Episode 41 for Allegan permute briefing mobile working today here at Elon home premier roofing Louisville Roofing. Um, I had just going to talk about the weather we are having this week. Um, the weather has actually been perfect for roofing. Um, we have done three jobs this week so far and we’re only at the middle of the week. Today we have, uh, two jobs going and tomorrow we hadn’t ordered anything out because it is going to rain later in the day. Um, and we don’t like the chance that, um, so the weather here at Allen Premiere Roofing Louisville Roofing has been in the 60s. The Sun is out, it’s not raining, it’s not too cold. So we have been able to get quite a few jobs knocked out this week. Um, and today, like I said, we do have two roofs going up today and tomorrow, a week. I don’t think we are going to work anything out because there is a chance of rain in the afternoon.

So like I said, we don’t want to chance that by having customers were open and it started raining on us. Um, it’s actually going to rain the next two days. So the next two days we will not be getting any roofs replaced. But if we do have some roof repairs, uh, we are able to send our roofing correlator leader out on them to take a look and see if he can, uh, find out what’s going on with the roof and fix it. That way we can get these small repairs, um, taking care of while our roofing crews are on a downtime due to weather. Uh, that is what we usually do here at Alamo permit roofing. We’ll, we’ll reefing um, if there is a big chance of rain in the forecast, if it’s not until later in the day, we do not like to schedule any roofing, but we will have our roofing crew leader take care of some repairs for us.

Um, usually because the roofing crew leader can see the issues better than really the salesman because the river’s do this all the time. Um, sometimes the salesman, they don’t know what they’re looking for. Uh, but the customer can show them the league and he can give them a whereabouts the leak could be or the roofing issue is. Uh, and then our rethink relater will go out, take a look and identify the problem because like I said, for them it is a lot easier because they do this all the time here at Alamo permit ruby local briefing now, um, for next week it doesn’t look like we will be getting much done unless the forecast does change because right now it is calling for rain every day, next week or so. That is something we don’t like to see, but we know it’s April so we’re going to get it.

Um, we’ve actually had a very rainy, uh, first part of the year for us, um, which is usually not the issue. Um, so we are really hoping that with April there’s not as much rain as there usually is. Um, that way we can continue and stay in busy keeping our crews busy, getting jobs done. Um, that way we’re knocking jobs out, get new jobs in to get them knocked out as fast as possible. That way we can keep our customers here at Alanor permit routine logo over roofing satisfied. Um, we’re also doing a, uh, small gutter job today as well. Um, I do know that this customer was having some issues with our gutters on the back of the house. So our gutter crew leader, um, called me today and asked if, uh, it would be okay if you went over there today to do their gutters because the job that he had scheduled, I had actually canceled on him for today. So we were able to get, um, one of the gutter jetter jobs out knocked out today as well here at Alamo permit ruby normal roofing.

So since the weather is cooperating with us the past few days here at Allen Home Premiere roofing, we’ll briefing. Like I said, we have been able to get, um, some jobs done, um, which we are very excited about. That way we can, uh, get going on the next job and we can keep our crews busy, which is something that they love to do. Um, they do not like sitting around, but like I said, next week it pretty much looks like it is raining everyday unless that changes. I know around here you can blink in the weather can change. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this forecast does change for us just so we can get some more jobs knocked out of here at Allen. Home permit, roofing, Louisville Roofing. I know that some of the jobs in here, they are ready for us to get started. What to know where they are on the schedule.

I actually had one customer call in today to see where about he was on the schedule and he’s actually on the schedule for next week, but that is weather permitting obviously. Uh, so like I told him that we will be keeping him informed, um, because I did see that there was rain in the forecast. So, um, customers do realize that if it is raining, we are not obviously gonna be roofing their house. That way we do not have the roof open and their interior gets damaged by the rain. So now all we are needing to do here in Alanon permit Rubina we’ll roofing is white for this rain to get out here. It’s actually not supposed to rain on Saturday this weekend. So maybe we can get in a job on that day. Um, sometimes we do, um, call customers to see if they are okay with it. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t.

But we like to check because if we have a good sunny day, we do like to riff. Um, no he will not leave on a Sunday. We just, we don’t do that. Um, but if we can riff on a Saturday, we do tragic it as long as the customer is okay with us coming on a Saturday to their house here at Allen home permit roofing global roofing. So hopefully we will be able to get at least a couple more, uh, knocked out maybe this weekend as long as customers are okay with it. Um, that way all these roots are not waiting in here in our office here at Allen home premium roofing, Louisville Roofing. Um, we have been in contact with the customer so they do know, you know exactly what’s going on, where they are on the schedule and how we do have to work around the weather here and they are understanding.

But like I said, if, if we have a nice day, we are trying to get as many done as many reps then as we can here at Alamo premium roofie before reaping. So if you are needing an estimate, whether it be for um, roof replacement, roof repaired, get her, get her guards, windows setting, drum work, give us a call over here at Allen home premiere roofing Louisville Roofing had (502) 447-5672 or you can visit us on our website at [inaudible] dot com and while you’re there you can read about the staff here had Alahan home premier roofing, global roofing and you can read about the brains and materials that we use as well as read about what we do here at Allen home premier roofing, roofing. Um, you can also see pictures of previous jobs that we’ve done and read comments from previous customer of ours here at Allen Home, premier roofing, Louisville Roofing. So if you like what you read and would like to get in contact with us, just click that free estimate button and one of our estimators will contact you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.