Episode one 57 for our home permit. Rufina ripping companies global today here at Allen home permit ravine roofing companies global. Uh, we’re just going to talk about some of the jobs that we actually have on the schedule here at Al. Home permit roofing, roofing companies global. Um, the first job is actually a roofing job, um, and it is actually a e p d l morphine job that we are going to be doing a, we’re actually tearing off the EPD owned ravine and then installing the TPO, uh, roofing. Um, this job is actually, I’m on hold for right now until we get warmer weather. Um, just because, uh, we cannot installed this particular product when it is um, cool, uh, low code outside. Um, so we do have to have warmer weather. Um, this customer is aware of that and um, they do know that once the weather does turn for us here at Allen hold premiere roofing roofing companies level, that we will be out to, um, install this TPO were FEMA, uh, for this customer.

A another job that we actually have on hold here at Allen Ho permit roofing Worthing companies level is for an EPD m words. Um, this is actually for previous customer of ours. Um, they have been made aware of that. Uh, it has to be a certain temperature outside in order to install this ravine and it has to be a warm, um, uh, for a couple days in a row. It just can’t be warm one day and then cold the next. That’s not how these products work. They do have to have, um, a few days of warmness, uh, to adhere correctly to the roof. And that way they are installed properly on the reefs for these customers here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies, global, a leather if we have on hold is actually another EPD worth. Um, this is for customer actually where we actually improved his house about a month ago, but this customer also had a flat roof on his house, uh, that he wanted to install the EPD em, uh, roofing.

Um, because it was flat and there wasn’t a pitch to Itso. Shingles actually would not work for him. On this. So, um, he understood that we couldn’t do that when we had actually done the house roof due to the temperature and also, um, he does know that he is still on the schedule to get this completed. Once we have warmer weather coming our way and it’s more than a day where you know, the working we’ll have time to us set properly here for new roofing, roofing companies mobile. The next a roofing job I want to talk about is actually another EPD on roofing job. Um, that is actually on hold. Um, this is actually very interesting because we usually don’t have this mini EPD on roofs at one time it seems like, but maybe it’s just because we can’t get to them at the moment due to temperature.

But this is actually for a previous customer of ours. Um, we’ve done work for her, um, actually probably about five years ago, five, six years ago that we’ve done some work for her as a Roofing Companies Louisville company. Um, she actually owns, um, a little shopping center that has a flat roof that needs the EPD m or roofing done on it. So, um, that’s what we are going to do for this customer. Um, once again, once the weather gets warmer and um, we can install it and the re we’ll have time to sit and uh, adhere properly here at Allen home premiere roofing, roofing companies. Lobel. The next job that we have to talk about is actually um, a roofing job. This job is actually not a TPO or EPD on for roofing job and this job is actually for um, some apartment buildings that we have been doing some work on.

Um, I’ve know I’ve talked about um, and one episode of just some of the repairs that we have done for these apartments. But um, this is actually for a roof and this is actually for a very large roof. Um, this has 173 squares on it, um, and they’re going with the onyx black shingle. Um, we are going, going to install a 12 three inch pipe flashings um, and 389 feet of ice and water shield. Uh, we’re also installing a 52 roof fence and we are installing a 600 feet of drip edge around the perimeter. Um, so as you can see, um, this is gonna. This is a very large job. Um, most of our roofing jobs, uh, we get done in a day depending on how big it is, it may take a day and a half to two days if it’s a larger roof.

Um, this one we’ll take a few days, um, just because of how large it is. Um, now one of our roofing crews, um, they can get actually a larger group together. So, you know, maybe they’re just two days. It just depends on, um, how many, uh, refers and we can get on at this particular roof to roof this apartment building. Now we will be working some other, uh, apartments of, for this particular briefing or this particular apartment complex. Um, but when we do that, um, I don’t know, they haven’t actually assigned the other contracts yet. So when we get to hit, I’m pretty sure to be just as big as this one right here that we already have on the schedule. Now the next job is for um, a house and garage and it is roofing. Um, we are going to install two, three inch pipe flashing in one for and one four inch pipe flashing.

Uh, we are going to install ice and water shield in the valleys under the shingles and we are going to install 255 feet of drip edge around the perimeter. Um, and we are installing 10 were fence, uh, for this customer. This is an insurance job. So, uh, we have been working with the insurance company to make sure everything is paid for and make sure the insurance company hadn’t missed anything. Um, on this particular customer, we actually did have to do a supplement to the insurance company because, um, their measurements were actually incorrect, um, on the house. Um, we actually measured the house and it was a bit more, and we also got a quick square, which is something that we use and it will let us know how many squares, uh, the houses and the pitch of a roof as well. Um, so when it comes to insurance work here at Allen Hall, Premiere Roofing, roofing companies global, if the insurance company has missed something or if, um, the measurements are incomplete or incorrect of what, than what we got.

Uh, and what the Eagle view is or quick square is, uh, we will do a supplement at just so we make sure that everything is correct on both ends. That we are pretty much in the same boat. And that way, um, the customer doesn’t have to fight with the insurance company. Um, we will take care of that for the customer. Uh, and usually actually when we showed them the proof, there usually is no hassle. It just gets, uh, it gets fixed on the insurance company’s end. So if you are needing an estimate, whether it’d be for roofing, siding, gutters, a gutter guards, windows or trim work, just give us a call over here at home permit roofing, roofing companies local at saddle two four four seven five six, seven two or you can visit our website@allenhi.com and you can take a look and see pictures of Roofing Companies Louisville jobs that we have done. And you can see, um, testimonies from a previous customers letting, uh, letting our previous customers know what know what a good job that we have done for them and on their projects. So like I said, you can give us a call over here, down home permit, roofing, roofing companies level at level two, four, four, seven, five, six, seven two or you can just go visit our website and click that a request, an estimate and we’ll be happy to serve your Roofing Companies Louisville needs. Thanks.