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Episode one 46 for Alan Premier roofing local briefing today. Ellen home premier morphine local roofing. Um, I just want to talk about some of the things that we do here. Um, I know, uh, um, previous, um, we’ve previously talked about your work that we do here at alcohol permit, roofing global working and most of it sounds like we just do ravine. Um, actually a majority of our work is just repeat. Um, we do also, um, gutters and gutter guards, windows siding and trim work. But, um, a majority of our work really is um, and the working area. Uh, we do get jobs for siding as well as windows and um, trim work and gutters. Uh, but like I said, most of our work comes from, um, our worth being here at Allen home premiere roofing, local roofing. Um, actually at the moment we are working on a pretty big window job here.

Um, and it is actually for some apartments. Um, they are actually having us install quite a few windows for them. So, um, we do get other jobs in the other fields that we advertise in. It’s just that we don’t get a lot of them. Um, are majority really is our roofing and our gutters. Um, roofing and gutters, uh, really they go up pretty smoothly. Um, because you can do it really went it is 40 or above, um, with setting can’t do that and just because it has to be warmer because if you try to cut sat in when it is cold outside it will split and then you just got a whole nother mess. Um, going with the siding. So, um, we are primarily really just on roofing and gutters. Um, occasionally a job will come in where it is saddening work and or where a customer just needs some trim work done where they want to make, they’re outside of their house maintenance free.

We will get them jobs as well. Um, but usually it is just with the roofing and the gutters. Uh, but we do still welcome are the other jobs to come. Um, you know, we do like to keep our guys busy here at Allen home permit, roofing, global roofing and they do like to stay busy. Um, that means if they’re busy, they’re making money. So, uh, they do like that for sure. So I know it seems like every time we’re talking about, um, just roof, roof replacements and more roof replacements and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything else that we do even though we say that we do all this other stuff. We really do. Um, the other stuff, it’s just that most of our jobs are with the roofing side of um, of our job. Our, our business here at Allen home premier roofing Lobel roofing.

So, um, if you are in need of either, you know, you need a roof replacement at gutters, gutter guards, windows, siding and trim. Uh, we welcome any work that we can get. Uh, because this is a very competitive line of work here. Uh, we try to keep our customers as happy as possible, um, as pleased as possible. Uh, we like to make sure our customers are satisfied with the work that we do, that they don’t feel like we just get in and get out just to go to the next job. We want to make sure our customers are happy here at alcohol permit, roofing, global roofing. Um, so like I said, if you need a job done, you can just give us a call over here and we will be more than happy to come out and take a look at, um, any projects that you are working on and needing to get worked on.

Um, even if you just have a roof repair, we will come out and take a look at it. Um, here at Alan Health and Premiere provement global roofing. Um, just because you know, when you get happy customers they keep coming back to you. So even if we are doing a repair, um, this customer may come back to us when they need a replacement. So we like to make good impressions that we customers keep coming back to us and that way customers will refer us out to their friends and family and, and that way our business can keep growing here at Allen home, prevent roofing, global roofing and we can keep our employees busy. We can keep growing in our community with as being known as one of the top roofing companies here, um, at Alvin permanent roofing, global roofing. And that way we are known as being a family oriented company where, um, people will want to refer us out.

Like I said, for all of their, um, either it be roofing, siding, gutters, windows, whatever jobs that they need to be done. They think of us first when they need their jobs completed here at Allen home premier roofing Lowville roofing. Another thing we do here at Allen home, Kermit roofing Lowville roofing is we do welcome insurance paperwork and insurance jobs. Um, and what I mean by the paperwork is that, um, when customers get their paperwork from their insurance companies, uh, we asked the are ask the customer if we can see their paperwork. Um, some say yes, some say no, which is totally fine. It’s your insurance paperwork for you to do whatever you want to do with it. Um, but one reason why we asked to see it is because we want to double check and make sure that your insurance company did not miss something.

Um, we have seen where, um, insurance companies have missed a couple items. Um, may have been a little short on the squares of the roof. Um, and so then we will do a supplement to the insurance company and let them know what we found, what we came up with. And then, um, if it is that they are short, that they are short on the, uh, their report. What we will do is send them the proof that we have, um, about the amount of squares if they were short. Um, so usually when that happens, the insurance companies will adjust their paperwork if they see that we were correct about the square of the hat on the house. Um, and then so we like to help our customers as much as possible, um, in making sure that they get, um, everything that they need to get for their roof, make sure nothing was left out and all this other, um, cause you know, the little stuff can be left out and you know, maybe the insurance company didn’t catch it, but we did.

So we can help the customer out like that. Um, that’s one thing that we like to do here at Allen home premiere roofing, local roofing. Um, like I said, if we can help the customer out as much as possible with our insurance paperwork, we will, a lot of times the customer doesn’t understand it. Um, and we are here to help them and when we are completed with their job, what we will do here at Al home permit ravine low rving is then the insurance company, a job completion sheet. That way they will release the rest of the money because they usually hold a recoverable depreciation. And then once the work is completed, I will send the information out to let them know that it has been completed. And then that way the customer can get the rest of their money that the insurance company was holding until the work was completed.

So if you know of anybody or if you yourself are in need, um, you’re of a roof repair replacement and gutters, gutter guards, windows siding, Trim work. Give us a call over here at Allen home permit. Rufina global roofing at (502) 447-5672 or if you would like, you can visit us on our website@allenhi.com and while you’re there, you can take a look around. You can read about the staff here at Allen home premier roofing, a little wall roofing, as well as read comments from previous customers of ours. Read about the types of jobs that we do, brains that we use. And you can see pictures of jobs that we have done. And if you like what you see, just give that a free estimate button. A little click in one of our estimators will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.