Episode One 30 for Alan Hill Louisville Roofing over today here at Allen home. Kermit Rogaine, morphine, right. You, I’m just going to talk about what we have going on this week. Um, it is actually going to be a pretty good week for us. Um, here. Recently we’ve only been able to get maybe two or three days of working, um, accomplished, uh, because we have rain in the forecast. Um, this week actually it’s only supposed to rain one day this week, so hopefully, um, that is still the case and hopefully that percentage drops down a little bit where it’s not as high as it is right now. Um, at the moment it’s just at 50% and that’s actually on Friday, so hopefully we will be able to get quite a few jobs done this week with the good weather temperatures are great. Um, they range from the low to upper eighties.

Um, except there are a couple of days before they’re in the lower seventies, but at that’s great weather as well for us. Um, as long as it’s not raining and super cold, we can get jobs done here at Alvin. Pungent, earthy will refute. Um, so far this week, uh, we are actually on two jobs. Um, today, uh, yesterday we did have one job scheduled, um, but had to be re uh, scheduled because uh, on one of our working coordinators was actually down sick. Um, so that job was actually um, getting moved to a different day this week. Um, which the customer did totally understand that. Um, which is one thing we do love about our customers here at Allen Ho premiere roofing, little working. Um, if an issue does pop up, they more than likely, uh, do you understand, you know, that it’s just something that we could not weak. It’s not our fault, you know, when it’s not our fault that he got sick or it’s not our fault that the rain decided to, to come in.

So we do have very understanding customers here at alcohol, Louisville Roofing. So the jobs that we are on today and we are going to talk about in the first one was a one layer tear off a 16 squares. This customer originally had the three types and go on their house and uh went with the upgrade to the Oakridge Brown wood shingle. We are installing one three inch by flushing and one four inch pipe flashing as well as installing ice and water shield in the valleys under the shingles. We are going to install, I didn’t 78 feet of white, drape it around the perimeter and we’re going to install for roof fence on house for this customer here at Allen Ho Louisville Roofing Lovo working. The next up we are going to talk about is a one layer tear off. Um, and this is a total of 55 squares and this customer is going with the true def at duration driftwood shingle.

Uh, this house does have a chimney so we are going to install flashing around the chimney and we are going to install three, three inch pipe questions on this house. We are also, I’m going to install the ice and water shield in the valleys under the shingles. I mean we are installing 17. We’re fence on this house for this customer. You at on permit, repeat the we’ll review. And the next dot we’re going, we’ll talk about is actually a job that we will be doing tomorrow. Uh, that was originally scheduled for yesterday. So, uh, on this job it’s going to be one layer tear off of little over 14 squares. Uh, this customer is going with the Oak Ridge driftwood shingle. Um, we are going to install 216 feet of drippage around the perimeter and there is a flat roof on this house as well. So we are installing three squares of the modified bitumen rubber roofing and we will be installing three orphans on this house.

And this was actually for a house ain’t shit. I’m here at [inaudible] home Burnet ravine local working a, another drug that we are doing today here at Allen home permit Louisville Roofing rving is actually um, a wrapping job. Uh, and what we’re doing here is rapping 10 window openings for this customer here at Allen home permit, roofing, Louisville Roofing. So as you can see, we do have, um, a lot going on, um, so far today. Um, and we will be lining up jobs for tomorrow. Um, and the next day and hopefully, um, Friday we’ll be, we will be able to get some work done as well. Um, they’re actually just calling for rain in the morning of that. Hopefully that window’s down where it is, doesn’t rain at all, and then we can actually have a full week where we can actually get a lot of work done. Um, because actually Saturday looks well also.

Um, and we will uh, work on Saturday as long as the customer is okay with us coming out. Um, so we do like it here down in premier feet. We’ll repeat when we can, uh, get things knocked out, um, on the weekend as well for customers. Um, because really the next week does not look too good. Um, there is maybe two days, uh, so far that look good for, um, being able to do any work the other days are calling for rain. So hopefully we can, um, get a lot of work done this week. Um, and maybe this weekend, uh, for the customers that we have in here waiting to get jobs done and completed. Um, just so that you’re not waiting any longer. A, they do know that we have been trying to get to them but with the rain and his very hard and they understand that. So we do appreciate our customers here at alcohol permit, roofing overpaying.

Um, just working with us as we try to get through, um, all the rain that we’ve had and try to knock out as many jobs like I said as possible on the good days that we do have. So now what we will do here at on premiere roofing mobile working is see who is next on the schedule. Um, we will call into our supplier, get materials ordered and said for them, um, the next jobs. Um, and then we will call them customers to let them know that we will be out. Um, whether it be tomorrow or the next day. Uh, that way they know that we are coming, that they are up on the schedule. Um, and that way if they do have any third place, they would like the material set, they can let us know. That way we can let our supplier now, um, where the customers want materials to be placed, uh, that way that’s not in their way.

Um, we do try not to be in, have materials set in the way of the customer. That way they have a driveway they can get in and out of their driveway or they getting out of there, the garage. Uh, so we do try and make it as easy as possible for customers when setting materials. Um, and on the other jobs we have in here, um, we will pick up materials if we have to. Um, like we’re doing now, like today, like we’re doing a window wrapped up. We picked up materials, we do not have those delivered. Um, really the only materials that we have delivered here at Allen home premier roofing roofing is actually, uh, the Louisville Roofing of it. Um, we usually pick up the gutters, we pick up the sodding, uh, term work or anything like that. We will pick up, but, uh, we’re is a little a little heavier so we do actually have those delivered, um, for us here at Algonquin roofing Louisville Roofing.

So if you are needing a job at looked at the job completed, uh, give us a call, uh, here at an old permit roofing global review at five oh two four four seven five six, seven two. Um, and that’s if you need us to look at, um, for roof repair with replacement gutters, gutter guards, windows siding, Trim work. We are more than like, we will more than happy to take a look at that. Any of your projects for, or if you’d like, you can look@ourwebsiteatallenh.com. And while you’re there, just take a look around. You can see the types of materials reuse the brains we use, uh, the types of jobs that we do. Uh, you can also read comments from previous customers of ours, as well as learn about us here at Allen home premier roofing, Louisville Roofing. And if you like what you see disc like that, request the free estimate button and one of our estimates will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.