Episode one for Ellen Home Permit Roofing Lovo briefing today here at on permit ravine. We’ll briefing, we are going to talk about, um, just some of the work that we had gotten, um, in this past, uh, week. And actually it was a Friday that most of these calls had come in to Ellen home permit Ruffino, uh, Louisville Roofing. Uh, we had a really bad when a storm come in that Thursday and so our phone was ringing off the hook on Friday here at Allen Ho permit roofing Louisville Roofing, which we are perfectly fine with. Um, the downside is with the wind. Um, it’s usually more repairs. We were finding then a total roof replacement, which is fine with us. We will also do the repairs because we like to do this, we do the installs and um, just repairs, uh, for customers here at Allen home. Premiate roofing local briefing.

So, um, what we are going to first start talking about is uh, a job that we had actually just completed here at Allen hold permit roofing Louisville Roofing. And this job was actually eight gutter job. Um, it was a total of 219 feet of gutters and downspouts. This customer installed the six inch gutters and downspouts back in place and they went with the Victorian gray gutter color. The next or where you’re going to talk about that week completed, um, was a gutter job. Um, for this job we removed and reinstalled the gutters on the left and right sides of this house for this customer. We did remove and replace, um, some gutter boards that we’re on the right and left sides of the house and we did cover the gutter board in aluminum for this customer. The next job we are going to talk about, um, was um, a job that we had did an emergency tarp on.

Um, this house actually had a tree, uh, put three large holes in their roof, um, from the wind storm that we had that I hadn’t mentioned. So we went and did an emergency tarp for this customer, um, because we were getting rain in the forecast and we did not want them to leak here at Alanon permit for roofing, we’ll, we’ll roofing the fixture over. You’re going to talk about is actually a roofing job that we had here in the office, um, that we were able to, uh, complete this past weekend because we were, uh, we did have some nice weather. Um, it was a one layer tear off. Uh, this, uh, customer had 26 squares of roofing on their house. Uh, they went with the Oak Ridge Brown wood shingle. Uh, we installed one, three inch pipe flashing and we installed 18 feet of ice and water shield in the valleys.

Uh, we installed 250 feet of drip edge around the perimeter and we installed seven work, Vince on this house as well. The next job we are going to talk about, um, was a job that we had, um, done. It was her repair and it was um, due to the wind damaged, um, um, it was for wind Daymond shingles. So what we did was lift the tabs. Um, it was about NF forefoot area. Uh, we read, nailed and sealed back in place, all shingles. And then we seal the satellite TV brackets as well on this house. Uh, here at Allen on Louisville Roofing would be the next job we were going to talk about, um, is actually for a tarp where we installed and Martin and see tarp for this customer because she had five opening in her uh, proof from the windstorm where he’d had flown.

She goes off. So we did an emergency to harp a to prevent any interior damage, um, for this customer. The next step we are going to talk about here at Allen will permit roofing. We’ll working is a route that we had on our schedule that we were able to get to. Um, this was a one layer to hair off. This has read 26 squares over it being on their house. They went with the true depth duration, proud shingle. Um, there was a chimney on this house. So we did install flashing around the chimney. We installed one three inch pipe flashing and we installed 220 feet of drip edge around the perimeter. Um, we also installed three turbine fence on this roof with this customer. The next job is a roof repair job. And this was from the wind storm that we had. This customer had some shingles missing.

So we installed two shingles and back in place where the shingles were missing on this house. And this was a previous customer of ours here at Alanon premiere roofing. We’ll roofing the next up we are not talking about was for eight, another emergency tarp where there was damage done to the roof where the customer needed um, a tarp on the roof. Um, so it did not cause interior damage. Um, we are actually waiting for this customer to hear from their insurance company to see how they want to proceed with this particular working job. The next job or we’ll talk about what support eight, um, wasn’t prepared from the wind damage and this was um, we replaced 20 feet of a wind damage rich cap on this house. Um, this was a previous customer of ours here at Allen home Louisville Roofing woeful briefing and we were actually seeing a lot of damaged ridge cap on, um, the worst instead of complete roof damage.

Just it, just certain areas. Um, the next job we are going to talk about was for a previous customer of ours and this customer had us pull, I’m a water heater pipe out of the roof of the house. Uh, we did have to remove this. She goes and cut out of the area. I had to put a one by 10 decking board and its place. And then we installed the Owens Corning duration does routine and back in place for this customer. The next job was a repair. Um, and this customer had us replace the wind damage Ridge cap on his house. Um, just like I had said that we had seen a lot of properties that just had a little bit of wind damage on one of the ridge cap shingles. So this was actually one of those particular houses here at our home permit, roofing Louisville Roofing.

The next job was um, for when damaged a ridge cap. Well, um, this was also for a previous customer of ours here at [inaudible] home permit and working or we’re briefing. And this, um, we had to replace 12 feet of red cap on this house for this customer. The next job was for a roof leak. Um, what we did here where we removed the old flashing and shingles and I believe this area was in a valley and we did find the wet area, um, for the repairs. Uh, we installed new flashing and the shingle and shingles and then we uh, sell the perimeter as well just to make sure we did, um, seal everything with this customer. So they did not have any water leaks and it was going to be, we’re going to talk about, we actually did a few things for this customer. Um, we uh, still Hump Ballad on the front of the house above the window where he was having an issue with the leak and then we installed a six inch round column on his front porch as well and removed it and start a chimney cap, um, that he wanted to extend over the setting.

Um, we also removed 41 feet of her gutters and downspouts on the front of his house and it starts six inch gutters back in place for this customer. So if you are name an estimate, whether it be for roofing, ripping gutters, windows, siding, gutter guards, dream work, give us a call over here to Alan home, premier roofing Louisville Roofing had Pavel two four four seven five six, seven two where you can visit us on our website at [inaudible] dot com we look forward to serving you.