Episode one 56 for Alan home permit roofing, roofing companies, Volvo today here on, on Roofing Companies Louisville. Overall. Uh, I just want to talk about the jobs that we have currently in the office and ones that we have completed. Um, I know in previous episodes I had stated, you know, uh, that we haven’t been getting a lot done. Um, and then, and the other episodes I’m talking about work that we have done so and it does seem like quite a bit. Um, but it’s kind of a double edged sword here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies level, um, because when we can get the work done, um, on good days where the weather is perfect for us, we are out getting the jobs done. Um, but there had been quite a few jobs that, uh, we have to put on hold because of weather.

Um, a lot of repairs have been done the first part of this year. Uh, we are hoping for warmer weather soon. Um, spring is in a couple a weeks and hopefully with spring comes warmer weather. Um, but like I said, I know in previous episodes I had stated if jobs that we have done this so far this year, um, we have gotten a lot of jobs done. And like I said, um, jobs that were actually sad at the end of last year are getting done. Um, and then repairs that need to be done when we’re not doing big jobs. We have our roofing crews, a crew leader on the small repair jobs here at our home, premiere roofing, roofing companies, global. Um, so we are getting things done here at Allen, home permit, roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, it is kind of like a, at a slow pace. Um, not as much getting done is we would like right now.

But, um, what can you do when the weather is not cooperating with you? And so, uh, we know this happens in the industry that we’re in. You know, we are competing against the weather and we understand that here at Allendale permit roofing. Um, and we let our customers know and in our customers understand that. Um, and they know as soon as we can get to them, uh, they will be getting a phone call from us and we will be there to do their job. And uh, the customers are slightly fan with that. Here at Allen, Allendale, premiere roofing, roofing companies level.

I know I’ve talked about how uh, the temperature needs to meet a certain, like 38 or more degrees, uh, for us to her. Um, but with gutters we can actually go out there when it is a little cooler than that.

Um, we just make sure our guys are bundled up. Um, so there is a big difference in between us. We’re feet and US installing gutters, um, roofing and gutters can be installed when it is a little Roofing Companies Louisville cooler. Um, Saturday not so much because it will split and then that just causes a whole nother problem. So, um, with the gutters it doesn’t have to be 38 degrees or prior, um, pretty much like a desk for roofing. So if we are able to


do some gutter jobs, um, here in Allen, home permit, roofing work and come here global, um, we get, we do get to those as much as possible. Uh, that way those jobs aren’t waiting as well. Um, cause like I said, it does have to be a certain temperature for us to put the roof on. Um, and for us to do siding as well. Um, I know if it’s below freezing, obviously we’re not going to be installing gutters either, but um, they do like to have a little bit of warmer weather than in the 30s, but if they can get a job done, um, then our guys are going to go out and get a customer’s job done for them here at Allen home premier roofing, roofing companies level. Now just because, um, are working crews, I’m siding crews and sometimes our gutter crews aren’t working. Doesn’t mean we aren’t working here in the office at Alto permit roofing, working companies global.

Um, our sales birds are still out selling jobs so that when we do have a warmer weather are a cruise do have work that they can be doing. Um, so like I said, even though I cruise, none of my crews are working at the moment. Um, because of the, whether it be in two code, uh, our sales course still is working because we still are getting calls for estimates here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, and we just want to make sure that everybody is staying busy when the weather is warmer and not raining and cold. So, uh, we are still working here. Like I said, I’m trying to get things done. Um, we are finishing up, um, taxes and stuff like that. So, um, basically just the, what we’re doing here is end of the year stuff, uh, trying to get everything completed that way we can get started on a new year.

Um, hopefully with warmer weather very soon. Um, and ready to get our guys out. I mean they are wanting to work and we are wanting to put them to work, but that’s just not possible at the moment with the way of temperatures have been. Um, but like I said, when we do see that we are having, um, even if it is one good day, uh, where it is not raining and the temperatures are not to code, we are scheduling a job for that day. Um, a lot of times when we do that, uh, customers are surprised to hear from us. Um, so it is fun to hear their response when I call to tell them that, you know, they’re next on the schedule. We have a good day. Do they mind if we come out? And a lot of times they’re shocked, but they are willing to let us come out to get their Roofing Companies Louisville job completed.

And we do appreciate that here at [inaudible] home premier roofing, roofing companies, a local, um, because we don’t like that we have jobs just sitting here waiting to be completed. Um, we don’t, we don’t like that, you know, and we don’t like that. Um, we have to have them on hold at the moment. Um, we do, uh, communicate with the customer all the time to let them know, you know, what’s going on. You know, why we haven’t gotten to their job yet. And they totally understand. They totally get it. They know, you know, how the weather has been because they are here with us and um, they know exactly what’s going on. So, um, the customers are very understanding and we do appreciate that here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies global because that just makes our job easier when it is, uh, impossible actually to do their job at the moment.

So if you are needing an estimate, um, whether it be for a roof replacement, roof repair, gutters, gutter guards, windows, siding, Trim work, give us a call over here, down home permit, roofing, roofing companies, Lowville at five oh two four four seven five, six, seven two or you can visit us over on our website@allenh.com. And you can see pictures of some of the work that we have done, uh, previously here. And you can also read about what we do, about the different types of jobs that we do, um, in re comments from previous customers. We look forward to serving you.