wet what year here at Allen Home, permanent roofing Lowville working and it is hard to get jobs done when it’s raining. Um, our customers here at Allan home permit roofing Lovo roofing have been very patient. Um, they understand that we can’t work when it’s raining. Obviously you don’t want us to tear off a roof if it’s raining because then your, the interior of your house is going to get wet, um, and damaged.

Um, we don’t want to get siding off the side of your house because then you know, there’s moisture there and that’s, you can’t really install sliding if there’s already moisture cause it’s, it’s just gonna cause problems. So, uh, like I said, the customers have been very understanding. Um, a lot of them, uh, I’ve had call say, well, you know, they said it was going to be two weeks. Well, two weeks can changed into three weeks depending on the rain because we have to move everybody back. And in the, they understand that, you know, that we can’t do anything about the weather. So, you know, we just, we have to move jobs back. So, um, our customers here at Allen home permit roofing low-vol puffing are very understanding. Um, so we do keep them updated on where their jobs are on the schedule. Um, if there is a rain or if, uh, we come up with a problem not due to weather and maybe the job is more intense than we originally had thought, you know, that needed a little bit more work.

So, um, we do let customers know, uh, what is going on. Uh, with the jobs that we are on as well as where they are on the schedule here at our home premier roofing, Boval roofing. Um, usually when we are scheduling a roofing job and um, I call the customer to let them know that, you know, we will be there the next day. They ask what time? Uh, I will say when the sun comes up, uh, just because our refers want to get there as early as possible so they can start tear off, uh, before it gets super hot. Um, it’s just, it’s more comfortable for them instead of trying to tear off a roof in the heat of the day. So they tried to be there as soon as the sun is up and most people are completely found with that. Sometimes it surprised them, it surprises them, but most of them, they are completely fine with that and they understand that.

Um, we’ve had one job where the customer had asked if we could come start at like nine, and we were, no, we can’t do that because that just makes it hard on our briefers because it is super hot. Um, when the sun is beaming down on you and you’re on a roof and it’s just not comfortable for them. So we try to get in as early as possible just so they can have that tore off, um, before it gets super, super hot here. It down home premier roofing Lowville briefing. And actually once we explained that to this customer, uh, they understood, you know, we can’t ask our guys to do that. That’s just harder on them. But, uh, the customer did understand where we were coming from once we, we did inform them of that. So, uh, like I said, we do have a very understanding, uh, customers here at Alan home permit, roofing Lovo Griffin.

And we do appreciate that because sometimes just things are just out of our hands, you know, we can’t make the weather perfect all the time. Wish we could, but we can’t. Um, so customers, they get it, they live, they live here in the Ohio Valley. They know it can start raining in five minutes, so they understand how it, how it is here. And here at Allen Home Premiere roofing, love working. Sometimes when we have, um, those little pop up showers, um, our guys will stay on the job if they know it’s just like I said just to pop up and it’ll be gone in 10, 15 minutes though. They’ll stay on the job just so they can get the job completed, uh, or get back to work. Um, I do know one day last week we did have a pop up shower and one of our guys was actually installing windows.

Um, so he waited and it stopped raining for a little bit, but then it started right back up. So he did, he did had the window in, um, he was actually just kind of finishing up the ceiling around it and all that. So, uh, he was actually, he did that and then he did have a couple other windows to install but was unable to just because of the, uh, it raining. So, uh, he did end up leaving on that job cause the rain actually did not stop this time. So sometimes that happens to us. Um, I, before we’ve had been installing a roof and a shower pops up, don’t know where it came from, wasn’t on the radar because we had the radar on 24, seven here at our office. Uh, just so we can keep an eye out and let our, uh, employees know, our crews know, you know, the roofers, the satting crews.

Hey there’s this pop up shower coming your way. You know, make sure you have tarps, make sure everything’s covered. Um, but this one, this one time did not show up and we had a roof open. So our guys did a very good job of having tarps on them and getting, um, the roof covered as fast as possible. Um, the shower didn’t last long, but like I said, you just never know when they’ll just pop up. So, um, and the customer was very understanding, you know, knew he knew what the weather was. He had actions that he had watched the weather and he didn’t even know where it came from cause it did not show up on the radar. So we do, um, keep our, uh, workers informed, you know, what the weather is, you know, if there is something out a little ways it looked, kind of looks like it’s fallen apart or, or not, you know, we’ll, we’ll let them know, uh, just so they know what they need to do.

Uh, if we do see like there is a shower out and it looks like it’s gonna come in towards us. I’m not really sure. Kind of looks like it’s breaking apart and not really sure. Uh, the, our refers, we’ll actually do a section of the roof at a time, not tear off the whole thing, just to be on the safe side. So there isn’t any interior damage to the house if it does end up raining. So if you are needing an estimate, whether it’d be for roof repair, roof replacement, gutters, gutter guards, windows setting, trim work, give us a call over here at Allen home roofing, local roofing at (502) 447-5672 or you can visit us on our website at [inaudible] dot com and while you’re there you can take a look around. You can read about the staff here at Allen home permit review, mobile review, as well as see the types of jobs that we do. You can see the brands we use. You can also see comments from previous customers of ours and pictures of jobs that we’ve done. And if you like what you see, just click that request to free estimate button and one of our estimates will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.