Episode 484 for Allan home permit roofing. Local roofing. Today here at Illinois permit roofing Louisville Roofing. We are actually just going to talk about the weather here at Allen home. Permanent roofing, Lowville roofing. Um, obviously the weather plays a big factor. Um, for us here at Allen home premier Murphy Lowville roofing because if it is raining, uh, snowing below 30 degrees, we obviously cannot work outside. Um, one with the rain obviously because we cannot open a roof if it is raining and snowing and then with the 30 or below because actually that is um, something with uh, the Owens Corning shingles. Uh, they do not want you to install if it’s 30 or below because the shingles will not lay. Right. Um, so actually the past, this past week has been a really good week for us. Um, the weather’s been nice. Um, it has been a little hot, but you know, our guys really don’t mind that as long as it’s not raining, they can get jobs done.

Um, we’ve got some repair jobs knocked out. We’ve got, um, actually a roof going on today. We have a couple of gutter jobs going on today as well here at Illinois permit roofing global roofing. So this week has been really nice for us and actually, um, the last couple of weeks have been really nice for us here at Allen home permit working mobile roofing. And so this weather forecast actually works out really well for us here at Allen home permit roofing over feet because there is actually not a chance of rain in the forecast until, um, a week from tomorrow. Uh, so that will give us a chance to get, um, as many jobs as we possibly can knock out, um, just within whether it be a nice, it’s cooperating, it’s not wet. Um, and that way we can get customers, uh, taken care of here at Allen home permit, Ruffino local briefing a because we don’t like when, um, there is a lot of rain and um, we can’t get jobs done because then that pushes jobs back farther and we don’t like to do that to our customers.

Uh, we like to get the jobs done, um, in a timely fashion and as quickly and as effortlessly, um, with no problems, you know, for the customer. Um, and we like to get it done and uh, and every small time for them here at home permit work Bina but we’re working. So with this upcoming forecast, we actually do have, like I said, really nice weather, the forecast for the next week. We, so hopefully we will be able to get quite a few jobs completed for customers here at an old premier roofing Louisville Roofing. We also like it when we have clear days, uh, like this, uh, company week here at [inaudible] home permit, repeat Louisville Roofing because, uh, we get to keep our guys busy. Uh, our guys always like to stay busy, always likes to be out. I can make in, uh, getting jobs completed for us. Uh, they don’t like to be just waiting around, uh, because it’s raining, which is understandable.

Uh, so we do like it when mother nature decides that, uh, she needs to give us a break in the roofing and siding and gutters industry. That way we can actually get some work completed and we’re not having to, uh, be on hold because of the weather. Uh, like I said today that we are, uh, doing, uh, getting a roof on today. Um, I know we had to get our jobs going on today. We have a Saturday job going on today, so we got, uh, quite a few jobs, uh, happening this week. Uh, already we did a repairs actually yesterday. Uh, so usually if it’s a nice day and we don’t have, um, for instance say a roofie job up for our roofing crew, we will send our roofing crew leader out on or for repairs. Um, that way we can get them taken care of as well, um, as quickly as possible before.

Um, we have bad weather come in. So, uh, we were actually able to do a few of those repairs yesterday for our customers here at Allen home premium roofing. Uh, that way, like I said, we get them taken care of before the rain does come in next week. So that way they don’t have any issues on their roofs and with the interior of their house. Now whenever we do, um, have bad weather here, uh, what I will do is I will call the customer and obviously let them know that, uh, due to the weather, we are unable to do their job that day. Uh, or they have been pushed back a couple of days because of the weather. And our customers are very understanding. Uh, they know how the weather is, um, here in Kentuckiana. So they understand, you know, this is not something that obviously that we can’t control.

So, uh, they are very patient when it comes to uh, the weather, uh, here in uh, Kentucky here at Allen home permit roofing Louisville Roofing and we are very appreciative of our customers for that. Um, cause it just kind of makes our job a little easier. Uh, knowing that they aren’t, uh, frustrated keep and Colleen asking where about they are on this schedule. We do like to let them know, you know, where they are on this schedule and if it is raining, you know, obviously we can’t do any work in the right. And they totally understand that they get it. Um, and they are very appreciative of us for keeping them informed and letting them know what’s going on with their particular job and where they are on our schedule here at Allen, hold permit roofing little over. And you know, I think that’s actually what, why people, why customers keep coming back to us here.

Um, because we keep an open conversation with our customers, we let them know what’s going on. We are honest with our customers and we work with our customers. Uh, if they need help, you know, deciding on colors or they want an opinion, you know, or if they want to look at maybe a color on a house and, you know, we have, we had the information to give them, to share that information with them so that they can go look in, make a decision upon what they had saw and what they were kind of looking for. Um, and I think that’s what, uh, gets customers coming back to us because of our customer service. Um, how well we communicate with our customers on their jobs, how fast and efficient we are on their jobs and you know, clean ups and everything. So, um, we all have a important job here at Allen home permit roofing will, we’ll roofing to keep all of our customers happy.

That way they want to keep coming back to us whenever they have a job that needs to be done or if they have a friend that needs a job done, they can refer us out to their friend as well. So like I was saying, Oh the weather portion of what we do here, um, as long as the weather is good, um, temperature wise, um, as long as the sky is clear or there’s not raining or snowing or anything like that, we are working no matter what. Um, we’ve had groups go on in the winter, uh, if it was above 35 degrees, you know, so it really just depends on the type of winter we’re having here. And I don’t know, permanent Murphy over weaving on weather. Uh, we work with it is super cold outside. Um, and honestly our guys, they don’t care as long as they can work.

Uh, so that’s a little bit about, you know, how it works here at Elequil permanent roofing, Louisville Roofing with the weather. Um, so if you are in need an estimate, whether it be folded for repair of roof replacement, gutters, gutter guards, window siding, trim work, give us a call here at our home permit, Murphy global roofing@fiveohtwofourfoursevenfivesixseventwooryoucanvisitusonourwebsiteatallanhr.com and while you’re there you can take a look around. You can read about the staff here at elephant program. We’re feet a little forward. You can also read about the types of jobs that we do. You can see the brands and materials we use. You can also read comments from previous customers of ours and see pictures of jobs that we’ve done. And if you like what you see, just click that request, the free estimate button. And one of our estimates will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you. We look forward to serving you.