Episode 155 for Roofing Companies Louisville Podcast companies global today here at Allen hold premier roofing roofing companies global. We are just going to talk about, um, actually the weather that we are having here at Allen home premier roofing, roofing companies go full this week. We are actually not going to be able to get a lot done here. Um, this week here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies global. Um, just because the weather is not cooperating with us. Um, it is actually really cold. Um, out of FAP days we have two that we could work, um, where the temperature is high enough where we can uh, roof. Um, the first part of the week is actually to code. Um, the low is anywhere from 12 to 17 in the morning. And then um, the has that we have the first three days is 35 degrees. Um, the lighter part of the week, um, does look a little better.

Um, it is a little warmer in the mornings and in the afternoons. Um, not by much. Um, the code is that it’ll be the, the lighter part of the week is 27 degrees in the morning and then I’m actually on the weekend, it’s going to be in the 60s. So, um, if a customer is okay with us coming in on a Saturday to work, uh, we will schedule a job for Saturday. Um, if not, then we try to find something else that our guys can do, whether it be repairs. Um, we prefer to do a complete roof replacement, um, just because of all the jobs that we do have in here, um, that are on hold due to the weather. Um, some of the jobs or three jobs that we have in here actually on hold because the customer wants to wait until spring. And when we do have the warmer weather, um, which is totally fine with us here at Allen who Peruvian roofing, roofing companies, a little bubble, uh, we want to do whatever.

It makes the customer happy and if they are wanting to wait until spring, we will wait until spring. Um, but if we could find a roofing job that would like to go ahead and get put on, um, on a Saturday when the weather is a lot nicer, uh, we will uh, go ahead and schedule that. And um, for that customer, um, our supplier is actually not open on Saturdays yet. Uh, so that their materials would be delivered the Friday before, uh, which we do call, let the customer know. Customer is usually fine with that. If they have a certain place where they would prefer the shingles, um, and all the rest of the material to be delivered and said, uh, they will let us know that that way we can let our supplier know. And that way the supplier can let the driver know that the customer would prefer the um, materials to be dropped at a certain spot.

A lot of times when we are scheduling jobs here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies level, um, if the customer has heard that there may be rain in the forecast, they will tend to ask us about the weather. Uh, we do let them know, um, the weather channel is on 24, seven here at our office. So we know exactly what the weather is doing. Um, we focus more on the radar to see, um, if their showers in the area that may pop up. Um, and when Ma if it is going to, there is a chance of rain, wind about it will be in the area. Um, so we do let the customers know we are keeping an eye on and if something wants to change that we would call and let them know that you know, no, we’re not going to be there. Um, that particular day.

And the customers understand it could because they don’t want their rooms open when there is a 40 to 40 or higher percent chance of rain in the forecast. We do like to let them know if there is a popup shower. Um, and if it is a low chance we will be there. If it’s 30 or below, most of the time we will show up. But we will only do sections of the Roofing Companies Louisville house. Um, just to be on the safe side that way. We don’t have a roof completely torn off. And then if it was a chance of rain that they would be can totally drenched inside. Um, we’d like to take a precautionary measures as much as possible here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies a little well because we don’t want to cause more damage to the customer’s house. Um, so that’s why we, if there is like the percentage of rain, we only do sections of ask just so we are on the safe side in it’s easier to tarp or we’re not having to try to harp a large area.

We can tarp just the section where the roof morphine has been removed here at now on home framing, roofing, roofing companies, livable. And when we do have a roofing job scheduled, we do inform the roofing crew leaders of what the weather is doing. Um, if there is a chance rain, um, we do inform them to let them know, um, just for them to kind of keep an eye out to, to the sky, just to see what the clouds are doing. Because sometimes on the radar it looks like it’s gonna miss where we are, but sometimes it pops up. Um, I know last year we had a job where there was no rain in the forecast and it started raining on a job that we were on and we had the roof completely torn off. So, um, that was a bit of a scramble trying to get that job, uh, covered.

But the customer was very understanding and knew what the weather was going to be said. He don’t know where the shower came from and none of us did either because it was not showing up on the radar because like I said, we have the weather channel on 24, seven here at Allen home permit Ravinia or roofing companies level because we need to know what the weather’s going to be so we can let our crews know if they are working, we’ll be able to work that day or if it’s going to be raining and they can’t. Right now we are working against either the temperature or the rain. Um, it’s a year or two code or it is warm and rainy. So, not a lot has been done this, uh, first part of the year. Um, I know mackers we’re starting to get a little frustrated because they do want to work and we have the work to give them, to keep them busy.

It’s just mother nature is not cooperating with us. Um, once we get the warmer temperatures, the rain out of here, we can get our crews working, getting these jobs knocked out as quickly as possible. Um, we do have, uh, two roofing crew so we can get two roofs done a day. Um, we have, you know, our gutter crew that does our guttering, we have siding crew, so we have all these crews ready to go, um, to get jobs done. We just need the weather to cooperate with us, uh, so that we are able to get them done here at Allen home premiere roofing, roofing companies go more. So if you are needing an estimate, um, whether it be for a roof replacement, roof repair, gutters, gutter guards, windows, siding, Trim work, give us a call over here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies global at (502) 447-5672 or you can visit us over on our website at Allen [inaudible] dot com and you can read a comments from previous customers. You can see the materials and brands that we use and you can see some pictures of jobs that we have, uh, worked on previously, uh, to see some of the work that we have done. Um, you can also just read about us, see who we are here at Allen, home permit, roofing, roofing companies, a lovable. So like I said, you can either give us a call if I will, two four, four, seven, five, six, seven, two or you can visit our website or listen to the Roofing Companies Louisville Podcast