Episode 21 for Alan Holmes roofing Louisville Roofing today here at Allen home permit roofing Louisville Roofing. We are actually just going to talk about the weather that we’re gonna have this week. Um, we are actually getting a good, uh, three maybe four days this week. Um, we do have a rain in the forecast at the end of the week. You’re Al Holbert repeat, we’ll repeat. But the first half of the week we are actually going to be able to get some jobs completed. Um, uh, hopefully we can get two knocked out a day because we do have two riffing crews here with us at Allen from your roofing, Louisville Roofing and hopefully we can knock some of the roofs out that have been on the schedule. Um, we’ve had not a lot but a few roofs that were signed at the end of the year and um, the weather had just turned bad and we were unable to get to the home.

Um, one cause if it was, if it is 45 per below we do not roof it just because um, being a Owens Corning a preferred contractor, Owens Corning prefers you not to, uh, roof wanted. The danger is that low. So, um, either it was too cold, snowing, um, or if it was warm it was raining. So um, now that spring is here and we are getting warmer weather and not brain all the time. Uh, we are able to get to these customers. Um, some customers were in here on our schedule actually wanted to wait until spring. Um, so we had actually put them on hold until the warmer weather, um, came into town here in Alvin permit, Ruby local raping. Um, we actually are still dealing with a little bit of a cool a cool down but uh, we are getting some good temperatures where we are able to install roofing here at Al home permit.

Rubion roll roofing. Um, like I said, the first part of this week is in good shape. Uh, whether it is actually going to be a very warm and they’re, the only chance of rain that we have right now is actually, um, the end of the, the, uh, week. So, um, we will be able to get quite a few jobs knocked out here at Allison Burnett. We’re being, we’re working. Um, we also have got her job’s going. Um, we have a window job going and we have some trim work, um, job, uh, trimark drop going as well. So we’re getting to the jobs as quickly as we can here at Allen. Brilliant repeatable roofing. Um, usually we’re fighting against the weather. Um, like I said this week we’ve had um, quite a few nice days and we’re going to have quite a few no’s days. Um, the only time we are not is the end of the week into the weekend.

So, um, hopefully we can get some jobs knocked out. Now if we do have happen to have bad weather, um, during the week, sometimes we will contact the customers, see if they mind if we work on the weekend for them. Um, we do not work on Sundays. We will on Saturdays if the customer is fine with us being at their house on a Saturday. So if customers are fine with that, we will show up. Uh, materials are usually there on Fridays just because our supplier is not open on Saturdays. Um, so when that happens, we do tend to order extra material. Um, the customer is not charged for that. That’s actually just to help us out that way. Um, we won’t have to go to a Lowe’s or home depot or something like that to get any materials that we may be short on. Um, this way we can make sure that we have enough materials on hand, um, to finish the job.

Um, just cause sometimes things happen. Um, ms measure there was extra waste than expected. So, uh, like I said, we try to um, order extra on that. Um, and sometimes the customer does think that they are charged for that. They are not, we actually return whatever we do not use to our supplier. Um, but like I said, we just like to be on the safe side. If it is on a Saturday that we are working because our supplier is not open at the moment now. Um, as we get into, I’m more into spring, they will be open on Saturdays because they are open on, in spring on, on Saturdays, ain’t in the summer on Saturdays as well. Uh, but with fall and winter they are not open on Saturdays. So we are actually, um, they’re going to be opening pretty soon, um, on Saturdays. So if we do need anything on a Saturday we can get it.

But I mean they’re open until noon, so we will be able to get any material that we may need if we have a job that we are working on on the weekend due to bad weather during the week. And really if the week there’s perfect, um, a lot of times our working thinkers, they want to do a job still on the weekend. They like to stay busy. So that’s another reason we may come out, um, on a Saturday just because our refers, we’re ready to roof and want them to Ruth and stay busy. So we tried to accommodate that and ask the customer and like see if they’re okay with that and if they are, we let our crews now and then we’d let the customer know that when our crews will be out to start on their worth here in alcohol permit, roofing Louisville Roofing.

Now, um, here at elephant permit we’re being over being a religious looking at the extended forecast. I’m hoping that this is true, that warmer weather is on its way. Um, we do have a bit of a core down the end of the week, um, into the gain of next week. But hopefully that is it. And then we can have some warmer weather here at elm print. It would be mobile Wifi and we can have some brow weather where we can continue getting jobs completed here at Allen Hope Permian, Ruby rigging companies global and I can get my salesman out there on roofs to give customers estimates, um, on their roofing, on their siding and windows, gutters, whatever they need. Um, that way they are not stuck inside, um, as well when it is raining because we do not let them get on roofs either. We don’t in the rain, we’re not going to work.

Our salesman get on a roof in the rain, um, because we do not want something to happen on a wet roof. So, uh, usually if the cars are, the estimator has um, estimates to write a estimates to just check in on, they will do that usually when it is a rainy day, um, because they’re not as busy running estimates. And if we get calls into the office, they will make some phone calls as well to set up an appointment for the next dry day to come out and take a look at the customers, uh, job, the thing need an estimate on. So if you are needing an estimate, whether it’d be for roofing, gutters, gutter guards, windows, siding work, give us a call over here and alcohol limit Ravine Volvo roofing@fiveohtwofourfoursevenfivesixseventytwooryoucanvisitusoveratourwebsiteatallenhad.com. You can read about, uh, the materials that we use, the brands we use. You can read comments from previous customers and you can see pictures of previous jobs that we’ve done here at El Camino roofing, global working. And if you like what you see, you can just click that, request an estimate, and one of our estimators will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you.