Episode 307 for Allen home permit Ruffino Lobel briefing. Today you’re at Allen Permian [inaudible]. Well, we’ll work bean. We are just going to talk about some of the advertising that we do here at [inaudible] permanent roofing, overworking. And the first, um, form of advertising that we are going to talk about is actually, um, a couple of mailers that we sent out, um, about every other month. The first mailer is actually a postcard, um, and it comes in a pack. Um, this is actually a, in order to get these you have to, your house has to be worth a certain amount of money and all that, so it’s more of the higher income families. Um, and actually on this particular, uh, advertising with the postcard, um, you will see a house on the front and you know, are the company name on the front. And then when you flip it over, uh, customers will actually see some coupons that we offer.

Um, we have a coupon for a complete trim package, which is if a customer is getting their soffit, their trim and their gutters done. Um, and we also have coupons for, um, the gutter guard system. Um, if you get a hundred to 150 feet installed, you can get a hundred dollars off and if you get 151 feet to 300 feet installed, you get $150 off. Um, we also had a coupon on here for the roof. If you get a roof replacement. Um, this one actually usually gets people because they see the $500 off automatically. Um, but that is for 30 squares or more. Um, usually when customers call in and ask me about that, I have to, I do let them know if your house is not 30 squares or more, it does not qualify for that 500 off. But we also offer $250 off if the house is 20 to 29 squares and we offer 150 off if it is 15 to 19 squares and then we offer a hundred off for 10 to 14 squares.

Um, so we do try to accommodate um, every size of roofing if we can. Um, with the coupon cause we do like to help customers out here at Allan home permit. We’re being Lowville Ruthie. Um, and we like, we will let them know, customers know that we do have coupons out there. Um, if they needed. Uh, we also have a little bit of information on these postcards. Um, that about us here at Allen home permit, roofing level roofing. Um, it does let the customers know that we have been serving in the Kentuckiana area, um, over the last 40 years and that we do offer free estimates. Um, we, we are family owned and operated. Uh, we do residential and commercial buildings. We offer um, church and senior discounts and we also do work with the insurance companies. Um, it also shows the brands that we use, um, that we are a preferred contractor at.

Um, I went to Corning. Uh, we have an a plus rating with the better business bureau. We accept visa and mastercard. We work with Saddington windows and um, the gutter guards, uh, that we use as well. So, um, this little postcard actually gives quite a bit of information about us here at, on home permit roofing global Murphy. Um, that way when the customer does get these uh, postcards and they look through them, uh, they can see what we offer here at [inaudible] global working. The second mailer we send out is actually, um, a magazine and in the magazine it’s actually basically the same as this postcard. Um, it shows the coupons that we offer. It also lets customers know that we’ve been in business for over 40 years, that we are family owned and operated. It shows that we are a preferred contractor, that we have an a plus rating with the better business bureau.

Um, so it’s pretty much the same thing just in a little magazine instead of a postcard here at Allan Home Clinic, roofing local working a, another place we advertise and is actually um, the phone book and in the phone book you can find us under roofing, siding, gutters, windows, um, it’s feds. It is what we do here at Allen. Home permit roofing. Little were being um, on these advertisings uh, on the roofing. We got a full page for residential and commercial, uh, because we do offer a coding for, um, sub commercial buildings. Um, actually we can use it on residential as well and it’s called a gay co coding. Um, so we had a full page, let customers know about that. We have a full page letting customers know about the roofing that we do, such as, um, residential, commercial. Um, we do apartments, condominiums, nursing homes, churches, and it also let em, um, customers know that we do work with insurance.

Um, and it also lets customers know that we do have financing available here. Um, and also when you look, if you’re looking at the briefing page, it also indicates that we do sat and gutters and windows. Um, that way you’re not looking for a whole bunch of different companies to do different stuff. Um, if you need setting then as well as your roof, you know, he found us for your roof, but you need to sign in done as well. It shows that we um, offer siding as well and for the Saudi. And we do offer a full page advertising and it does look also like customers know that we do, um, soften trim porch columns, uh, vinyl replacement windows and gutters and downspouts. So it will kind of each, um, advertising page plays a row off the other just so, um, it helps customers out on fond in us.

And, um, our local phone book here at Allen Home Permit roofing global roofing. And another thing about, um, the advertising that we do, um, with the phone book, we are actually on the front page of the phone book as well, so, um, or the front cover. So when someone is looking for a, a roofing company or sat and gutters, windows they see as right on the front page. And um, a lot of times that’s where that is where people get it. So the front page, they don’t even open the phone book. They said they see our number on the front and so they just give us a call. So that’s been very helpful as well as getting, uh, customers here at Allen home permit, roofing, local, repeat a, another form of advertising that we do. Um, what actually have to be the sounds that we put up in yards, um, for when we have completed a job, we will stick yards on in the customer’s yard.

And a lot of times we get calls off, uh, people. So you see in the signs in a customer’s yard. Uh, we also have the information on the vehicles, um, that we drive around. So, uh, customers can get our information and our number of various ways here at alto permit [inaudible] like I said, whether it be a San or on a work truck or if it is just, um, just the therapy and referred to as fast. Somebody who has dealt with us before, uh, and was satisfied with the work that we had done for them. So they are recommending us to their family, friends, coworkers, um, whatever it might be. Um, and a lot of times we get our previous customers back, whether it’d be that they need, uh, a different job completed or if they had moved and need work done. And so they call us back.

Um, and we really appreciate that. Here at Allen home permit roofing, we’ll, we’ll uh, we like knowing that we have done a job so well that the customer wants us to come back and help them with another project or help them with um, you know, a new project on a new house. And so we do appreciate that here at Al have permit roofing, local roofing and we also advertise on Google as well of course, so people can find us on the Internet as well. Um, and when you Google us it, that will give you a link to our website as well so people can also look at our website and see exactly what we do. So if you’re needing an estimate, whether it be for roof repair, roof replacement, gutters, gutter guards, window Salinger mark, give us a call here@allenhomepermitravinelocalroofingatbabbotwofourfoursevenfivesixseventwooryoucanvisitusonourwebsiteatallenhr.com. And while you’re there, just take a look around. You can see the types of jobs that we do and brains we use. And if you’d like what you see, just click that request to free estimate button in one of our estimates will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.