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Allen Home Improvement & Roofing, Inc. is in Owens Corning preferred contractor, after 40 years in the industry is Louisville roofing company has had over thousand happy clients and easily become certified by the better business bureau with an A+ rating. Simonton Windows also allows us to install their gorgous, well made, high quality products. These stunning windows are manufactured with high precision and quality each window exceeds all industry standards for home windows. These energy-efficient windows will be a phenomenal money saver for you they will pay for themselves within five years.

Simonton Windows offer security as well as the beauty and durability that you would come to expect from a quality high-end window and stole the high this global roofing windows that we carry also come in energy-efficient that save money on that power bill when those hot Kentucky Summers hit or those super cold blistering winters approach. Our security Windows also act as a deterrent for criminals you want the best possible security in your home most people have systems in their home but they forget about the Windows the more difficult your windows are to get in the harder and less likely it will be for the criminals to get after them.

We offer high quality siding by this premier Louisville roofing company. Siding is provided with a large array of colors for you to choose from so you can find almost any color to fit your style. The siding is also available from a huge number of manufacturers so if one does not have a style you like there are others available to choose from., Fashionable styles for your home that we can install for you at an affordable price.

You’ll find on our website the pictures of some of the houses that we have worked on the our beautiful well put together the installation was perfectly done and as you can see on the website we have very professional craftsmen to and amazing job on your home. Have you checked out our Energy audit with our energy audit you can save up to 30% on your utility bills each month we do this deal, we will check to see if you need any air infiltration field up, we will also install energy-efficient windows, check your attic insulation to make sure it’s adequate, and ensure that you have adequate roof ventilation, what kind of Louisville roofing company would we be if we didn’t.

Allen Home Improvement & Roofing, Inc. can be reached at 502-447-5672 be sure to call and schedule your free quotes or you can go to our website where you can read more testimonials about how amazing our staff is in what an exceptional job they do at https://www.allenhi.com/ we can always find more references for you if all of our amazing testimonials are not enough. Enjoy the beauty of pulling into your glorious driveway at the end of every long, hard day and seeing the stunning house that you had remodeled by these amazing folks. Your house will no longer be the ugly duckling on the block you will have grown into the most beautiful swan.

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Allen Home Improvement & Roofing, Inc. has been in the Louisville roofing game since 1970 in 1992 the owner turn the reins over to his son who has admirably carried out the same quality services and standards that his father started so many years ago. With the amount of time in the roofing industry in Kentucky you can rest assured that you are going to be receiving the most high quality services available with more than 10,000 client service is the Kentucky in area you’re going to find that we have the best craftsmen in the area.

As the leading provider in Louisville roofing services. We offer an energy audit available to you in your home with our energy audit you may save up to 30% on all of your utilities, we will check your attic insulation to ensure that you are retaining the heat you’re supposed to have the cooling so your money isn’t going out your attic we also we feel any air that is infiltrating any cracks in your doorways and windows. We also installed energy-efficient windows in your home not only are these windows energy-efficient but they are luxurious and the most well-crafted windows that we have to offer. We also will check your roof ventilation to ensure that was supposed to be going out is going out.

We offer the highest quality services of any remodeler in the area, from roofing installation after those tornadoes that come through, to roofing maintenance and repair hopefully to keep your roof intact while this tornadoes are coming through. We also will add siding to beautify the outside of your home as well as tram to accentuate the curves and lines of your home. With the roof installation or repair we have hundreds of colors in different asphalt strip to match your current home roof or to install a brand-new custom wine specifically to your designs. Maintenance free gutters will finish off the amazing remodel of your home by keeping your week if yours see you do not have to climb up on the roof and unclog those gutters.

We want you to call us so we can prove to you the quality of our work, the services we offer are the best. And we will show you the the respect and admiration you and your home deserve. You will be so happy when you pull up to your newly remodeled home and see that beautiful roof accentuated by that of amazing trim, shining against them were in use siding that you now have to take opposed to rinse off and clean installed by school Louisville roofing this premier remodeling company.

Allen Home Improvement & Roofing, Inc. would love to serve you please call us at 502-447-5672 to schedule your free estimate and get your quotes also please visit our website at https://www.allenhi.com/ and read our testimonials and check out all available services that we have to offer you in the community you will not be disappointed in the service that you receive and we look forward to hearing from you soon.