Episode one 54 for Alan home premiere roofing, roofing companies global today here at El, no permit Roofing Companies Louisville. The level we are just going to continue talking about some of the jobs that we have done here at Allen home premier roofing, roofing companies. Little will just like customers know the type of work that we have a completed so far this year and to give customers an ideal of what we do here at Allen on premier roofing, roofing companies global. The first job we are going to talk about is a roof replacement. Uh, this was a one layer tear off up 18 squares. This customer went with the Oak Ridge Estate Gray shingle at there was a chimney on this house. So we did install new flashing around the chimney. Uh, we installed two three inch pipe flashings and one four inch pipe flashing. Uh, we also installed 180 feet of drippage around the perimeter and we installed 12 feet of Ridge vent on this house for this customer.

This particular customer, um, got our name actually from one of our salesman here at an old permit roofing working companies global. He’s actually a friend of one of ourselves in here. Um, we like to keep track here at Allen home premier roofing roofing companies or have where customers get our name, how they hear about us. Um, a lot of times it’s a third of the phone book, um, which works really well for us here. And a lot of times it’s referrals and it’s also, um, just people knowing people within the company. Uh, so it’s very interesting to see how people hear about us here. Um, or they get their information. Um, whether it be, like I said from the phone book or one of the mailers that we send out or maybe they seen one of our trucks ride back or one of our trucks in their neighborhood, one of our signs in their neighborhood.

Um, so it’s really interesting to see where people are hearing about us the most. Um, and they’re actually getting us off the internet as well. So we are advertising in many areas, um, whether it be on the internet or in the phone book or with the better business bureau. Um, we are really trying to get out there so people can find us very easily here at Allen. Home permit, roofing, roofing companies local. The next job we’re going to talk about is actually just a small, um, this customer was having an issue with a leak, um, around a pipe. So what we did when we went out and told her, look, we found that there was a, they had a leak around a plumbing fashion and three events. So what we did was we installed some weather lock around the plumbing flashing and the three events as well in this customer had the weather wood shingles on their house.

So we did have to take some shingles with us just so when we did the repair we could repair the shingles as well here at Allen home permit roofing, working companies global. The next one we are going to talk about is a soffit job. Um, and what we did here was installed 316 feet of threeway soffits for this customer. And we also wrapped 12 soffit returns for this customer. Um, the Sadie on the house was wheat and the color of her trauma she went with was wheat as well. This customer is actually a previous customer of ours. We actually did her roof a few months ago and then she come back wanting some soffit work Benz, which we are more than happy to accommodate for this customer because we do like when our customers do come back to us, whether it be they’ve had work done a couple of months ago to a few years ago.

Uh, we like our previous customers coming back to is here at Allen Hall, premier roofing within companies local. The next up we are going to talk about, um, is a gutter job and a siding job. Um, for this Roofing Companies Louisville customer. We removed 215 feet of gutters and downspouts and we removed nine squares of satting. Um, this customer actually had the polar wall d Fab Dutchlap siding installed. The color was smoke. We wrapped 92 feet of facia and we installed these, uh, 215 feet of six inch gutters and downspouts back in place. And this customer wanted the gutter guards as well. Um, for a total of 146 feet of the gutter guards that we installed. And we also installed, um, house wrap as well under the Saturday for this customer. The next job I want to talk about is actually for an inspection letter. Um, this customer was actually, um, for refer to as from a realtor and they were needing and inspection letters so that they could get the closing finished and all on there on the house.

Um, we do charge for inspection letters, um, to that be sent to the insurance company are um, wherever the inspection letter is needing to go. Um, we do charge for that. We don’t do that for free because that is actually taken up, um, our estimators Tom as well. Um, because if the customer knows that they are not getting the work done and they just need the inspection ladder, um, they are fine with, uh, with the amount of being charged, uh, for the inspection letter. Um, so they do understand the difference between the estimate and the inspection letter. And this particular customer was fine with that. Um, there actually wasn’t anything wrong with this word. Um, just a manner, uh, repairs that needed to be done, which the customer was aware of because the customer actually told us, um, the repairs that needed to be done and when one of my estimators went and check the roof, it matched up.

So the customer didn’t know what had to be done to this roof. They were just trying to get the closing done on the house. Um, so we see that a lot. Um, we do go out, you know, like I said, we will do the inspection letter but there is a charge for a inspection letter from us here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies, local. We do all types of work here and Allen, I’m permitting roofing, roofing companies will, will, um, whether it be um, a customer needing a roof repair or a complete roof replacement. Um, we will come out and give the customer estimates on either, uh, let them know if it is a repair, what needs to be done to fix the issue or if they think it’s a repair. And it actually looks like, um, more of a replacement is needed. We will let them know that as well.

Um, but we will give the customer, um, estimates on both, uh, just to let them figure out what is best for them. Uh, just because we don’t know, um, their finances is so, uh, we like to be upfront with our customers, um, be open and honest with our customers to let them know what needs to be done, um, to their, uh, roof if they need just to repair or replacement. Also if you need, um, if the customer needs gutters, um, or repaired or just replaced, we will let them know, um, as well. Um, on both issues, uh, if they’re okay to be replaced or repaired or if they should probably get them replaced because there’s really no way to fix it. Um, we will let the customer know as well. Um, like I said, we are open and honest with our Roofing Companies Louisville customers here in Allen home premium roofing. So if you are needing an estimate, uh, give us a call here at Allen who permit roofing, roofing companies local at (502) 447-5672 or you can visit us over on our website at [inaudible] dot com you could take a look at some of the pictures that we had done, um, and you can see the materials that we use and read some comments from some of our previous customers as we look forward to 17. Thanks.